Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Tiffany didn’t expect Veronica to react so quickly. Before she could do anything, the latter had slapped
her twice across the face, making her ears buzz. She was angry and exasperated, but she couldn’t
make a scene with Veronica here. “Shut your mouth! Who are you calling ‘sis’?” she replied under her
breath while enduring the pain in her cheek. “But luckily, you were clever enough to not speak out and
refute me just now. Otherwise, you may as well just prepare coffins for your adoptive parents.” She had
thought that Veronica would step forward and spill the beans just now. She had even come up with a
solution for that, but who would’ve thought that Veronica would be so calm and collected? As a result,
Tiffany was astonished. “Ha!” Veronica’s lips curled slightly. “When I saved Young Master Matthew, he
had promised me a reward of 100 million. I’ll give you a 50-percent discount, so you have to pay me 50
million to keep my mouth shut. Otherwise, when Young Master Matthew learns about the truth, as your
full sister, not only do I have to prepare a coffin for you, but I’m afraid I’ll also have to visit your grave
every year!” “F-Fifty million, you say? Dream on!” “Whether I’m dreaming is my own business, but if you
don’t do as I say, I’ll definitely make sure that your dream of becoming Matthew Kings’ wife becomes a
pipe dream.” Tiffany was rendered speechless with anger by Veronica’s angry retort. Meanwhile, in the
inner room, Elizabeth explained to Matthew what had happened the night before. She said, “I saw
Veronica’s blood on the bed sheet. She was a virgin. Now that you’ve slept with her, you have to take
responsibility for that!” Matthew had thought it was Veronica who had drugged him, which was why she
followed him into the elevator with an ulterior motive. Even though he now learned that Elizabeth was
the one who had drugged him, he couldn’t deny that Veronica had designs on him. “I already have a
girlfriend. As for Veronica, we can offer her a compensation payment.” I heard that woman saying last
night that she was only after my money. Since that’s the case, I’ll grant her wish. “Hmph! Do you think
I’m old and blind? Don’t think I couldn’t tell that she’s only here to make up the numbers for you.” Upon
hearing Elizabeth’s words, Matthew felt quite a headache. “What can I do for you to believe me,
Grandma?” Elizabeth came up with a last resort. “Just wait. Two months later, you’ll marry whoever
gets pregnant first.” Matthew was speechless. Is she so hasty that she’s not gonna ask for my opinion

anymore? “Don’t look at me like that. Feelings can be developed, no?” Elizabeth said, before
wondering if Matthew disliked Veronica because the latter looked ugly. She continued, “You shouldn’t
be taking things at face value. That young lady looked less than average, but that’ll save you a lot of
trouble. Don’t they say that beauty often causes trouble? Just leave with Tiffany first. Veronica will be
staying here for the next few days.” She was worried that Matthew might force Veronica to take the
morning-after pill, which was why she had to make Veronica stay here for three full days to rest her
heart. After all, morning-after pills would only work if they were taken within 72 hours of sexual
intercourse. It’d be useless to take them more than three days after the intercourse. The instant he
heard Elizabeth’s words, Matthew’s good-looking face turned somewhat chilly; he turned around and
stepped out of the inner room. Seeing him come out of the room, Tiffany walked up to him, saying,
“Done talking to your grandma, Matthew?” However, Matthew walked past her and went straight up to
Veronica. Then, he pinched her jaw and lifted it slightly with his right hand, looking down at her “ugly”
face. “I’m warning you—don’t play tricks to hoodwink Grandma, or I’ll make you regret being alive!”
“Hiss…” Veronica shoved Matthew away as her jaw hurt from being pinched. “Do you think I wanna—” I
don’t want to stay at the Kings Residence even for a minute! she thought. As she spoke, however, she
caught sight of Tiffany’s bitterly envious expression, so she immediately changed her tune, saying, “In
that case, you should ask for your grandma’s opinion.” “Calling her ‘grandma’ so quickly, huh? Looks
like you can’t wait to be my woman!” “That’s hard to say. If I get pregnant, I won’t be able to get rid of
you even if I don’t want to marry you. After all…” Veronica paused mid-sentence. Then, she turned to
look at Elizabeth—who came out of the inner room—with an artful smile. “I really can’t do anything if
your grandma insists that I marry you.” God only knew how furious Tiffany was when she heard
Veronica say so. She wished she could lunge at Veronica immediately and rip her mouth off. How dare
you shamelessly seduce my boyfriend, you b*tch?! she thought. However, she didn’t realize that she
was too immersed in her role, for she was just posing as Matthew’s girlfriend. Seeing how jealous
Tiffany looked, Veronica instantly felt much better. Matthew’s thin lips curled into a smirk. “Let’s hope
that you can still be so confident three days later,” he reminded Veronica. “Watch what you’re saying,
Matthew!” Elizabeth yelled. Matthew let go of Veronica while saying to Tiffany, “Let’s go.” Tiffany bit her

lip lightly. She was filled with resentment; she took a lot of trouble to get herself to the Kings Residence,
yet she had to leave without being able to speak with Elizabeth. Still, despite her inner displeasure, she
nodded slightly to Elizabeth with a gentle smile. “In that case, Old Mrs. Kings, I’ll be leaving with
Matthew first.” “Uh-huh,” Elizabeth replied perfunctorily. Tiffany then folloed Matthew out of the living
room. As Veronica stared at Matthew from behind, the victorious smile on her face vanished. Well, I did
get momentary pleasure from bragging, but I’m gonna suffer a great deal for that. I succeeded in
angering Tiffany, but I offended Matthew as well. Am I digging my own grave?