Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 286 Aaron’s Solution

After three years, I finally spoke about the grievances in my heart.

Aaron froze in place. He stared at me, trying to see a trace of a lie on my face.

“This kind of joke is not funny at all.” he finally said.

“Who would pull such a prank on you?!” Nick couldn’t help it again and interrupted, “You have no idea
how painful Olive was at that moment. After being abandoned by you, she almost lost her life!”

“Arrest!” I quickly stopped Nick, “There’s no point in bringing up those things now.”

He was about to bring the topic back to the current question, but the man in front of me took a big step
towards me.

“Is what he said true?” Aaron widened in shock.

He looked at me, “After you broke up with me, did it hurt?”

What kind of stupid question was this? If there was no pain in the breakup, was it still love?

I didn’t answer and just looked at the bottom of my pants.

That string of numbers had been tattooed on my ankle forever, just like Aaron. It would always exist in
my memory.

I hadn’t washed it off and just tried to treat it like a normal tattoo.

“Stop talking about it.” I changed the subject bluntly: “You just helped us

Thank you anyway. Nick has been suppressed for too long and his mood is not stable. Don’t take his
words seriously…”.

“Tell me,” Aaron didn’t do what he expected. He interrupted me, took my hand and looked into my eyes,
“was leaving me very painful for you?”

“Yes, it was very painful.” I met his gaze, and my eyes were a little moist, “But it’s been three years,
hasn’t it? It’s all over.”


However, this time Aaron didn’t use much force and I easily let go of his hand.

There was a look on Aaron’s face that he hadn’t seen before.

He took two steps back and even swayed a bit.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that he looked so fragile.

It seemed that the world would collapse in the next second.

I forced myself to look away from him. My heart ached even when I breathed.

Ever since the meeting in Germany when I learned that Aaron had thought that I was married to

Vincent three years ago, I had thought many times about the scene where he would find out the truth.

Would you regret it? Would you regret our separation for the past three years? Would be happy?

He had hidden the truth as a secret weapon, hoping to kill Aaron one day. But before that opportunity
came, he first dealt me a fatal blow.

This secret weapon suddenly became useless.

Now, after telling the truth, I looked at Aaron, but I didn’t want to make any interpretations.

Whether his reaction now was real or fake no longer mattered.

Anyway, the person who was really in his heart was never me.

And after all, three years had passed.

No matter how passionate our relationship has been, it was time to let it go after three years.

Although he still felt like crying, at least he could control my emotions.

I sniffed and met Aaron’s gaze calmly.

“I am not saying this to make you feel guilty, nor is it a threat. The past is gone. I just hope we can talk
about the current issues calmly.”I tried to make my tone sound rational and smooth, “Nick is currently
banned from Dr. Noah’s research institute. We need to find some way to deal with David.”

Aaron’s face was tense, expressionless.

He just looked at me with tight lips and didn’t say a word.

“Something must have happened to you and David in the past. I beg you. Please help”. I decided that if
he still couldn’t make up his mind, he would talk about Lukita.

As long as he still had a bit of humanity, he wouldn’t remain indifferent.

“I can help you,” Aaron said suddenly.

My eyes lit up. I waited my ears, hoping he’d share some dirt on David.But he turned around and was
about to leave.

“What are you doing?” I grabbed her arm unconsciously.

Aaron glanced sideways and met my gaze, “I’ll help you solve the problem.”

“You don’t have to show up in fast update ” She hadn’t forgotten that Aaron had
always hated meeting David.

“There’s no use telling you anything.” A disgusted look crossed Aaron’s face, “Anyway, I can figure it

With that, he left.

Watching Aaron leave, Nick and I looked at each other.

“I’ve never seen him like this before. It seems the truth has hit him hard,” Nick shrugged. “He looks so
pathetic. I can suddenly understand why you loved a man like him so much.”

I turned my eyes to him sadly.

Nick fell silent immediately.

“Let’s go back to the hotel first. Since he said so, we’ll just wait.”

In this sense, he had full confidence in Aaron. He had always done what he said… well, except for
those words of love.

However, even with the confidence in him, she still underestimated his speed.

Less than two hours after Nick and I got back to the hotel, fast update Nick received a
notification from Dr. Noah.

Noon temporary decision cancelled, and Nick was able to continue in and out of the lab over Christmas
break as agreed.

Nick was so excited that he jumped up and hugged me tearfully

Then I got a text from Aaron.

Aaron: Problem solved. David has moved out of your friend’s apartment and he can come back.

“That’s too fast! How the hell did he do it?!” Nick leaned in excitedly.

“Two hours ago, you were still yelling at your benefactor.” I joked a bit.

Nick snorted softly.

“Well, first of all, I owed you. Rounding it off, it’s you, my dear friend Olive, who solved my big problem!”
Nick hugged me excitedly and kissed me hard on the forehead, “I can’t wait another second. Let’s go
back now.”

Then Nick ran towards the entrance.

Not long after, we were back at the apartment where Nick lived.

After opening the door, fast update the interior didn’t seem to have changed much, but
it felt much bigger.

Nick scanned the living room and quickly went into the bedroom. He opened the closet door, left the
room and entered the bathroom… he checked inside and out and finally returned to the living room.

“He moved.” Nick sounded relieved, but the look on his face said otherwise.

After all, Nick had seriously loved David for so long. When he ended up like this, he would still feel sad
after all.

He knew this feeling all too well.

After all, he had experienced it more than once.

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