Duke's Redemption

Page 60

As she moves back, she whispers, “I love you.”
Or at least I think she does. Did I hear her right? I’m certain that I did, but her face goes right back to as it was before.
The three of them around me start making small talk, but until I get a definitive answer of what Avery just said, there’s no way I can pay attention to what’s being said.
I pull my phone from my pocket and open a blank text message. I type out some words on the screen and turn it so that Avery can read what it says.
Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes.
She looks a little confused, but I stand up before she can ask any questions.
“Excuse me,” I say. “I have to go make a phone call.”
I walk out of the living room and head down the hallway, ducking into the guest bedroom. Time seems to trek by ridiculously slowly as I wait for Avery.
Just when I think maybe she didn’t hear me or she’s not coming, I hear footsteps heading down the hall. Confident that it’s her, I quickly open the door, grab her arm, and pull her inside.
“Geez, Duke. Are you okay?” She asks hastily.
With her between me and the door, I brace one hand above her head and lean in close.
“Angel, I need to know what you said to me downstairs.”
A glint of mischief glistens in her eyes. “Ohhh. That.” She draws out each word.
“Yeah. That. Did you really think you were going to say something like that, and we weren’t going to have a conversation about it?”
She leans back until her butt is resting against the door. “What do you want me to say? I meant it, if that’s what you’re wondering.”
I get closer until my lips barely graze her ear. “I want you to say it again.”
With the sexiest little smile, she says, “I love you, Duke.”
She barely gets out my name before my mouth covers hers in a deep kiss. I feel her body melt into mine as her arms wrap around my neck.
When my lips let go of hers, I say, “I don’t know where that came from.”
“I’ve been thinking it for a while, but—”
I cut her off. “Let me stop you there. I don’t give a shit where it came from. I’m just glad you said it.” I run my thumb across her bottom lip. “I love you too.”
“Yeah?” She grins.
“And later on, when we’re alone, I intend to show you just how much.”
Her eyes playfully scan the room. “Looks like we are alone right now.”
I take her arms and pin them over her head. “Looks like we are.” I take one finger and trace from her mouth down her neck and between her breasts and then stop at the button of her jeans. “But what I have planned for you can’t be done in this bedroom. Well, itcould,but it would be way too long… and loud.”
“Are you trying to get me all hot and bothered?”
“Just giving you something to look forward to.”
The sexual tension between us is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I want nothing more than to rip off all her clothes and fuck her right here and now.
But I meant what I said. I plan on doing filthy things to her—things I don’t want to do in my mother’s house.
Looking down at Avery, I ask, “Are you about ready to get out of here?”