Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 29

Chapter 29

In that instant, Veronica’s brows furrowed together in a tighi knot, and she pursed her lips shut, ller
lands, which were bolding Matthew, dug deep into his arms until there was blood, and only then was
she able to forcibly conccal in

“Cough, cough...” Embarrassed and furious, she glared at Matthew and used coughing as a means to
hide what was happening before saying, “I received a delivery order, and I’m on my way now. I’ll call
you back Ihter.” Immediately, she hung up and slapped Matthew. “You’re such a shameless jerk!”

His behavior was so outrageous that it appalled her.

“What? Are you feeling sorry for your beloved because you’re worried he’ll find out about this and feel

Even though she was disgruntled, a plan hatched in her mind. Suppressing her disgust for him, she
clasped his waist and said in an unsatisfied tone, “Is this all you’ve got? Did you not eat, Young Master
Matthew?” Forcing out a smile, she added, “This is really far off compared to Xavier. So, rumor
amongst the people in Bloomstead has it that you are not interested in women, but it seems to me that
you… might have erectile dysfunction.”

The sudden change in her attitude gave him a huge satisfaction psychologically, but he didn’t lose his
mind because he knew that she was trying to provoke him on purpose.

“Keep away your useless little tricks. The doctor mentioned that the fetus is growing steadily, and I’ll
protect my own child!” |

The second he finished speaking, the smile disappeared from Veronica’s face. Yes, she deliberately
tried to provoke him earlier in hopes that he would forget everything in his agitation and cause a

miscarriage, then she wouldn’t have to give birth to his child. But unfortunately, he had seen through
her trick.

Contented, the man got up and left her in a sorry state alone in the lounge. Just like the last time,
before he left, he said, “Someone will bring you clothes later.”

Just like that, he left, leaving her in the lounge as though he was throwing away a piece of garbage.

Lying on the bed, she was shattered by despair, but she was strong. How could the same thing hurt her
as it did the first time? However, she regretted it a little. She only

made herself seem uglier through the use of makeup, so that jerk never kissed her every time he made
love to her, and he didn’t even want to look at her face.

If I had known about this before, I would have made ugly the skin on my entire body! she thought.

Later, someone dropped off some clothes for her, and after changing, she threw the ripped clothes into
the bin and went downstairs in a huff before leaving the scene on her motorcycle.

Unbeknownst to her, Xavier was seated in a car not far away. Knowing that she didn’t leave the scene,
he drove a car she had never seen before and stopped it close to her motorbike.

When he saw that she was leaving dressed differently as when she arrived, he was a little
confused. Why did she lie? he wondered.

And all of his questions would have an answer four hours later, when the engagement party of the
Kings Family ended.

From the surveillance video of the Hilton Hotel he instructed someone to replay, he clearly saw
Matthew dragging Veronica into a lounge on the third floor, and he only left after more than half an

Xavier didn’t continue watching the surveillance after that because he already knew all that happened
when he connected it to the soft moaning he heard from Veronica when he called her.

Meanwhile, after Veronica left the Hilton Hotel, she went directly to the hospital for an abortion.
Unfortunately, the scheming Matthew had already sent someone to follow her, and when they saw her
walking into the hospital, she was forcibly taken into the car by some bodyguards and sent back to her
rented room.


The door closed shut, and she was placed under house arrest. Opening the door, she shouted
furiously, “What are you guys doing? I want to see that jerk, Matthew Kings!

Thomas, who had rushed over, answered, “The master is very busy and doesn’t have the time to see
you.” Then, he added, “Just rest well, Miss Murphy. If you don’t want to rest, you can also move into the
Kings Residence right now.”

“Y-You guys are too much!” she yelled, enraged. Her cheeks flushed scarlet, and she slammed the
door so hard that the room shook.

In the evening, someone delivered food to her. Looking at the delicious food, she really wanted to eat
but had no appetite. Time passed by, and it was already past 11.00PM, yet she wasn’t the least sleepy
at all.

The reason Matthew didn’t allow her to move into the Kings Residence today was mostly because it
was his engagement day today, and all his relatives would be there. If she showed up there, it would
only spell trouble. Therefore, he had decided to move her in tomorrow.

Veronica was very clear that once she moved into the Kings Residence, it would be almost impossible
to get out again, and she would have no chance to abort the baby anymore.

Tossing and turning in bed, she desperately needed mifepristone and misoprostol tablets to help her
with the miscarriage. In spite of that, those tablets could only be found in the hospital, and ordinary
people couldn’t get those tablets at all.

In such a critical situation, the only person who came into her mind was Xavier; with his ability, he could
definitely get those pills.

Holding her cell phone in her hands, she hesitated for a long while before finally calling him. Even
though she knew that she had caused him a lot of trouble already, she had no other choice now and
could only call him.

“Hmm? So you’re finally calling me?” In the call, Xavier sounded tipsy, and clearly, he already had
some drinks.

All of a sudden, Veronica was a little hopeless. “Are you… drinking?”

“Yeah, I’m having some drinks because I feel a little down. What’s up?” His attitude toward her was a
little aloof, which was very unlike him.

Impatiently, she clutched her own hair,
thinking, Will it be okay to ask a favor from him at a time like this? “Are you… feeling alright? Can you
please do me a favor? It’s important-very important, actually!”

Out of wits, she could only beg him for help because no matter what, she would never allow her child to
be born and become Tiffany’s! Even if it meant death, she would never agree to it.

Meanwhile, Xavier took a sip of wine and snorted. “You’re rather capable on your

own. Why would you need my help?” Since a long time ago, he could already tell that she had
something going on with Matthew, and sure enough, she had lied to him!

“Xavier, what the hell is wrong with you?” Annoyed, Veronica raised her voice and shouted at him
before he hung up on her directly. “This guy… How could he be so unreliable at such a critical

Anxiety rushed through her, and she called him a few more times, but he simply hung up on her. So,
she could only give up.

“What should I do now?” Pacing around the room anxiously, she suddenly thought of
Floch. He owns a hospital, so I can definitely get the pills from him.

Even though she could tell Tiffany that she was pregnant with Matthew’s child, the Larsons were a
careful bunch and wouldn’t believe her. Also, they would worry that this would affect Tiffany. After all,
Tiffany was already engaged to Matthew, and they wouldn’t risk it to get her the pills.

Suddenly, her eyes grew large. “Motherwort!”

With her cell phone, she searched for motherwort and read the description about it

-promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, stimulating the contraction of the uterus, and might
cause miscarriage in pregnant women if consumed!