Duke's Redemption

Page 55

“Boston, actually,” she replies.
I chime in with, “Avery here inherited the old Whitmore house.”
“Inherited it, huh? Were you related to Samuel?”
Avery pauses for a brief moment before saying, “Yeah, he’s my dad.”
Louisa’s eyes go wide once again. “Wow! I had no idea.”
Avery laughs. “Yeah, me either.”
Louisa turns to me, seeking more information. “Don’t look at me. I don’t know anything either.”
The woman’s lips press into a thin line. “Well, honestly, that doesn’t surprise me.”
Immediately, Avery asks, “Why do you say that?”
Louisa leans in a little bit as though she doesn’t want anyone to overhear. “To be honest, honey, your daddy was always a little bit of a mystery. I really don’t know anything about him.”
A pang of disappointment hits me because I was hopeful that Louisa would have some type of information about this guy. She usually knows everything about everyone. If she doesn’t know anything, I don’t have a lot of hope for anyone else knowing much.
But I don’t want to tell Avery that and make her sad. So, I just say, “Well, thanks, Louisa. Can you ask around and maybe see if anyone else knows anything?”
“Of course, Darlin’. Now, what will you guys have?”
She walks away, and Avery tries to hide her sadness, but Avery happens to be one of those people who wears every emotion on her face.
I reach across the table and grab her hand. “Hey, we will figure it out. Maybe my mom will know something.”
She gives me a weak smile. “Yeah, maybe.”
“We’ll figure it out. I promise.”
And damnit, I’ve never meant anything more in my entire life.
Chapter 24
DukeandIaretrapped in our own little moment at the diner, but something has my spidey senses tingling. My eyes slowly gaze from one side of the diner to the other. It seems that every time I make eye-contact with anyone else who is in here, it’s like they’ve been staring at me and immediately look away.
“Hey, Duke?”
“Yes, Angel?”
“Any idea why everyone is staring at us?”
Duke follows my lead and looks around the room. “They’re looking at you, sweetheart.”
“One, you’re gorgeous.”
That gets an eye roll out of me, but he continues. “Not to mention you’re new in town. You haven’t come into town much since you’ve been here. And I’m sure they’re equally shocked to see me in here with a woman. I don’t usually have company.”
“Have you dated women in town?” I ask.
“I told you I don’t really do the whole relationship thing.”