Duke's Redemption

Page 31

Everything from last night comes flooding back. I kissed her. I probably shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t listen to her talk about how she assumed I didn’t find her attractive. A woman like that should be told a hundred times a day how gorgeous she is.
I just couldn’t help myself.
And you know what?
It was fucking perfect. Kissing her was everything I thought it would be and more. And the sex? Amazing.
I’ve had plenty of sex in my life. Being a military man, I traveled for a good twenty years of my life. That meant never getting close enough to anyone for any type of real relationship. But try telling that to my cock. He doesn’t quite understand why being alone was better. So, I had my fair share of no-strings-attached nights. It was mainly to get my dick wet—a means to an end — although I always made sure the woman I was with was fully satisfied.
I never paid for it, but I also never made promises that I didn’t intend to keep. I never pretended I was going to stick around and be the man they always dreamed about. Instead, I was the man who’d make them come a few times and then disappear into the night.
My point is that sex has always been fun, but that’s all it’s been. With Avery, something felt different. Maybe it’s because I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since I met her.
As I’m getting lost in memories of the way I felt inside Avery’s sweet pussy, a couple of things hit me. One, Avery isn’t in bed with me. Did she have a change of heart in the middle of the night?
And two, I glance at the clock and see the time.
“Seven AM?” I mutter to myself.
I haven’t slept past 5 AM in… well, I don’t even remember when. Since I was a teenager, maybe? I never get a full night of sleep because of—
The nightmares.
I struggle to think if I had any of the awful dreams last night. But if I did, I don’t remember a single one. And they obviously weren’t bad enough to wake me up.
I assume that it’s because I was so exhausted after the sex, but damn. Is sex with Avery the cure for my nightmares?
Or did I have one and just don’t remember? Maybe that’s why Avery isn’t in bed with me. I could have had a dream and scared her off.
Determined to get some answers, I get out of bed and pull my shirt over my head but don’t bother to put my jeans back on just yet. As I make my way down the stairs, the smell of fresh coffee hits my nose.
When I enter the kitchen, music plays softly as Avery bops around. She has on a white t-shirt that does nothing to hide her luscious ass peeking out the bottom or her hard nipples showing through the top.
It only takes her a moment to notice me. “Hey, you,” she says with a big smile.
“Good morning, beautiful.”
“I’m making omelets. Hope you’re hungry.”
“What do you like in your omelet?” She asks while cracking some eggs into a bowl.
“Whatever you’ve got. I’m not picky.”
I take a seat over at the table, and she brings me a cup of coffee.
I tell her, “You don’t have to take care of me, you know? After last night, I should be taking care of you.”
“I got you a cup of coffee. I didn’t do all that much,” she giggles. “But speaking of last night, do you think we should talk about what happened?”
I have no idea where this is heading, so I take a sip of coffee and make sure the ball is in her court. “Of course. Where do you think we should go from here?”
But Avery isn’t going to make it that easy on me. “You first.”
I take another sip of coffee while I try to decide what I want to say. I still don’t have it quite planned out, but I walk over to her. She takes a break from whisking the eggs and turns around to face me.