Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 50

Chapter 50

In the living room, Veronica was nowhere to be seen, so the first thing that Matthew did was rush into
her bedroom.

However, she wasn’t in her bedroom as well, but in the end, he realized that the bathroom in her
bedroom was deadlocked.

He screamed, “Veronica! Veronica!”

As he shouted, he lifted his feet and kicked open the bathroom door. Using the flashlight of his phone,
he saw that Veronica was on the bathroom floor.

At that moment, he immediately rushed inside to protect her face with the suit that he used to cover his
mouth and nose. Then, he carried her up and ran out.

Xavier, who was standing in the corridor, first thought that Veronica was already dead. However, when
he saw Matthew running out with her in his arms, Xavier froze while his eyes widened as he stared at
her in disbelief.

“Veronica? Veronica?” He approached her and called several times, but there was no response.


Matthew carried her all the way downstairs and took her to an ambulance, but Xavier was denied
access by the medical staff.

While accompanying Veronica inside the ambulance, Matthew finally realized that her feet and arms
were burned and had blisters when the bright lights shone on her. A huge portion of her long hair with
ends that fell at her waist was also burned.

Due to an excessive amount of smoke inhalation, she was now in a coma.

When they arrived at the hospital, she was admitted straight to the emergency room for treatment.

Half an hour later, she finally woke up… but in her dream.

“Ah, save me!” she screamed and sat up in shock while her head was drenched in sweat. Due to her
sudden movement, she tore her wound, which caused her to wince in pain.

“Are you awake?”

“Veronica, have you finally woken up?”

Two voices could be heard next to her. With a sideways glance, she saw Matthew and Xavier standing
by her bedside.

Xavier was neatly clothed while Matthew’s outfit was in a messy state and his face was even covered
in ashes, giving him a wretched appearance which was completely different from his usual image.

Then, she remembered the screams she heard in the bathroom at that
time. It... really is Matthew. I was right! Why did he suddenly appear, though?

Even though Veronica was doubtful, she pretended to know nothing. “Why are you here? Who saved
me?” she asked weakly.

The moment she asked for the person who saved her, the joy on Xavier’s face immediately faded away
as his eyes subconsciously glanced at Matthew.

At that moment, his eyes were filled with mixed emotions.

There was a hint of gratitude, shock, admiration and jealousy…

As the various emotions surged within him, he suddenly fell into silence.

Everyone in Bloomstead knew that Matthew was a cold-hearted and ruthless man.

However, when Xavier witnessed Matthew rushing into the fire without any regard for his own life, he
suddenly realized that… he cared for Veronica and was… actually in love with her.

Xavier always boasted that he liked Veronica, but he wasn’t the first to rush in when facing the roaring

Maybe he thought that Veronica had died in the fire; maybe he didn’t dare to rush into the fire as he
feared losing his life; or maybe there was another reason…

In short, he didn’t rush into the fire.

However, when Xavier saw Matthew carrying her out of the flames like a fiery hero, his heart was
instantly filled with mixed emotions.

It felt as though something was sucked out of his body, causing him a clear sense of


“Who kidnapped you?” Without answering her question, Matthew went straight to the point.

While slowly lowering her head, she glanced at the special bracelet around her wrist.

The bracelet came with a recording and was highly waterproof.

Not only that, it also acted as a listening device and at the other end wasn’t some stranger. It was
Cody-someone whom she met at the nightclub.

After offending the Larson Family, Veronica had contacted Cody and two private detectives to monitor
her every move around the clock.

Once in danger, they would immediately call the police to ensure her safety while gathering evidence.

“I-I don’t know.” She leaned on the head of the bed while tears continued to roll down her face.

In the meantime, her eyes involuntarily glanced at Xavier, as if she was hinting at him to keep Cody’s
existence a secret.

Therefore, Xavier remained silent.

As for Matthew, he stood up with a cold expression and said, “Since you are awake, you should rest

With that, he left.

During the whole process, he didn’t reveal that he was the one who saved her, let alone asking her for
anything in return.

And just like that, he left afterward without showing any concern for her.

Staring at his back, Veronica fell into a deep thought. Why did he come to save me?

When she heard his voice while hiding in the bathroom, she felt a sudden thump in her heart and a
slight hint of security even began to surge.

While she was holding onto her last bit of consciousness and pretending to be unconscious, she felt a
sense of security that she had never felt before when being held in Matthew’s arms.

After that, her mind fell into an endless darkness as she actually went into a coma.

“Are… you alright?” When Xavier saw her staring at Matthew’s back without blinking. he felt a little

“Huh? Oh, I’m fine.” Veronica shook her head and removed her blanket to see the burns on her feet
and wrist. Then, she smiled and said, “No matter what, we have achieved our goal.”

“Are you crazy?” Xavier reached out to fiercely poke her head. “Do you know how dangerous that
situation was? You could have died inside!” He was actually a bit angry with her. “Why did you have to
provoke the Larson Family to make a move on you?”

He knew that she was Tiffany’s little sister, but he never understood why Veronica wanted to provoke
her on purpose. Suddenly, a suspicion rose in his mind. “Are you saying that the Larson Family is
behind your adoptive parents’ car accident?”

Veronica had previously asked someone to look into her adoptive parents’ car accident, but the driver
involved in the accident then died for no reason.

Xavier only figured this out after looking into Veronica, so combined with the information from his
investigation, he guessed that she had deliberately set all this up to force the Larson Family to kill her
so that she could collect the evidence for the police and land a hard blow on the Larson Family.

“Hehe, it seems like I can’t hide everything from you. You’re too smart.” Veronica gave a hearty smile
without denying his suspicion.

“Are you stupid?” Xavier slapped the back of her head. “If you really suspected them, why didn’t you tell
me? I could have helped you.”

“I’ve owed you too much. I don’t want to bother you any longer.”

Meanwhile, after leaving the hospital, Matthew immediately made a call to Thomas. “I realize that
Young Master Xavier is quite free recently. Why don’t you find something for him to do?”

“Yes, Young Master Matthew.”

“Also, I want you to transfer Veronica to Saint Hospital.”

Since Elizabeth was now in Saint Hospital, it would be more convenient if Veronica had also been
transferred to the same hospital:

When Xavier, who spent the night with Veronica in the hospital, received a phone call, his expression
instantly changed. After saying his goodbyes to her, he

immediately left.