Duke's Redemption

Page 67

He holds me tighter.
“I agree that the whole thing seems crazy. But I can guarantee you that itisreally happening. And I’m not going anywhere.”
Chapter 27
Thenextcoupleofdays, I try to get a decent chunk of work done on the house. I figure we can’t just stay in bed and fuck each other all day, every day.
No matter how much I may want to.
Avery has had a couple of slow days at work, so she’s kept me company around the house—even getting her hands dirty in the process. Today, she’s decided she hates all the wall colors in the house and wants to paint everything, claiming that there is ‘no color in this damn house’.
So, we went to the hardware store and picked out several new colors and all of the supplies she wanted. As she’s gotten everything set up, I’ve offered to help her about half a dozen times, but she insists she can paint some walls.
She keeps telling me, “You have other projects,” and “I’m fine.”
Honestly, at this point, I think she’s trying to keep herself entertained. The mystery around her father just seems to keep growing, and it’s starting to affect her spirit. She says she doesn’t care, but it’s clear that it’s bothering her. Hell, it’s bothering me, and it’s not my father.
So, if she wants to paint some walls, I’m sure as shit not going to stop her.
Now, I’m rehanging some cabinets while she blares 80s music and sings along while she paints the living room. I keep sneaking in to catch glimpses of her because she’s painting in nothing more than a tank top and cute little underwear. I can’t get enough of that sexy ass of hers. I think it should be a rule that she doesn’t wear pants for anything anymore. Well, anythingat home.Because I’m certainly not going to let anyone else get to see it.
The day passes in a blur. Every time I go to check on Avery, she has a few more flecks of paint all over her, making her even more adorable. Once I get the final set of cabinets hung back up, I figure we will probably be winding down for the evening. We can both get clean before I get her dirty all over again.
But I hear her calling me from the living room. “Uhhh, Duke. Can you come here?”
The tone in her voice makes me put some haste in my step as I make my way to her. When I come in, she’s peeking her head out the window, careful to hide the rest of her body.
“Someone’s here,” she whispers.
“Well, Duke, if I knew that, I wouldn’t have called you.”
“Okay, Miss Sarcastic, let me take a look.” I glance out the window and mumble, “Oh, shit.”
“Who is it? The cops? The mob?”
My forehead scrunches up as I look at her. “Where do you think we are? You’ve been in Boston way too long.”
“Well, who is it?”
“My brothers.”
“What?! Duke, I don’t have pants on!”
“You go put pants on, and I’ll try to get them out of here.”
She crawls out of the room in an attempt to hide herself from the large picture windows. “How did they know where you were?”
“I think this is an excellent time to point out that you were the one who thought it was a great idea to go see my mother.”
When there’s no chance she could be seen through the window, she jumps up and starts to run up the stairs, tripping on one of them on her way.
“I’m okay,” she calls, popping right back up.
Good lord.