Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Matthew agreed to give Veronica five minutes, but he broke his promise.

This is too much!

When Veronica saw Matthew simply walk past her, she grabbed onto his arm. “Matthew Kings, I even l
et the thing about you sleeping with me go, so can you ask the expert team to treat my dad? I will pay y
ou the surgery fee! I have money!”

Originally, she wanted to ask Matthew to give her a discount on the hospital processing fee, but that jer
k was being so mean, so she had to give up on that thought for the time being

Just three minutes ago, she even felt moved by Matthew‘s words when he said that he had
gotten her a team of medical experts to treat her dad. At that time, she even thought that he was not to
o much of a sc*mbag and at least still had some conscience left in him.

Now it seemed that she had thought too highly of him.

As he was grabbed by Veronica, he stopped and turned around while staring at her with narrow and sh
arp eyes. Finally, his gaze fell on her neck, only to find that the necklace was too dazzling for its own go

“You have money?” His handsome face was filled with a mocking smile. “Are you planning to sleep with
Xavier Crawford? How much is he paying you for a night?”

For more than two months, he had arranged for someone to secretly supervise Veronica and
her mobile phone, so he was very sure that she had never slept with Xavier.

But the conversations among the nurses in the
hospital just now and the necklace on Veronica‘s neck were enough to show that she was in a relations
hip with Xavier.


Veronica didn‘t expect Matthew‘s thoughts to be so dirty, so she snorted coldly and said, “You‘re right!
Xavier gave me that money.”

No one could tell
where the anger came from, but she raised her neck to lift the beautiful necklace on her collarbone, an
d said to him casually, “This is the necklace Xavier gave
me, I am in a relationship with him. So, Young Master Matthew, please

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Chapter 20

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stay away from me. Otherwise, my boyfriend won‘t let you go.”

She immediately regretted her ‘showing off the moment after she said it.

Although admitting that her boyfriend was Xavier could make Matthew stop bugging her in the future, s
he knew that once she angered the man, she
could kiss the chances of the group of experts treating her father goodbye.

A hint of coldness appeared in Matthew‘s cold eyes. He raised his hand to lift her chin, rubbing his thu
mb against
her skin. “I‘m warning you: Stay away from Xavier Crawford. Otherwise, don‘t blame me for being rude
to you.”

“Wow, Young Master Matthew, you are so used to controlling everything in Bloomstead, so you think yo
u can be unscrupulous just because you have money and power? You tell me to stay away from
him, but I won‘t.”

all, she was not a girl who was willing to give in so easily and would only be more stubborn when met w
ith someone as tough as herself. Therefore, her temperament was destined to clash violently with Matt

“Try me!”

The man leaned over and approached her. She could feel his faint breath on her
face, which caused her to be a little uncomfortable
from his forwardness. Looking from an outsider‘s perspective, the way they stood so closely to each ot
her seemed very ambiguous.

But the next moment, the man said, “If you let me find out again, I will break your leg.”

“You‘re insane.” Veronica immediately felt that
there was something wrong with Matthew. “If you don‘t cure my dad, that‘s fine. I can always transfer hi
m to another hospital.” As she felt completely fed up with Matthew‘s ridiculous threats, Veronica hated h
im to the core. “I‘ll transfer him now.”

“Do you think you can escape from me?”

As Veronica listened to his words, she frowned. “Hmph, these are my legs. I can leave whenever I want
and do whatever I want.”

Veronica‘s behavior was completely out of Matthew‘s control.

This out–of–control situation angered him.

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Chapter 20

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He stepped forward, grabbed her by the collar, and said lightly, “You are pregnant with my child–
do you think you can do whatever you want?”

Although Veronica didn‘t know anything, it had already been a month since Matthew decided to
put a test on her.

Not only did she not take the initiative to find him, she even actively rejected his existence.

Matthew was sure that Veronica had zero interest in him, and that she had been working part–
time for a month without any miscarriage.

At that point, he felt that it would be good for Veronica to give him a child.

After the child was born, he figured it‘d be a good idea to give her a sum of money to leave so that she
would not bother him.

Matthew made up his mind and planned to tell her the truth in
the next two days who knew that he would run into Xavier and her in the hospital.

He would never allow her to be with such trash like Xavier while she was pregnant with his child.

“What? Pregnant with your child? If you have problems with your head, go see a psychiatrist,” she repri
manded in exasperation. “Even if I was out of my mind, Matthew Kings, I would never be pregnant with
your family‘s child in my life.”

Damn, does this woman really think that I can‘t sense the sarcasm in her words?

“Oh, is that so?” Instead of being angry, the man laughed. “Did you feel anything after the last miscarria
ge? Did your period come?”

He reminded her.

Veronica was at a loss for words, and she
looked at the man in front of her inexplicably, his questions echoing in her mind.

It was true that she really didn‘t feel anything from the last miscarriage.

Though she heard that miscarriage would hurt, why did she not feel a thing?

Moreover, she really didn‘t seem to get her period recently.

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Chapter 20


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A few days ago,
Veronica only thought that the abortion operation caused her menstrual cycle to be irregular, but as she
heard what Matthew said…

Did she not undergo the operation at all that day?!

“Impossible. I took birth control pills yesterday.”

“Is the medicine white and oval, and has a slightly sour taste?”

“H–How did you know?”

“Because I ordered everyone from the Twilight Club to the Brocade Gardens.”

wasn‘t hiding it. His handsome face carried a faint smile, as if he was mocking Veronica‘s innocence.

Veronica shook her head like a rattle. “That‘s impossible… That‘s impossible! I–I don‘t have your child!”

“This is the hospital. We can always go for a check–up to know whether you‘re pregnant.”

“I don‘t believe you. This is the Saint Hospital opened by your family. Can‘t you just fabricate the results

“Well, it‘s not difficult to confirm anyway. Go to the clinic to buy some test strips, and you‘ll know after tak

“Impossible! You liar…”

Veronica muttered.

Though she said she didn‘t believe it, her mind was in shambles.

She said that she was going to transfer her parents to another hospital, but at that moment, she could o

Soon, she rode on her motorcycle and went home.

On the way home, she saw a pharmacy and was going to buy some pregnancy test strips, but she bega

After all, she often used this route.

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Chapter 20


+10 pearls

With that in mind, she simply turned the motorcycle around and went to a road she seldom traveled to, w

Immediately, she started the test when she got home.


Ten minutes later, a scream broke out from the toilet. “Matthew Kings, you beast… Sob, sob.”

She looked at the five to six test strips placed in front of
her; each of them had two bars on them, showing a positive result, indicating that she was indeed pregn

She cursed Matthew angrily.

However, she was still not reconciled
with the result, so she went to a Chinese medicine clinic again and asked an old Chinese medicine doct

came back as… pregnant.

With that, she walked out of the Chinese
medicine clinic, walked down the street in despair, then sat on a bench and stared blankly ahead, as if
she was frozen in time.

After she sat for some time, a car stopped in front of her. The door opened, and Matthew walked toward