Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Seeing Matthew being so concerned about Veronica, she thought it was extremely sarcastic.

At the same time, Veronica was walking away from the crowd, leaving the western restaurant to
accompany her parents to the hospital.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Tiffany was bleeding from an injured scalp, but the situation was not
serious, and only needed some simple treatment to stop the bleeding and dress the wound. However,
in order to make Matthew accompany her more, Tiffany asked the doctor to arrange her into the VIP
ward and keep her hospitalized for a couple more days for monitoring.

This hospital belonged to Floch, so the doctor naturally granted Tiffany’s request.

After consuming a bottle of IV drip, Tiffany held Matthew’s hand with her eyes red rimmed and
mumbled pitifully, “Matthew, my parents have gone overseas for a business trip and will only return
tomorrow. Can you stay here to keep me accompanied tonight?”

Tiffany told a lie to make Matthew stay and accompany her.

Hearing that, Matthew frowned slightly as impatience flashed through his eyes. Nevertheless, he ended
up agreeing reluctantly after hesitating for a while.

In the ward, Tiffany was scrolling through her phone while Matthew sat on the couch and worked on his
laptop. Tiffany initiated conversations with him several times, but was turned down each time for the
same reason–he was occupied with work.

Matthew only went to lie down on the accompanying bed when it was late at night. Tiffany was
aggrieved, but it was not appropriate for her to cause a scene, so she went to bed after saying
goodnight to Matthew. At that, there was dead silence in the ward after the light was switched off.

In the darkness, Tiffany’s eyes were opened as she bit her lips gently and pondered about something.
Sometime later, a scream emerged in the quiet ward. “Ahh! Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me… Ahh…”

Awakened by the sudden noise, Matthew got out of the bed to turn on the light. It was only then he saw
the frightened Tiffany, who was sitting on the bed crying with her head buried in her knees.

“Sob... sob...”

“Did you have a nightmare?”

Matthew’s sympathy was not aroused at all when he was faced with the beautiful lady who was tearing
up despite the latter being his fiancéc. All he did was walk up to Tiffany and ask the question coldly.

Sobbing, Tiffany shrunk her shoulders and cast a glance at Matthew with tears welled in her eyes.
“Then, she hugged his waist and wailed, “Matthew… I had a dream that someone was coming after
me… to kill me..”

Despite Tiffany throwing herself into his arms, not only was Matthew not flustered, but his face actually
darkened. With his arms by his side, his fingers twitched. After hesitating and struggling for a while,
Matthew lifted his hand to pat Tiffany’s back. “Since it’s a nightmare, just forget about it.”

“The nightmare was too scary…” Tiffany pulled back from Matthew’s arms. Staring at Matthew with her
watery eyes, she asked, “Matthew, can you sleep with me?”

She mustered all her courage to bring up the request. However, there was not even the slightest
gladness on Matthew’s handsome face. In fact, there was even a tinge of impatience visible between
his brows.

Tiffany’s heart jolted when she met Matthew’s frosty gaze. At that moment, she felt as if she acted too
hastily just now and the result actually ran counter to her desire.

“Or, how about you switch off the light only after I fall asleep?” Her alluring eyes were still filled with
tears, and her voice was so sweet that anyone would have sympathy for her.

Being as smart as a whip, Matthew could naturally tell what was on Tiffany’s mind. Nevertheless, he
was not stirred up at all.

“Alright,” he hummed after moments of silence.

As such, the light in the ward was left on throughout the night while Matthew merely covered himself
with his jacket and rested on the accompanying bed.

Although Tiffany was still aggrieved, the fact that Matthew was willing to keep her accompanied at the
hospital tonight was already the greatest change.

