Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 281 Threat

Cheat with my boyfriend best friend by Jane E.L. Chapter 281

When David saw me on the balcony, a hint of panic flashed across his face. But he was soon replaced
by surprise. After I approached him, he lowered his eyes with a gloomy face. But when he looked at
me, he put on his usual kind smile and said, “Olive, long time no see! Why are you here?”.

He turned to look at Nick and asked, “Baby, did you invite her here?”

She was threatening Nick again! But people who didn’t know the inside story couldn’t figure out that he
was a threat at all.

“I did not know”.

Nick subconsciously wanted to explain. But I took his hand and interrupted, “Why? Do I need to inform
you before I go visit my best friend?”

I looked at David and continued, “

You must have misunderstood something.”

Seeing him approach me with a smile, I immediately stopped him and said, “Stop! Get out of me!”

I have never stopped Nick from contacting anyone.” Ugnt smile, “Good. But you

“Well, you won’t directly ask him to stop contacting me. But you’re tricking him into making him feel
guilty. He cares about your feelings, so he gradually stops contacting other people. You want him to
only care about you.” you’re right?”

I was not Nick. Although he had admired this hypocrite when he was young and ignorant, now he felt
only disgust for him. He was a psycho!

After being silent for a moment, David asked, “Did Nick tell you this?”

Now, he was still shifting the focus to blame Nick.

I snorted, “He didn’t tell me anything. But I have eyes and a brain. He was on the balcony just now and
I saw with my own eyes how you gaslighted him.

When Nick grabbed my hand from behind him, his palm was covered in sweat, making me feel sad as
if an invisible hand was squeezing my heart.

He had suffered such a depressing environment for half a year. If I were him, I would have gone crazy
for a long time!

“Olive, things are not what you think. There are misunderstandings.”

David sighed, raised his hands in a gesture of surrender, and said, “Well, now that you’ve said it, I’m
going to confess.”

He looked into my eyes with a sincere expression and continued, “I didn’t plan on telling anyone before.
I have a friend who is a psychologist. After having dinner with Nick and me a few months ago, she told
us in secret. To me, there’s something wrong with Nick’s mental state. It can be caused by pressure.
You’re not at Harvard, so you don’t know how stressful it is to work here.”

“It’s you who puts pressure on him.”

I didn’t believe his words at all. He wanted her to think that Nick was sick and hinted that she had been
quietly tolerating him all along. It meant that she had cleared the obstacles in school for Nick and
controlled his social relationships because she wanted to help him.

“All I know is that Nick is afraid of you! He wants to break up with you!”

David’s fake smile finally broke after hearing the words “break up”.

His face turned grim. But he caught himself and asked, “So he asked you to come here to help him
break up with me?”

“I came here because I wanted to surprise him. And I didn’t expect to see such a good show.”

My intuition told me that David was dangerous.

Nick tightened his grip on my hand! He was scared!

I took the initiative to attack and asked him: “Do you want to accuse Nick of letting me hide on the
balcony? You should wonder why!”

I went up to David and continued, “Why did he get nervous as soon as he heard you came back? You
scared him!”

“Shut up!”David finally yelled in anger.

He had removed the hypocritical mask from his face and seen the true color of him. He was hysterical
and melancholy without any tenderness!

His true face was in front of me, and his cold, fierce eyes were staring at me.

“You know nothing!”

David’s voice was no longer kind. He arrogantly said in a gloomy tone, “He made me fall in love with
him! When I look forward to our future with joy, he wants to abandon me!”

Nick nearly cried as he said, “I never thought of leaving you.”

“Do you need me to help you remember?”

David looked Nick straight in the eye nonchalantly and said, “After dinner on the 14th of September,
you said you wanted to break up because of a little disagreement over sex.

“. I said it in a fit of anger. I did not mean that.”

“A fit of anger? You know I couldn’t hear those words, but you still said it!”

After shedding his meek and self-controlled disguise, David turned aggressive.

Seeing Nick slip back into a passive state, I quickly stopped him and said, “Don’t explain.”

I shielded Nick and responded angrily, “David, all couples fight! Your psychological problems are too
serious. No man can completely give up being himself for you. I learned this truth when he was a
teenager. Professor Ford, you still don’t?” Do you undesrstand now? Also, what law stipulates that two
people who used to be in love cannot break up? Isn’t it common to break up due to sexual
disharmony? You can only blame yourself for being powerless, old man. man!”

After I finished speaking, I turned to face Nick and said, “Nick, I’m here, so you don’t need to feel
singed. Tell me if you want to break up with him. If you agree, I’ll help you.” Get rid of him no matter

A look of expectation came over Nick’s face.But when he was about to speak, David said in an
unprecedented cold tone, “Baby, you better

think carefully before you speak. Dr. Noah has expressed his dissatisfaction with you many times in
private and he wants to kick you off the team.” due to your poor performance recently.”

Damn! He had completely taken the pretense off of him and directly threatened us!

Nick froze, not knowing how to respond. His lips trembled, but he couldn’t utter a word.

Seeing this, David showed a victorious smile. He magically put on his gentleman smile, calmly spread
his arms and said, “Come on, baby. Stay with me for ever. I will always love and protect you.”

“Do not even think about it!”

He was fuming with anger.

David looked at me with disdain and said, “Mind your own business.”

He suddenly remembered something, showed a sarcastic smile, and said, “Your boyfriend dumped
you, so you expect everyone to become as miserable as you, right? Now you look like a funny clown!”

I let go of Nick’s hand, intending to hit David across the face.

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