Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 36

Chapter 36

“Hahaha. Good. Good. I feel very good.”

Tony was grinning from car to car as he looked at Matthew and said, “My laughter has been spoiled by
her mother since young. Don’t take what she said to heart.”

“Yes, yes. She’s ignorant. Young Master Matthew, don’t get angry.”

Daniella knew that Matthew had noble status, so she dared not call him by his first name, which was
why she called him ‘Young Master Matthew

“I won’t.”

A smile appeared on Matthew’s cold face. “The doctor said that Mr. Murphy’s physical indicators are
normal, and he can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

“Hahaha. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you.”

“Yes, the old man is right. Young Master Matthew, if it weren’t for your help, I don’t even know when he
would wake up.”

Daniella was extremely grateful toward Matthew, and she didn’t forget to tell Veronica, “We owe Young
Master Matthew such a huge favor. You have to treat him to dinner tonight. Got it?”

Veronica pursed her lips and wanted to refuse, but seeing her adoptive parents’ happy smiles, which
she hadn’t seen for a long time, she couldn’t bear to refute.

She could only give them an unhappy nod. “All right.”

She didn’t want to see Matthew acting pretentious in front of her adoptive parents, so she turned and
walked out of the ward before going straight to the nurses’ station.

At the nurses’ station, Veronica reported the ward number to the nurse and asked, “Nurse, can you
help me check how much my dad’s medical expenses are?”

“Tony Murphy, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“You owe…” Looking at the bill, the nurse suddenly stopped talking and leaned closer

to the computer screen; then she mullered, “Is there i problem with the system llow can you owe so

“What’s the matter” Veronica asked.

The nurse counted the amouni ower on the screen, then said to Veronica windi certainty, “You owe

“What? Two million..” Veronica couleu’t help exclaiming, but slie quickly covered her mouth for fear that
her adoptive parents would hear her.

She lowered her voice and whispered, “Why’s the amount so high? Can you show me the full bill?”

“You were smoldering with indignation just now, but now you can’t afford to pay the


All of a sudden, a voice sounded behind her.

Veronica turned back and saw Matthew looking at her with interest, a sarcastic smile on his handsome

At this moment, the nurse had already printed out the bill and was handing in to Veronica. “Here you
go. This is the bill.”

The nurse was talking to Veronica, but she kept staring unblinkingly at Mattbew. Her face had turned
crimson as her heart was filled with admiration.

This man is so handsome.

Veronica knew that Saint Hospital was a high-end private hospital with extremely high fees, but she
didn’t expect it to be so high.

Looking at the overflowing bill, she physically ached.

Before this, the Larson Family gave her two million, but she had used 80,000 to hire a private
investigator, and she paid 100,000 for the early stages of her adoptive parents’ treatment. Now, there
was only 1.82 million left.

She was still more than 550,000 short of paying the medical expenses.

Where was she supposed to get the money?

“If you can’t afford it…” the man leaned close to her ear and said in a deep voice. “You

can consider compensating with your body.”

His voice was utterly magnetic, and the gushing heat brushed against her hair. It stimulated her neck,
making it feel numb. She couldn’t stop the image of her being intimate with him from floating into her

Veronica had applied thick makeup, so even though her face was crimson, no one could see it.

She turned and looked directly at Matthew with cold, sharp eyes. “Young Master Matthew, it’s not
breeding season yet. Are you on heat already?”

A trace of coldness appeared on Matthew’s face. “I’m waiting for your dinner.”

With that, the man retracted his gaze, turned, and left.

Veronica put away the bill and headed toward the ward.

Behind her, the nurse murmured to herself, “Are they all blind? She’s so ugly. Why are they fighting for
her? She’s even involved with two men. How shameless.”

Veronica clearly heard the nurse’s statements, but she just laughed it off.

Back in the ward, Veronica saw her adoptive parents chatting, and she said, “Dad, Mom,
congratulations on being able to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes. Our family can finally go back to our hometown.” Tony smiled, feeling overjoyed.

Veronica’s smile disappeared, and she hesitated for a moment before lying. “I… I will send you guys
back first. I might get promoted, so I plan to stay in Bloomstead for the time being.”

She had yet to find out the truth about her adoptive parents’ car accident, so Veronica wasn’t willing to
leave yet.

She knew that there were other hidden circumstances behind the car accident. If she simply stood idly
by, she would probably never be at peace.

“What? You’re not going back?”

Daniella’s face sank. She glanced at Tony and said, “Your father and I have recovered. How can we
rest assured if we leave you alone in Bloomstead? Besides, the Larson Family has no good intentions.
What if they bully you?”

“Veronica, I don’t care how much money you make, as long as our family can be happy together.”

The honest and kind Tony felt distressed that Veronica was under too much pressure. so he didn’t ask
much of her.

The concern of her adoptive parents left a lump in Veronica’s throat, and she almost broke character.

Although they weren’t her biological parents, they treated her as if she was their daughter. On the other
hand, the Larsons, her biological parents, just wanted to kill her!


Feeling helpless, Veronica was forced to resort to her ‘killer trick? She walked up to Daniella and
grabbed her wrist, acting like a child. “I’m a college graduate after all, so I can’t stay in the countryside
all the time. I want to see the outside world too. Not to mention…”

She thought for a long time, then finally gave a reason. “Not to mention, Xavier is still in Bloomstead. I
just talked to him, and we were talking about how I can’t spend time with him if I go back to the

It was a logical reason.

Veronica couldn’t help but want to praise herself for being so clever.


Daniella hesitated, then she nodded helplessly. “You’re right. You’re dating Xavier now. If we force you
to go back to the countryside, wouldn’t we be interfering with your relationship?”

Tony already heard about Veronica and Xavier after he woke up.

Seeing as Veronica was insisting on staying in Bloomstead, he sighed. “Oh, daughters all leave the
house when they’re grown…”

“Oh, Dad, what are you talking about?”

Veronica pursed her lips and smiled, feeling her heart loosen up.

At least, under the guise of ‘dating, she didn’t have to go back to her hometown for the time being

In the afternoon, she accompanied her adoptive parents out of Saint Hospital for a walk. They even
went shopping, and she bought two outfits each for the two elders.

When they returned to the ward, it was already 5.30PM.

Daniella forced Veronica to call Matthew and invite him to dinner. Feeling helpless, Veronica had no
choice but to agree.

The dinner venue was set at Kaymite Restaurant.

After Veronica arrived at the restaurant, she sent the location to Matthew. Half an hour later, Matthew
appeared in the room dressed in a tailored suit. His chiseled face was taut and as cold as frost, while
his whole person exuded tension.

“You’re treating me to dinner here?”