Duke's Redemption

Page 71

But my cock has a mind of his own and starts to harden. I try to turn my body to the side, so it’s not obvious. But I guess I don’t do a great job at it because I feel Avery’s hand reach behind her and wrap her hand around the base of it.
Do you know how hard it is (no pun intended) to try to wash your girlfriend’s hair while she strokes your dick?
It takes every single ounce of concentration I have to finish the task at hand. I try not to rush, since this moment is supposed to be entirely about Avery.
But of course, she wants to make me feel just as good because she’s the sweetest girl in the world. Even when I turn her around to rinse her hair, she continues touching me.
She completely takes me by surprise when she sinks to her knees in front of me.
“Avery,” I say in barely more than a whisper as I watch her bring my cock to her waiting mouth.
I should stop her since this moment is supposed to be entirely focused on relaxing her, but as a guy, I think I’m physically incapable of saying no to a woman who wants to put my penis in her mouth. I’m not sure my mouth could even form the words—especially not with Avery.
As her warm mouth wraps around the head, I let out a low groan. As she takes it further down, her tongue swirls around. I have no idea how she’s doing it, but she feels like she’s licking the whole thing all at once.
“Fuck, Angel,” I say, looking down at her. The sight of Avery with my cock in her mouth and those gorgeous eyes looking up at me is almost enough to make me blow my load.
But this feels too amazing for it to be over that quick.
Avery stops long enough to say, “Your turn to show me how you like it.”
“Avery, you’re sucking my dick. Just don’t use your teeth, and I’ll be happy.”
She takes my hand and puts it on the back of her head as she continues to suck.
Lord, this woman is going to be the death of me.
I keep my hand there but continue to let her set the pace. As she continues to move, she tries to take me further and further down her throat.
I can’t take my eyes off of her as she drives me insane. Just when I think it can’t possibly get any better, she releases me with a loud pop and says, “Fuck my mouth.”
My own mouth drops open, thinking that there is no way I heard her correctly, but when I look at her again, she says, “You heard me.”
Once again, I probably shouldn’t let my baser instincts take over, but I’m not about to pass up this opportunity.
Careful not to hurt her, I use both hands to grab her by the hair.
“Open your mouth, Angel.”
She does as I ask and parts her lips as wide as she can as I slide into her mouth. I start off easy and slow, not pushing too far. But as she moans, vibrating against my cock, my self-control starts to slip away.
My eyes notice her hand slip between her legs and start to rub herself.
Could she possibly get any sexier?
I increase the pace and push her head a little further onto me. I worry if I’ve gone too far, but she just moans louder, letting me know she’s okay.
“Are you ready to try to take it all, Gorgeous?”
She eagerly nods.
“Relax that throat for me.”
I give her a second before I push as far as I can. It takes a moment, but I feel her completely relax and breathe through her nose as I fill her throat.
“Good girl,” I tell her.