Duke's Redemption

Page 85

“It took me years and a whole hell of a lot of therapy to figure that out for myself. You figured it out after a really long nap.”
“For years, I’ve waited for my life to start—the part of my life that I’m truly excited about. Here it is. I’m done waiting.”
“You’re amazing,” I tell her before giving her a quick kiss.
“First order of business,” she says, looking into my eyes. “I don’t think it’s right that George’s parents are technically living under two different roofs.”
“Oh, is that right?”
“Yep. I know you’re basically living here anyway, but I figure maybe we could make it official.”
She looks a little uncomfortable as she waits for my answer. Yes, I have my own place, but it’s always just been a place to lay my head. Now, I’m much happier laying my head next to Avery’s, no matter where that may be.
“I would love to move in here with you, Angel.”
There’s that smile that I love so much. And in one swift movement, she pulls her t-shirt over her head. Lord help me, she’s not wearing anything underneath.
“What are you doing, beautiful?” I ask as she starts kissing my neck.
“Making up for lost time,” she says in between kisses. “I slept for way too long.”
I feel her start to grind against me, and it takes no time at all for my cock to harden in my jeans. Quickly, she stands up and unzips my pants and pulls it out and strokes it a few times before moving to lower herself onto it.
“Do you want me to go grab a condom?”
She shakes her head. “No. I want to feel you.”
Maybe it’s impulsive, but I want nothing more than to fuck her without a condom. I inhale a sharp breath as I feel my dick slide inside. It’s fucking perfect.
She starts to ride me right here on the couch. My hands can’t decide if they want to play with her nipples or grab a handful of her luscious ass. I decide to do one of each. She lets out a loud moan as I suck one of her nipples into my mouth and flick my tongue against it.
She bounces up and down on my cock, and it feels incredible, but I can tell she’s not close to coming. It doesn’t feel as good for her. Time to change that.
“Flip around,” I tell her.
She looks a little confused but does as I ask. She gets up and turns around so that her back is to me. She straddles me backwards and sinks back down until I’m buried to the hilt inside her.
Laying one hand on her shoulder, I lean her back until her back presses against my chest. Then, I use it to start toying with her nipples while the other hand goes between her legs and rubs her clit.
“Ohhhh, fuck,” she moans.
She continues to ride me as I do as much as I can to make her feel good. Her moans quickly get louder as her pussy gets wetter.
“That’s my girl,” I tell her. “I want to feel that pussy come.”
It doesn’t take long before I feel her start to clench around me. I know she’s close, so I rub a little faster. That’s all it takes for her entire body to start quaking with her orgasm.
“Duke!” She yells as her pussy starts to come. She tightens around me so much that it pulls my own release out. I wanted this whole thing to last longer, but fuck, it feels too damn good. I just can’t help myself.
When we are both still, she reaches her hand back and holds my head. “I love you,” she says, breathlessly.
“I love you more.”
“Do you love me enough to feed me? I’m starving.”
“Of course. Let’s get dressed and get you fed.”
“Can’t we eat naked?” she asks.