Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 282 Asking Aaron for Help

Cheat with my boyfriend best friend by Jane E.L. Chapter 282

“Don’t fall for it! He’s goading you on purpose.”

Nick ran to me and hugged me from behind as my fist was an inch away from David’s hideous face.

“Even if I hit him, I won’t regret it!”

I looked at David but didn’t try to break free or hit him. After all, he had regained his reason.

Nick was right. David was goading me on purpose. Maybe he would call 911 and let the police take me
after I hit him.

I continued to confront David, leaning my upper body back, and asked, “Nick, did you or did he sign the
lease for this apartment?”


The response was within my expectations. I grabbed him by the hand and said, “Come on!

The threat just now had worked on him. David’s status in the academy was quite high. He was famous
and respected all over the world.

David had forced Dr. Noah to fire Stephen from the team, so he could fire Nick as well. Nick was
different from me. He loved and was in pursuit of academics. It was his dream!

“Nick, listen! I know it is a difficult decision. But if you continue to compromise and stand by that
bastard, he will steal all your academic achievements and destroy your life.”

I then looked at David and continued, “If you get fired because you move out of this apartment, he’ll
show that he doesn’t feel anything for you. Everything is false”.

I knew he was a bet.He wasn’t sure if David would ask Dr. Noah to kick Nick off the team. But if he
compromised me, Nick would be dragged into a bottomless pit.

“If he is so ruthless, I won’t let him go. I’ll stay here for a month. So, I have time to expose the true
colors of him to the public and I will do it at all costs ”.

After I finished talking, I let Nick make the final decision.

He seemed torn because it was a critical decision for him. But in the end, he raised his head to look at
me, took my hand and said, “Come on.”

We won!

ep, and we were destined to face greater

difficulties in the future. But a good start was half the battle.After all, my best friend Nick was back!

David could no longer keep the smile from him as he eagerly said in a harsh, angry voice, “Nick!”

But Nick had made the decision. He looked sadly at David in the middle of the living room and said, “I
think you see how much I’ve changed in the last six months since I moved. A good relationship makes
both parties better. Hope you feel better. But do you expect the same?

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked outside with me. We changed our shoes and
headed out the door. After the door slammed shut behind us, David’s figure disappeared from
view.Then Nick and I let out a long sigh of relief at the same time, looked at each other, and burst out

“You did it!” I cheered happily, jumping up to hug him.

“I did it!”

Nick cried with joy, resting his head on my shoulder. When he cried, he looked more pitiful than me,
that he was a woman. So I patted him on

the back.

After the brief excitement, I started to feel worried. It was me who encouraged Nick to make the
decision. He now he was taking a risk, so I must help him solve the problem.

“Where should I go now?” Nick asked helplessly, looking frail.

I gently comforted him and said: “Let’s go to the hotel where I live. Whatever happens, I will stay by
your side during the Christmas holidays. And I will help you solve the problem once and for all.”

I didn’t know what was wrong with my words. But Nick held me tighter and yelled louder, “Olive, I will
never forget this day! Never!”.


After Nick calmed down, I took him back to the hotel. Sitting on the bed, we begin to think about what to
do next.

“How much evidence do you have against David? Videos, photos or chat logs”.

Nick lowered his head, bit his bottom lip, and replied, “I have no proof.”

“You are welcome?”

I could not believe it.

He lowered his head further and shook her.

“He has dressed up very well until today. I felt something wrong before, but I couldn’t find a reason to
refute his words.”

Nick collapsed on the bed in frustration, stared at the ceiling, and continued: “He has never hit or
insulted me. And even his

From him His expression is always kind as if he is in love with me. He made me think that he’s done
everything for me, but I’m always making trouble out of nothing like a dissatisfied lu*tic .

” he all of a sudden he sat up and walked over to me, saying, “You recorded it! You should have shown
me earlier!” “The video won’t have much of an impact on that bastard even if he disperses.” I thought
for a moment and asked: “Can I send this video to Adenauer?

Maybe he can give us some professional advice.” “


Nick sounded even more anxious than me.

When I looked at him, he looked me in the eye and asked confused, “What?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Nothing. I just feel like the Nick I’m familiar with has returned.”

Chapter 282 Asking Aaron for Help

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Nick blushed and said, “Come on! Stop teasing me! Ask your psychologist boyfriend to help us find a

After I sent the video to Adenauer, he soon replied: “he is misleading. Your friend is brave.”

Reading the message, Nick snorted smugly. However, the growling of his stomach soon made him

I asked him, “You haven’t had lunch yet, have you?”

“I was so nervous right now that I totally forgot about it.”

Nick got out of bed and continued, “I’ll go out and get something to eat now. I won’t do it”.

After he left the room, I called Adenauer and told him everything that had happened in the apartment.
Then I asked him: “Adenauer, did I do the right thing? I don’t want my insistence to ruin my best friend’s

Adenauer gently consoled me, saying, “Don’t say that. A choice can never destroy a person’s life. Only
when people constantly compromise and walk down the wrong path can they not go back in life. You
helped him to change in the right direction and reduce losses in time, so that he has a better future ”.

Adenauer’s words greatly eased my worries.

He continued embarrassed: “However, I don’t know much about Professor Ford. I got most of the
information about him from that person.”

I knew he meant Aaron.

“If you don’t mind, I can call you and ask about Professor Ford,” Adenauer said by phone.

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