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Chapter 294 Getting Back Together

"You don’t even need to ask, right?"

Aaron's words caught me off guard.

I blurted, "He's still infatuated with you, so he always follows your advice.There is no need to threaten
him at all, might?"

Hearing this, Aaron rolled his eyes at me.

Well, I knew I had asked a stupid question.

He helplessly said, "If I want to kill him, I don't even need to find a high-sounding reason."

Then, he arrogantly continued, "I can make him quietly disappear from this world."

I did not doubt it.

After all, the fierceness flashing across his blue eyes was not fake.

Aaron hated David even more than Nick did! And it made me concerned.

I carefully chose my words and pretended to be casual when saying, "Don't abandon yourself to vice
for such a man.He does not deserve it."

Aaron turned to look at me with his deep eyes with a smile as if he had read my mind.

So, I felt a little nervous.

"My story is over.How is it? Are you satisfied with this version?"

He shrugged, relaxedly leaned back on the sofa, and carelessly crossed his legs.I keenly caught the
point and asked, "What do you mean by "this version"? Did you make the story up?"

"Do you think it's made up?"

Aaron didn't directly answer my question, so I stood up, clenched the Santa hat in my hand, and stared
into his blue eyes.

When he calmly looked at me with a smile, the look in his eyes was frank, making it hard for me to
judge whether he was lying.

But I tended to believe the story was true.

Aaron was the second son of the Morris family and had a genius for doing business.

Besides, he was recognized as the best lover in Manhattan.

There was no reason for him to make up such a story to deceive me.

But it made me feel guilty.He had confronted the man who had deeply hurt him for me.

No matter what method he had used, this favor was far beyond my imagination.

And I asked myself, "If the story is true, would he really do such a thing for me?"

I knew the woman he loved the most was Lukita instead of me.

"What are you thinking? Is this matter important to you?" Aaron asked.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed across my mind.

And I found a hole in the story! "No, you're not a person who can silently swallow your anger."

I immediately became more confident, and even my voice became a little louder when I continued, "If
the story were true, you would not have allowed him to succeed in the academic world! Even if you had

spared his life, you would not have let him lead such a good life."

David had looked arrogant and complacent when saying, "Although you made me suffer a loss, I will
ask Aaron to repay!"

Thinking of his words, I felt uneasy and racked my brain to figure out the reason.

"Is it because he knows your secrets that you can't attack him? Checks and balances are preventing
you from harming each other." I thought my guess made sense.

David's attitude toward Aaron was special, while the latter was impatient and angry with the former.But
what could David use to threaten Aaron? "Does he still have your photos?"

I soon denied it, "No! Even if he has those photos, they cannot be a threat because of your bad

What Aaron's body looked like was hardly a secret.

According to his personality, even if those private photos were exposed, they would not affect him in
the slightest.

"Is it because of Aunt Jane?"

It was the only reason I could think of now.

David was Jane's cousin-in-law.I did not know how Aaron's relationship with family was but could see
he was close to Jane according to his performance at the auction that year.

However, I immediately said with a frown, "But she seems to love you very much.Even if she knows the
truth, she will take your side.Does the matter involve the interests of the Green family and the Morris

After thinking about it for a long time, I found the only person who could restrain Aaron was his father,
the head of the Morris family.

Suddenly, I noticed Aaron was staring at me with a complicated expression, so I asked, "What's

"I did not expect you to care about me so much.You seem still in love with me."

He suddenly smiled, mischievously approached me, and lowered his voice when saying, "Why don't
you dump Colston and get back together with me?"

I was shocked by his sudden words.

"I lied to you three years ago.I bought Porsche a limited-edition Hermés bag and asked her to pretend
to be my fiancée because I believed you were playing with my feelings.I admit I was a little out of my
mind back then.But I did it because I did not want to look like a loser."

This time, it was my turn to feel shocked.He had asked a woman to pretend to be his fiancée! But it did
sound like a thing he would do.

I thought of the gossip Charlotte had shared with me and asked, "So, you didn't go to Germany to get
back together with her?"

Aaron laughed so loudly that I uncontrollably blushed.

"Are you jealous?"

He seemed in a good mood when saying, "You're thinking too much.It's just a coincidence.My dad
thought I was going too far because of the fake engagement thing.He happened to get evidence of bad

conduct against the former president of TWH.TWH urgently needed a new president, so he banished
me there as a punishment."

Aaron leaned forward, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me back to the sofa, letting me be at his eye
level.He tempted me in a coaxing tone, asking, "Can we get back together?"

His warm breath was close to me, so my heart began to race.

Suddenly, I felt as if we had returned to three years ago when we had been passionate in love.

At that time, he could affect my emotions easily.But a name instantly brought me back to my senses.

Lukita! "No!"

I immediately refused, "Don't cry over spilled milk.Maybe it's our fate to miss each other."

When I saw the loss in his eyes, I also felt depressed! When he had affectionately called Lukita’s name
after getting drunk, my heart had ached so much that I had difficulty breathing.But he did not know
about it at all.

Not daring to look into his eyes, I lowered my head to avoid his gaze and whispered, "I was very happy
when dating you.But it was too painful when you hurt me.I don't dare to gamble anymore."

The huge house fell into silence.

Neither Aaron nor I spoke.I didn't dare to look at his reaction, so I missed his desperate, painful, and
sad expression.He suddenly stood up and said, "Forget it! Let's go.I'll send you back to Harvard."


I abruptly looked up at him and asked, "Have you forgotten we just drove here from Harvard

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