Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 291 Return To Manhattan

Seeing my complacent look, Aaron suddenly lowered his head and chuckled.

“No problem.” She even symbolically clapped her hands and then picked up her coat. “I’ll take you

I had intended to proudly say no to him, but he didn’t give me the chance.

Sitting in the passenger seat, I looked at the snowy scenery outside the car window and listened to
lively music. There weren’t many people on the street at this time, but there were still some rushing

Suddenly, a young woman on the left side of the road quickened her pace and rushed forward.

I looked in the direction of her gaze and saw a handsome young man her age galloping towards her
with a beautiful bouquet in hand.

The next moment, under the flying snow, the two hugged each other tightly and kissed.

“What a happy scene!” Aaron noticed it too.

I looked away silently.

Then suddenly I realized that this Porsche was only driving at a speed of 10 mph!

“Oh, I didn’t realize it until you reminded me,” Aaron responded in a pompous and perfunctory manner.

Then it still maintained its slow speed.

I finally realized what his plan was, “Really? Are you going to push the time back to midnight like this?”

“Oops, you found out.” Aaron still had that over-the-top, superficial attitude.

“You’re a child?” I was speechless: “You better think clearly. Even if you use this method to delay until
midnight, I only agreed to spend Christmas with you, not to obey. In other words, my bedtime is free.”

“And you said you didn’t want to say anything else.” Aaron laughed.

I was so angry, but I couldn’t verbally beat him. So I turned my head and looked out the window,
keeping quiet.

The car was still moving at such a slow speed. The original 20-minute ride took him an hour!

When the car stopped at the hotel entrance, it was exactly midnight.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car quickly.

Before closing the car door, I crouched down to look at Aaron in the driver’s seat and said with a
provocative smile on my face, “I’m going to bed, bye.”

With that, I quickly closed the car door and turned to leave.

“Olive.” Aaron called me from behind: “I’ll give you ten minutes.”

I stopped and turned to see what he was doing again.

I saw him leaning on the car window with a smile and winking at me: “Take your luggage and leave in
ten minutes.”

“What are you trying to do again? I said I’m going to sleep.”

“You can sleep on the way. Hurry up”. Aaron urged with a smile, “I’ll take you back to Manhattan, where
the bed is more comfortable.”

“Am I crazy or are you crazy?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“You can sleep in the car, or in Manhattan, for as long as you want.” Aaron insisted again: “You still
have nine minutes left.”

I was tempted to ask him what he would do if time ran out, but my gut told me the answer would never
be something I wanted to hear.

“Are you sick”. I cursed under my breath, turned and went back into the hotel.

When I got to my hotel room, I looked at the barely opened suitcase, wondering whether to listen to the
man below.

Anyway, if I went to sleep now, would he knock on the doors one by one in the hotel to find me?

But on second thought, he had done me a great favor after all. Besides, if the Aaron I knew would do
what he said he would.

Therefore, nine minutes later, I ran out of the room.

Walking out the hotel door, I saw Aaron standing outside the car, waiting for me by the car door.

Seeing me appear, he smiled, “I thought you’d just turn off your phone and go to sleep anyway.”

“I’ve thought about it.” I angrily rebutted.

Aaron stepped forward, took the luggage from my hand and put it in the trunk. Out of the corner of my
eye, I saw a bag of ornaments in the corner.

At first, I wondered why he had brought them to the car. Was it because he didn’t need it, so he
planned to return it to me? Now I finally understood why.

He was taking them back to Manhattan.

After all, compared to the vacant apartment here, the luxury apartment in Manhattan was cozier.

Sitting in the passenger seat, I looked at Aaron with some uncertainty.

“Are you sure that your current state is fine?” Before going with him, she had drunk a lot of wine alone,
“How about I drive?”

“Don’t worry. She just go to sleep”. Aaron started the stat quickly and the Porsche drove very smoothly.

I watched his condition for a while to make sure his conscience was really clear before I gave up.

Aaron turned on the radio and the excellent sound system

Let the Christmas music immediately flow throughout the car. I listened to the music in silence. Looking
at the road that gradually led away from the city, I finally felt sleepy.

I fell asleep.


When I woke up, I was still in the car.

The seat was crushed and I was covered in a black coat with a familiar smell of amber.

“Porsche’s passenger seat is good for sleeping, right?” Aaron said.

I got up immediately, only to realize that the car had been parked in the underground parking lot of
Aaron’s Manhattan residence.

“Are we there yet?” I sat up, feeling a little sleepy, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I wanted to see you for a while. Is this reason satisfactory?”

I rolled my eyes, turned my head, and got out of the car.

“Look, you’re always like this. I am telling the truth” Aaron played the innocent role of
an innocent man in a mocking tone.

After three years, I returned to this apartment again.

He had everything he had left there, tablecloths, decorative pictures in the hallway, and some books in
the bookcase.

For a moment, I almost thought the three-year separation was just a dream.

Aaron and I were still a couple in love and we hadn’t experienced those fights, conflicts or
misunderstandings, and we hadn’t hurt each other. Every time I woke up from my dream, I would smell
the pleasant smell of amber and receive a long kiss.

But reality hit me and reminded me clearly that those three years were not a dream.

I sniffed, and my eyes were a little wet and warm.

Outside the window, the sky was getting brighter.

I checked the time on my phone and I had slept for seven straight hours!

“Do you want to continue sleeping?” Aaron asked me, making sandwiches for the two of us and setting
them out on the dining room table.


“Very good. Let’s do the first thing”, she shook the bag in her hand, “decorate the house with all the
things you bought”.

I stayed where I was, looking at Aaron uncertainly.

“Are you sure you don’t need to sleep for a while?” I looked at her dark circles.

“Of course I need it. I’m human”. Aaron walked over to me and handed the bag back to me, “Then I’m
afraid you’re going to do it yourself.”

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