Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 5

Chapter 5

In the living room of the Kings Residence, Veronica, who had been forcibly brought here, made up an
excuse in an attempt to leave. “It’s getting late, madam. I’ve got to go to the hospital to deliver meals to
my parents.” However, Elizabeth replied kindly, “I’ve sent someone to get your parents transferred to
the Kings Family’s private hospital. They’ll be taken care of by professionals, so you may rest assured.”
Upon hearing her words, Veronica jumped to her feet with a deep frown. She asked, “Madam, by
having my parents transferred to another hospital without my permission, are you trying to use coercion
against me?” “What nonsense are you thinking about, young lady?” Instead of getting enraged by
Veronica’s question, Elizabeth laughed. “Speaking of it, it’s fate that brought you and my grandson
together. You also know that Matthew—that rascal—never had a woman around him despite his age.
So, I could only resort to unscrupulous means by drugging him. At first, I wanted to bring him and the
Spencer Family’s daughter together, but who would’ve known that he ended up sleeping with you
instead? Luckily, you’re not bad either.” Upon listening to her words, Veronica finally realized why
Matthew got drugged. Turns out that I was thrown together with that jerk by a cruel twist of fate! “I—”
Just as she was about to speak, a silver-haired old butler came in. “Young Master Matthew’s here, Old
Madam.” “Tell that brat to get in.” “Yes, Old Madam.” The butler turned around and left. Matthew came
in right afterward. Dressed in a silvery-gray suit, he looked straight at Veronica before turning his gaze
to Elizabeth. “Grandma.” “I thought you wouldn’t come back anymore,” Elizabeth mocked grumpily.
Then, she pointed at Veronica, saying, “Well, you’re here just in time. Let me introduce someone to you
—” Matthew interrupted Elizabeth before the latter could finish her sentence. “That can wait, Grandma.
Let me introduce my girlfriend to you first.” Stunned, Elizabeth seemed quite surprised. “Girlfriend?”
Veronica was even more astounded. God only knew how aggrieved she felt deep down. If Elizabeth
had known more about her grandson, she wouldn’t have lost her chastity! “Come in,” Matthew said to
someone outside the door. Everyone immediately focused their gaze on the outside before they saw a
woman dressed in a waisted aqua blue pleated dress coming in on high heels with her head
down. Why does this woman’s figure look so familiar? thought Veronica. “This is my girlfriend, Tiffany,”

said Matthew as he introduced Tiffany to Elizabeth. Upon hearing Tiffany’s name, Veronica was
immediately stunned. While Veronica was staring at Tiffany, the latter also looked up at her. As their
gazes met, the sisters could hardly conceal the surprise in their eyes, and they had the same doubts in
mind. Why her? Why is she here? On the other hand, Elizabeth, who was older and thus much more
perceptive, hit the nail on the head by asking, “Isn’t she Tiffany Larson, the Larson Family’s gifted
daughter who’s famous in Bloomstead for her beauty and talent? How did you get her to pose as your
girlfriend?” “Nice to meet you, Old Mrs. Kings.” Tiffany greeted Elizabeth politely. “I had a car accident a
week ago, and Tiffany was the one who saved me. When she got me out of the car, I gave her the ring
that was handed down in our family. You should know what this ring means, Grandma,” Matthew said
while raising his left hand to show the ring he was wearing. Looking at the black diamond ring, Veronica
instantly recalled what had happened. No wonder there was a ring in my pocket after I saved Matthew
that day! Turns out that he put it in my pocket when I saved him, she thought. However, the ring went
missing after Tiffany popped up the next day, and she wondered at the time where the ring had gone.
At the moment, it seemed that Tiffany had stolen it, having known long ago that the ring belonged to
Matthew! Veronica stood up. “That ring was—” “Why are you here, Veronica? I didn’t expect to meet
you here.” Tiffany instinctively interrupted Veronica. Suppressing the shock within her, she held
Matthew’s wrist and said, “Veronica, he’s the guy I told you about—the guy that I risked my life saving.”
Then, she introduced Veronica to Matthew, saying, “Matthew, she’s Veronica, a friend I got acquainted
with while doing food delivery to experience life.” Veronica was really disgusted by Tiffany’s brazen-
faced lies. There was even a moment when she wanted to speak out and unmask the lady’s
nauseatingly hypocritical and ugly nature, but she decided against it on second thoughts. The only
thing that could prove that Veronica had saved Matthew’s life was the ring, the name she had used at
the hospital, and the surveillance footage. However, the fact that Tiffany managed to steal the ring
without anyone noticing and deceive Matthew meant that she must have checked the surveillance
footage and been fully prepared. In other words, the surveillance footage might’ve been destroyed by
the Larsons long ago. If she were to step forward and accuse Tiffany at this moment, even if she were
to remove her makeup, she would probably have no evidence to prove that she had saved Matthew’s

life. Rather than getting herself in trouble, she’d better wait and see what was going to happen.
Matthew sized Veronica up with narrow, piercing eyes that grew more and more fathomless. “Is that
so?” Tiffany said, “What a coincidence, Veronica! I didn’t expect to meet you here. Do you know
Matthew too?” She remembered Matthew telling her that his family had arranged a marriage for
him. Could Veronica be the woman that Old Mrs. Kings is trying to fix him up with? But how did she get
to know the Kingses? Tiffany was on tenterhooks deep down. Veronica didn’t bother to answer Tiffany,
who was addicted to acting. Instead, she said to Elizabeth, “Madam, since Young Master Matthew
already has a girlfriend, I’ve got no reason to be here anymore. I’m going back first.” She was sounding
Elizabeth out to plan her next move. She had to be cautious against Matthew, who was powerful and
ruthless, and the Larsons, who would threaten her at every moment using her adoptive parents. Seeing
that Veronica was turning around to leave, Elizabeth stood up and grabbed her hand. “Calm down,
young lady! Sit down first.” She sat Veronica down in the chair. Then, she barked at Matthew, “Come
with me, you rascal!” “Yes, Grandma.” With that, Matthew followed Elizabeth into the inner room
without forgetting to throw Veronica a meaningful look. With a squeak, the door to the inner room
closed. Tiffany couldn’t hold back her anger any longer. Stepping quickly toward Veronica, she uttered
under her breath, “Veronica, you b—” Slap! Slap! Veronica boxed Tiffany’s ears twice before the latter
could finish her sentence. “What else do you know besides calling me a b*tch? Oh, right, you know
how to be a goody-two-shoes by taking credit away from others. Am I right, sis?”