Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 288 Farewell On A Snowy Night


The apartment door was closed.

I stood there, staring at the closed door, feeling extremely agitated.

What did he mean by that last sentence? Aaron made a deal with him?

The complex, haunted look that David got every time he saw Aaron kept coming back to me. He was
sure that there had been a bad past between the two of them.

Maybe Aaron was gay in the past?

That Lukita could be a man, and David, who had met Aaron early, had fallen in love with Aaron at that
moment. According to his twisted heart, he had probably separated Lukita and Aaron!

No, it wasn’t just that.

By this time, my detective radar was fully operational.

Keep thinking about Aaron’s attitude toward David. Judging from those details, I came to the
conclusion that simply breaking up with him and Lukita wasn’t enough for her to have that special
attitude towards David.

Adding to the anger, Aaron looked at David with more disgust.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to me. Was there a chance that David had not only driven Aaron and Lukita
apart, but even lured Lukita into falling for him with the perfect illusion of her?

As for what would happen to someone after falling in love with David, Nick had vividly presented it to

That Lukita… was he still alive?

I dared not think about it anymore.

“Anyway, it’s a loss on your part, but I’ll get it all back from Aaron’s side.” David’s words kept playing in
my mind.

“Are you OK?” Nick’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

I recovered and looked at him, “I’m fine. What’s happening?”

Nick looked at me with complicated eyes, “If you’re worried, you might as well go see Aaron.”

“That? No, I’m not worried. He is the second son of the Morris Group. How could he be controlled by a
mere teacher?”

To show that I didn’t care, I immediately braced myself and said, “Come on, today is Christmas Eve,
and it’s also the day of your rebirth. On such an important day, we must have a big meal and then have
a good drink!”

“No,” Nick said, damping my enthusiasm, “I want to spend Christmas with you, but…oh, sorry, I’m
afraid I have to go to the lab tonight for work.”

“Are you in such a hurry?” She couldn’t believe it, “Please, today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is
Christmas. Do you plan to spend the two most important days alone in the laboratory? Don’t tell me
you’re going to the lab to secretly cry because you don’t want me to worry?”

“You are thinking too much.” Nick was speechless.

He walked into the study, pulled out his laptop, and waved me over.

“You saw it?” He opened a file and pointed to the schedule, “This is the overall progress of the current
team, and this is my progress…”

Pointing it out, Nick covered his face with his hands, unable to look at him again, before he could react.

I was stunned at the horrible delay and finally decided that Nick wasn’t trying to trick me.

“With all due respect,” I swallowed, “Even when I broke up three years ago, my progress was not far

Now she could understand why she had broken down after hearing that notification from Dr. Noah.

If he couldn’t make up for the progress that was delayed over this vacation, he would probably resign
out of embarrassment, even if Dr. Noah didn’t fire him after the vacation.

“I’m sorry.” Nick clasped his hands together, unable to raise his head in embarrassment.

“Don’t ever tell me this.” I patted him on the shoulder, “In this case, let’s celebrate quickly, and then you
can go to your lab and I’ll go back to my hotel.”

Nick took out the glasses and the champagne without saying a word.

I pulled out my phone and took a successful group photo of our toast.

With all of Nick’s thoughts on the show right now, the ingredients that were supposed to be used for
Christmas dinner were placed in the fridge. After eating pasta, we hugged and said goodbye.

“Don’t you need me to accompany you? I can help”.

“No.” Nick winked at me, “You think I can’t read your mind? You want to go to Aaron right now and ask
him about what David just said.”

“Okay, you’re in the mood to make fun of me now.” I smiled and punched him jokingly without insisting.

Nick was right.

I cared what David had said. I couldn’t help but think that he must have made some kind of deal with
Aaron. Aaron had promised him something, so he had given up on torturing Nick without hesitation.

Anyway, Aaron had come for my call.

I thanked him for his help, but I didn’t want to owe him a big favor.

After saying goodbye to Nick, on the way back to the hotel, I hesitated and called Aaron again.

This time, the call did not take long to be answered.

“What is it?” Aaron chuckled on the other end of the phone: “You’re not calling to wish me a happy
Christmas Eve, are you?”

My nervousness quickly disappeared, “Are you drinking again?”

“Today is a happy day, isn’t it?” Aaron didn’t deny it.

“Where are you now?” I lowered my voice.

“Don’t worry. I’m not in the bar this time.” fast update Aaron was not lying. I noticed that
he was very calm next to him.

The problem was that he was too calm.

There was no sound at all.

“Are you at the hotel?”

Aaron chuckled, “Do you think I need to stay in a hotel?”

I was speechless.

Well I forgot. He was the second son of the owner of the well innom Morris Group. Presumably, any city
in America had a house with its name on it.

“Do you want to come?” She suddenly said on the other end of the phone.

I held the phone and didn’t know how to answer for a while.

“I have something to tell you.” After thinking for a while, I still answered.

Soon, Aaron gave me his address in a low and sexy voice. “If you’re going to say thank you or
something, then there’s no need to come here. You’ve already said it.”

After hanging up the phone, I shrank my neck, listening to all kinds of music celebrating Christmas

I guessed Aaron didn’t have any Christmas decorations there

So, before the stores closed, I turned around and walked into a decoration store.

A quarter of an hour later, I was walking down the road with a bag of Christmas decorations and some
Christmas treats when Aaron sent me a message.

Aaron: Don’t tell me you’re lost again.

His message brought my memory back to four years ago, back to the

First time I had taken the initiative to go to his home.

It was very cold on the street. When the cold wind blew on my face, it hurt a little, but my face couldn’t
help but heat up.

“Bastard!” I cursed softly and responded with difficulty. “I will be there.”

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