Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 292 An Unpleasant Memory

I take the bag from Aaron.

He reached up and tugged the bangs in front of my eyes behind my ears.

This action was so natural. He had done it so many times for me when we were together and I forgot to

He suddenly chuckled seductively, leaned in and looked into my eyes: “When I wake up, I’ll tell you
everything.” He tapped my forehead with his slender fingers before turning and walking up the stairs

. I realized that my heart had raced at this moment.

“This bastard! He’s flirty as always!” Resentfully I began to remove the decorations from the bag.

Within moments, I was cursing myself a few hours earlier.

What was wrong with me? Why did I buy so many decorations?!

They were too many!

After a while, I finally drained the last ounce of energy from my body and fell onto the sofa in the living

The soft texture enveloped me, and I smelled the scent of amber.

“It’s finally over!” I almost wanted to scream.

I picked up my phone from the side to check the time and found that it was already 11:00 am. She was
tired and hungry, and it was a long time since she had eaten a sandwich.

I suddenly remembered the hamburger restaurant not far away.

I was wondering if the restaurant would still be open today?

I picked up my phone and checked it and it was still open! I immediately ordered a burger and opted for
delivery. However, before paying, I looked up in the direction of the stairs.

“Forget it.” Going back to the ordering interface, I added another burger and some sandwiches.

Takeout in the rich zone was always delivered so fast.

When I opened the door to get the burgers, I could still feel the heat in the palm of my hand. I put the
food on the dining room table, thought it over, and went upstairs.

Walking back into Aaron’s room, I found everything that looked familiar.

I had thrown the scented candles off the windowsill and the incredibly wide bed had been replaced with
a warm double bed after one of my complaints. In the bedroom, some furniture and decorative
paintings were also added.

Aaron was sleeping on the left side of the bed, which was where he always slept. I approached on
tiptoes and saw him still sleeping.

Even while he slept, his brows were still furrowed, as if he had endless melancholy.

His thin lips were pressed together tightly and the eyeballs under his eyelids kept spinning as if he was
having a nightmare.

When I saw Aaron like this, those emotions that had been suppressed for a long time surged up again.

This man in front of me was the most hateful man I had ever seen.

He had the looks, the identity, and the charm that drove all women crazy. Even after breaking up with
me, he still had traces of us being together. He made me madly attracted to him and obsessed with

He then put his arm around another woman’s waist, announcing in front of me that she was his fiancée.

Not only that, when he kissed me when he was drunk, he called out another woman’s name.

And what saddened me the most was that even though he was so vicious and ruthless, playing with
other people’s feelings at will, I still couldn’t contain my heart when looking at his sleeping face at this

He seemed so vulnerable. This was impossible to see when he was awake.

My eyes watered.

To prevent my tears from slipping down, I raised my head to look up, turned around, and wanted to get
out of here.

Suddenly, my wrist was yanked back with force.

I suddenly lost my balance.

With a scream, I fell directly on top of Aaron.

“Catch you!” Aaron’s voice was a little rougher and sexier than when he was awake: “You were looking
at me, Olive.”

I immediately jumped out of bed in a panic and struggled to my feet.

But Aaron wrapped his arm around my waist tightly without even opening his eyes!

“Sleep with me for a while.” He muttered under his breath, “Just for a while.”

No! Olive, you can’t make any more mistakes!

I scolded myself for even doubting.

“I agreed to only spend Christmas with you, not including this type of service.” I tried to free myself from
his arm, “Besides, I didn’t look at you while you were sleeping. I just wanted to come up and remind
you of something. I ordered lunch and you can come downstairs and eat if you’re hungry.”

“What did you order for lunch?” Aaron covered half of his face under the covers and asked with a smile.

It’s suddenly hard for me to say the word “hamburger.”

Seeing that I didn’t answer, Aaron finally widened his eyes, “Could it be some really tasty food?”

“You are thinking too much.” I finally broke his arm and quickly backed away from the bed a meter
away, “It’s just a burger and sandwiches.”

My throat suddenly felt a bit itchy,

“Hamburger?” Aaron slowly raised his eyebrows, “That is indeed…a very tasty meal.”

I immediately blushed.

“Be quiet. I just casually ordered a lunch. Take it or leave”. I fled in a panic.

I shouldn’t have had any compassion for him at any time!

Sitting at the dining room table, I picked up a hamburger and took a big bite, as if to vent my anger.

After a while, I heard footsteps on the stairs.

Aaron appeared at the table.

He picked up the other burger and scanned the decorated room, “It’ll be fine.”

Hearing his assessment, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes again, and immediately said sarcastically: “I’m
sorry that you, the second son of the Morris Group, “

Okay. It’s time to have new experiences.” I was pushing his luck!

I snorted hard.

“When are you going to tell me about the relationship between you and David?” I couldn’t help but
insist after quickly finishing a burger.

“What’s the rush? Let’s talk about this unpleasant memory later.” Compared to my simple and crude
way of eating burgers, Aaron took out a plate, poured ketchup on it, and started slowly cutting the
burger like in the past.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him!

“Are you going to play a trick on me for a day and then casually say something to deal with me?” I
looked at him suspiciously.

“In your eyes, am I this kind of person?” Aaron looked aggrieved, “I’ll be hurt.”

Aaron stopped what he was doing and seemed to seriously think for a moment, “Okay.”

My gaze returned to his face.

“Do you remember that auction?” Aaron looked at me calmly. he hesitated and nodded.

“The reader is in the cemetery and he has a small scar from a cigarette burn on the left side of his
chest.” As he spoke these key words, memories flooded through me.

“I thought that was your keyword.”

“It’s my keyword.” Aaron’s tone turned extraordinarily cold, “but he’s a lunatic.”

He met my eyes, “You can ask your friend Nick if David has a wound on the left side of his chest that is
almost exactly the same as mine.”

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