The next day when Tiffany woke up, the room was already empty and Matthew was nowhere to be

Meanwhile, Veronica went to Saint Hospital to get her parents discharged. After helping them to pack
their belongings, she sent them back to their hometown. Then she stayed at the old residence in her
hometown for one night. After settling everything, she started her journey back to Bloomstead.
However, she saw Floch and Rachel walking toward her the moment she reached Regalia

Truth was, the Larsons had not stopped bombarding Veronica with phone calls ever since she
accidentally injured Tiffany the night before. It was only after she promised to show up in Bloomstead at
10 o’clock in the morning to wait for them did Floch and Rachel stop.

Seeing Veronica’s appearance, Rachel could not be bothered about her image of a quality woman but
walked straight up to her and scowled. “You b*tch, how dare you bully my Tiffy again and again. Do you
think we, the Larsons, are pushovers?”

With that, Rachel lifted her hand to slap Veronica. However, before her hand could land on Veronica’s
face, the latter seized her wrist tightly.

“Mrs. Larson, you’re a well-known socialite after all. Aren’t you afraid of becoming the laughing stock of
others if they become aware of your rude actions?” Veronica sneered sarcastically in a nonchalant

Rachel struggled to pull out her wrist which was seized by Veronica but to no avail. “Let go of me!” she
retorted and continued struggling, after which Veronica let go of her instantly.

Due to inertia, Rachel staggered a few steps backward and almost fell on the ground. Fortunately,
Floch acted swiftly to support her, and it was only then did she regain her balance.

“You rascal! Initially, we thought you were pitiful, so we intended to forgive you after you apologize to
Tiffy. But now, it seems like you’re not worthy of any sympathy at all!”

Blood-boiled, Floch pointed at Tiffany and yelled at her. Thereafter, he ordered Rachel, “Call the police.
We have to make her suffer so that she’ll know her place.”

Rachel shot a glare at Veronica and took out her phone in all seriousness to call the police after
snorting at her.

Seeing the scene at hand, Veronica was not annoyed but she actually laughed. They wanted to send
her to the police merely because she gave Tiffany a slap. They are surely heartless!

“If you’re willing to yield, apologize and get out of Bloomstead now, we’ll not come after you. Otherwise,
we’ll give the evidende to the police, and you can get ready to suffer behind bars for the next few

The stout, tanned Floch wore a menacing expression as his eyes were filled with brutality. His
countenance was so fierce that it was as if there was a feud between Veronica and him.

“Sure. I’m looking forward to that.”

Veronica wore a formal smile and lifted her head to look at the bright sky. “It’s such a warm day. I shall
go home and enjoy some air-conditioning while waiting for your news,” she said.

She had no fear of the Larsons’ threat at all. In contrast, she walked back to her condominium while
humming songs leisurely.

Seeing Veronica walk away unconcernedly, Rachel stomped in anger. “What sin have I done? Why
would I give birth to such an evil brat back then!”

“Don’t get too angry. One day, she’ll be coming to us to beg for forgiveness,” Floch comforted Rachel.

Ten minutes later, a few policemen arrived at Regalia Condominium. Even then, Veronica did not resist
but obediently got into the police car and went to the police station. When interrogated by the police,
Veronica did not hide anything and admitted it right away. “Yeah, I’m the one who hit Tiffany Larson.”

“You arrogant prick!”

Seeing Veronica’s arrogant stance, the police slapped the table furiously. “How dare you be this
arrogant even after hitting someone?! According to the law, you could be put in prison for at least a few
months for assaulting others. Nonetheless, the plaintiff has said that they would revoke their accusation
against you if you apologize to them.”

Remaining calm, Veronica answered nonchalantly with no change in her expression, “Sir, please help
to inform the Larsons that if they still dare to go behind my back, I’ll slap Tiffany every time I see her!”

At that moment, the police was driven mad by Veronica’s claim. However, the ‘interrogation did not
produce a good result, so the police could only go to Floch and

pass Veronica’s words to him.

After hearing the message, Floch and Rachel blew a gasket.

“Hmph! She’ll never learn her lesson unless she is punished. We shall put her behind bars then.” Floch
was used to being slatere I by the others, so of course, he would not be able to let it go now that
Veronica provoked him.