Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 280 True Color

Cheat with my boyfriend best friend by Jane E.L. Chapter 280

“Why should I hide?”

Feeling puzzled and angry, I said, “I want to see if she dares to hit me!”

“I told you he didn’t hit me!”

Nick was so anxious that he almost jumped. He grabbed my wrist without hesitation and pushed me
onto the balcony, saying, “Please do me this favor.”

Then he turned around and hurried to the doorway and put my shoes in the shoe rack.

After he opened the door, David asked, “Baby, how are you feeling today? Does the wound still hurt?”

“I feel better. Are you done with your investigation?”

Although he didn’t want to hide me, Nick’s nervousness worried me. So, I stood on the balcony and
looked around.

Suddenly, I found that the curtains were not completely closed. There was a crack. As I got closer, a
potted plant blocked my view. After adjusting the angle, I soon saw what was going on inside. And the
plant became the best refuge.



David KI

“Are you hungry? Lunch will be ready soon.”

As he spoke, he put the bag of ingredients on the stove and rolled up his sleeves. I admitted that he
seemed like a gentleman. No wonder so many people thought he was the perfect boyfriend.

Nick steeled himself and said, “David, we need to talk.”

But seeing David look at him, he turned pale.

I felt bad seeing this.Seeing David’s face and the look in his eyes, even I subconsciously held my
breath, thinking that my heartbeat was too loud.


“Baby, you promised you would never say those words.”

David was holding a knife in his hand and his calm expression seemed a little sad. But I felt that the
atmosphere instantly became extremely depressing with the change in the look of his eyes.

Low air pressure had enveloped Nick. David stared at him, stepped back, and nervously said in a
shaky voice, “Please put the knife down.”

David lowered his eyes to look at the knife in his hand.



“Baby, you make me sad.”

She slowly put the knife down and moved closer to Nick, saying, “What the hell do I have to do to make
you relax in front of me?”

David walked over to Nick, took his hand and lovingly put it to his face, saying, “No.

As Nick staggered back another step, his eyes were wide with fear.

He was wondering what the hell David had done to him. Was it the effect of the gaslight?

He was angry and terrified. As a viewer, he was sure that David’s loving appearance would touch
people if they didn’t know the inside story. After all, he looked perfect. He went shopping and cooked
for his boyfriend. And he gently and rationally handled all the negative emotions of his boyfriend.But I
believed that everyone would notice something strange in this superficial harmony like me if they saw
this scene.

David seemed to have done nothing wrong. He was gentle and tolerant. But his “perfection of him”
made people feel suffocated. It all looked so weird now that I didn’t know how to describe my feelings.

I silently took out my phone and turned on the recording function, intending to record a video. Maybe
Adenauer can give me some professional advice later.

Nick said with difficulty, “We have to talk. Things can’t go on like this .

” “Baby, can’t we talk after lunch? Maybe we should wait until your wound heals.”

David gently stroked the wound on Nick’s forehead with his thumb. And his eyes were filled with
sadness as he said: “You refused to tell me who hit you. I want to help you, but I don’t know what I can

Nick suddenly had a mental breakdown, so he raised his voice and snapped, “I don’t need you to do
anything for me!”

He vigorously shook David’s hand, stared at him with horror in his eyes, and said, “What do you want
to do for me? Do you want to take revenge on others without telling me again? Enough! I’m sick of that!

I want to break up with you. David, please let me go!”

David froze, blankly, watching Nick growl like mad. He had been looking at him, so he was sure he saw
a flash of irritability in his eyes.

“Baby, you’re sick, so I understand that you’re in a bad mood right now.”

David looked at Nick with sadness and affection in his eyes, slowly approached him and continued: “I
know that we are destined to suffer from gossip if we go out together. But didn’t we decide to face it
together from the beginning?

Nick interrupted sharply: “No! I was wrong back then! If you hadn’t done those things, I wouldn’t have
suffered from the rumors! When you forced Dr. Kirk to kick Dr. Stephen off the team… No! From



you showed up in my lab without letting me know in advance, you put me in an awkward position. You
made my colleagues falsely think that I used you to join the team!”

Seeing him scream hysterically, I felt extremely uncomfortable.

David came back to him with a sadder look and tried to hug him, but the latter slapped him in a panic.
The crisp slap made him tremble all over. Then he looked at David in horror.

Now, David looked awful as Jack in The Shining. He was looking at Nick without moving, but he
pushed people more than Jack. Then even my hand that was holding the phone started to shake.

“Take it easy.”

He slowly took Nick’s hand, pulled him firmly into his arms, and kissed him on the cheek, saying, “If
hitting me can help you relax, I won’t mind.”

“Oh my God!” Nick cried out in despair, shaking all over.

“Honey, I can forgive you for creating trouble out of the blue. But I don’t want to hear you mention that
they broke up again.”

David’s voice suddenly turned oppressive. His movements were intimate as his lips lingered on Nick’s
brows and nose, but his aura had grown terrifying. Nick kept backing away but couldn’t get free.

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“I told you that a person I loved deeply hurt me a lot. You can’t hurt me like that again.”

David pressed his lips to Nick’s ear and said fiercely, “Otherwise I don’t know what I
would do to you.”

Nick was shaking all over, but his body went rigid because he no longer dared to fight.

I could bear to see him any longer, so I put my phone away and ran from the balcony, yelling, “I’ll give
you the same words back!”

I went straight to David, pulled Nick behind me, and blurted out, “If you hurt Nick again, I don’t know
what I’ll do to you!”

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