Duke's Redemption

Page 45

“Noooooo,” I whine.
“Sweetheart, we are just getting started.” He raises his hand to his mouth and licks my juices off his fingertips.
Feeling emboldened by Scarlet inside me, I grab his hand. Pulling it toward me, I take a taste of my own.
Through a clenched jaw, he asks, “Do you know how fucking sexy you are?”
“Show me.”
In a flash, he has grabbed a condom from his pocket and rolled it on. He shimmies down his jeans just enough to pull out his cock.
I’m shocked when he lifts me off my feet and wraps my legs around his waist. Holding me up against the door, he slides into me. Never have I had a man be able to hold me up and fuck me. It seemed like this was something only meant for the skinnier half of the female population.
But here we are.
Duke shatters all of my preconceived notions yet again.
His fingers dig into my hips while he kisses me. I’m positive that I’ll have bruises tomorrow, but right now, the pleasure outweighs any pain.
Duke fucks into me hard and fast, and as amazing as it is, I start giggling.
He cocks an eyebrow to look at me. “What?”
With a tiny snort, I reply, “The doorknob is going up my ass.”
His hard facade breaks.
With a crooked smile, he says, “Let’s go upstairs.”
He slowly sets me down on the floor, and I practically sprint to the bedroom. Duke is right on my heels, though.
Before I hit the bed, Duke says, “Lose the dress.”
I pull the sundress over my head and toss it on the floor so all that’s left on my body is my bra. But he doesn’t intend for me to keep that on either. Those fingers of his quickly undo the clasps and let it fall off my shoulders.
“Lay down,” he tells me.
The moment I’m flat on my back, Duke is between my legs, and his tongue is giving all its attention to my clit. There’s no build-up leading to the main event this time. He’s eating my pussy like his life depends on it.
When he sucks it between his teeth and flicks his tongue against it, my legs start shaking. I prepare myself for one hell of an orgasm, but when I get right to the edge, Duke stops.
I look down at him, wondering why the fuck he stopped. The smirk on his face tells me that this is payback for all of my teasing earlier.
With intense eyes, he looks back at me. “Do you still like your teasing?” He asks.
“Well, not right now,” I whine.
“Are you going to keep doing it?”
“Probably,” I answer honestly.
“Good girl,” he says with a light slap to my pussy. “Because I fucking love it.”
“Then why are you teasing me?” I moan.
“Because I fucking love that, too.” He leans in to kiss the spot he just smacked. “How do you want me to make this pussy come?”
At this point, I really don’t give a fuck, but I mean, he’s already down there.