Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“This is what you call not hating me?”

As he listened to her speak, Matthew felt as if something that had taken root in his heart was suddenly
pulled out. His throat lightened, and indescribable feelings struck his heart with a pang

Veronica leaned against the headboard of the bed. Her complexion had yet to recover, and her body
was still weak.

She looked at Matthew, feeling completely unperturbed. “You’re the richest man in Bloomstead, and
you get to enjoy life every day; 1, on the other hand, struggle to earn money just to survive. We are two
people on parallel paths, so there shouldn’t be any intersection.”

Veronica slowly lowered her head, her fingertips scraping the quilt at a loss. “When I recover, I’ll go to
Saint Hospital to settle my parents’ discharge.”

At that, Matthew’s eyebrows furrowed, and he remained silent.

Veronica continued, “I’m like an ant, the most insignificant existence in the vast sea of people. Young
Master Matthew, I hope that you can give me a way out because I have to feed not only myself, but my
parents too.”

“That’s all? Didn’t you go to great lengths to make me fulfill your and Xavier’s wishes?”

Ever since he met Veronica, this was the only time she had such a serious and solemn conversation
with him.

For a moment, Matthew even believed her.

“Young Master Matthew, as I said, the only connection between me and you was our unformed child.
Now that the baby is gone, we have nothing to do with each other anymore. Understand?”

Veronica raised her voice when she spoke the last word, then she looked up and glared at Matthew. In
the end, her pale lips twitched. “Young Master Matthew, are you trying to force me to the edge? If that’s
the case, why did you save me yesterday? Heh…”

Matthew simply stared at her with cold, profound eyes, trying to penetrate through


her eyes into her mind.

However, he couldn’t see anything.

Without saying anything more, he turned and left.

Meanwhile, Xavier, who drank heavily the previous night, woke up and rubbed his aching head. “I drank
too much again.”

He lay on the bed for a while, then suddenly remembered that Veronica called him several times the
day before, so he returned her calls.

But no one answered.

Xavier took a look at the time Veronica called him and found that the latest call was at 11.00PM.

She called at such a late hour. Could it be that something happened?

He couldn’t help being a little worried, so he immediately got up, washed up, and drove straight to
Brocade Gardens.

He hurried up to the eighth floor. When he got to the door of Veronica’s apartment, he saw that the
living room door was half opened, and the door lock was broken.

Reaching out to open the door, he walked in and saw crimson blood on the ground.

Xavier’s heart dropped as he called out, “Roni? Veronica? Veronica?”

He walked from the living room to the bedroom, then to the bathroom, but there was no sign of her.

He called her once more, only to hear the phone ringing in the living room. When he walked out, he
saw the phone on the sofa.

“What happened?”

Panicking, Xavier grew impatient.

“He hadn’t felt this feeling since the death of his mother.

He looked at the medicine on the table and found that there was an invoice for the

purchase inside the bag, with the time stated as 11.30PM last night.

There were four blister packs of pills inside the medicine box, and two had been emptied.

“W-Why did she take so many pills?”


A thought popped into Xavier’s mind, which sent chills down his spine.

He immediately rushed out of the apartment. While going downstairs, he called someone and asked
them to investigate which hospital took Veronica in yesterday.

Ten minutes later, they found out that she was in People’s Second Hospital.

Xavier sped all the way to the hospital. When he entered Veronica’s ward, he found that she was
asleep on the hospital bed.

After he saw that Veronica was still alive, his suspended heart finally eased.

Propping his hand on the bedside table, Xavier breathed a long sigh of relief, and his terrified heart
gradually calmed down. However, he was still frightened by Veronica’s actions.

He didn’t disturb Veronica in her sleep, but instead looked for her attending doctor to ask about her

Only then did he find out that Veronica was pregnant and had overdosed on motherwort the day before,
causing her to suffer a miscarriage and heavy bleeding!

When she was sent to the hospital, she was already in a dangerous state.

“Who sent her here?” Xavier asked the doctor.

“Who are you again? Why are you asking so much?” the doctor asked with some displeasure.

“I’m… her boyfriend.”

“Her boyfriend? Then, who was that man yesterday?” As the doctor spoke, he retrieved the risk notice
signed in the operating room the previous day.

“This one.”

Alter looking at the flamboyant scrawl for a long time, the doctor didn’t recognize whose name it was,
so he simply handed it to Xavier.

Xavier glanced at the name signed on the risk notice and couldn’t help frowning. “It’s him?”

Matthew! What on carth happened yesterday?

Xavier was clueless.

He returned to the ward, sat in the chair, and fell into deep contemplation as he watched her sleep.

After a certain period of time, Veronica woke up and saw Xavier sitting helplessly by the hospital bed as
soon as she opened her eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

Veronica was a little surprised.

How did Xavier find this place?

“Yesterday… I’m sorry. I had too much to drink”

Fortunately, Veronica was fine. Otherwise, Xavier wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

“Were you in a bad mood yesterday after being scolded by your dad because of me?”

Naturally, as the person involved, Veronica was well aware of what happened at the Hilton Hotel

Since she met Xavier, he drank regularly at clubs, but he didn’t usually get drunk.

Xavier shrugged and replied helplessly, “… It’s none of your business. I just suddenly felt like drinking. I
should be the one asking you: Why were you sent to the emergency room after I left you alone for one

As he spoke, he took an apple from the fruit basket and helped her peel it.

He had purposely gone down to buy the fruits for Veronica when he saw that she was still asleep just

Moreover, this was the first time Xavier cut fruits for others. “You already know, so why bother asking?’

Veronica was clever, so she knew that since Xavier was sitting quictly by her bed, he must already
know what happened the day before. Otherwise, he would be grabbing her and shooting questions at

Xavier stilled, and his expression was indiscernible, but he simply said, “How did you know him?”

Veronica didn’t want to talk about anything regarding Matthew.

Ever since the day she saved Matthew, too many things had happened continuously, all of which had
brought great impact and burden to her life.

“Oh, right, I have something to trouble you with.”

Veronica deliberately changed the subject. “The doctor said I need to be hospitalized for a few days, so
I can’t go to Saint Hospital to visit my parents these two days. Can you help me go there and tell
them… that I went for field training and will be coming back in two days?”

Since she couldn’t go to Saint Hospital to see them, she was afraid that her parents would be worried if
she didn’t send Xavier over to give an excuse to her adoptive mother.

Xavier paused his movements of peeling the apple and slightly looked up to fix Veronica with a cold

After a moment of silence, he nodded. “All right.”