Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Since there was a door separating the small living room and the ward, Elizabeth didn’t hear what the
bodyguard had said.

With a slightly chilly face, Matthew.went around the bodyguard and walked toward Veronica’s ward.
When he entered, he saw her getting up from bed with the intention to leave.

He entered the ward and coldly questioned, “What are you doing?”

“It’s nothing. I just want to be discharged from the hospital,” she answered.

According to her original plan, she hoped to make a big deal out of the fire so that she could use the
public’s concern to expose the Larson Family’s true nature.

Veronica even deliberately released some rumors so that she would be interviewed.

Although she had finally gained the reporters’ attention, Matthew used his personal connections to
block them outside the hospital.

“Do you have a death wish?” Matthew stood in front of her while his dashing face radiated some cold

Even though his words were harsh, it wasn’t difficult for her to feel his concerns for her.

“I can recover from the burns on my feet and arms at home.”

Since he had saved her, Veronica didn’t want to argue with him.

Besides, when she was in her apartment, she had all the time to escape, but she purposely chose not
to do so to ensure that the incident would be big enough to attract the public’s attention.

Therefore, she intentionally burned her feet and arms to make it seem more realistic.

She rose to her full height and decided to head outside, but her path was blocked by Matthew standing
at the door of the ward.

Veronica lifted her head and looked at him with annoyance. “Please step aside.

Her attitude was firm as she was determined to leave the hospital.

However, he remained motionless while staring at her with his cold gaze.

The moment their eyes met each other, they were filled with mixed emotions that were impossible for
anyone to decipher.

“I don’t want to repeat myself.”

Matthew would not allow her to leave.

Looking at his actions, Veronica didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Matthew, mind your own

The change in attitude of Veronica and Matthew toward each other was reflected in their subtle

An example would be his concern for her and how easy it was for her to call him by his name instead of
Young Master Matthew), which was what she used to address him by.

The proud man placed both his hands in his pocket and glared at her coldly as if nothing mattered to

He remained silent. After Veronica stared at him for a while, she suddenly raised her brow. “Are you
concerned about me? Tsk, tsk, could it be that you have fallen in love with me?”

She walked up to the front of Matthew with a sarcastic smile on her tanned and slightly ugly face as her
words were filled with mockery.

Listening to her, he couldn’t help but furrow his dark brows. Then, he let out a faint snot. “You’re

For a moment, it felt as though Veronica’s words had instantly pulled him back to reality, making him
question himself on his decision to rush into the fire last night to save a woman who had nothing to do
with him.

Have I really fallen in love with her? No, I would never fall for such an ugly
woman. Does she really think a
country girl who is an embarrassment is worthy of my liking? In her dreams!

“If you weren’t Grandma’s god-granddaughter, your death wouldn’t matter to me.”

Matthew gave a reasonable explanation as if he was convincing himself why he would suddenly rush
into the fire to save her.

“Veronica? Oh my God. Veronica, are you alright? You scared me.”

Just as Veronica was about to say something, someone suddenly entered the ward and interrupted her.

Her eyes glanced to the side and looked past Matthew to find Tiffany standing by the door.

She sneered in her heart when she saw Tiffany. Is
she that eager to see whether I‘m dead or not? Looks like I‘ve disappointed her.

“Matthew, you’re here.”

When Tiffany saw the news yesterday that Veronica wasn’t dead, she was infuriated.

However, it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to show up here late at night, so she waited until early in the
morning to visit her.

Unexpectedly, the moment she came over, she saw Veronica seducing her fiance again.

At that moment, she couldn’t wait to strangle Veronica to death herself.

Matthew turned back and saw Tiffany. “You came just in time. Since you are her friend, you should
keep her company.”

His voice sounded casual, but at the same time, it felt as though he was ordering her.

As a famous lady in Bloomstead, Tiffany, who was crowned the most talented and beautiful woman in
the city, couldn’t help but feel deeply insulted by his
words. Is he asking me to keep her company? She is just a b*tch who came out of the countryside!

“Alright, Matthew. It just so happens that I want to meet her too.”

Even though she was deeply insulted by Matthew’s words, she still agreed to his request.

After that, the reason why she came over this morning in such a hurry was to look for Veronica!

After glancing at Veronica with his cold gaze, Matthew withdrew his eyes and turned around to leave
without batting an eye on Tiffany.

His indifferent looks felt like a dagger that was pierced into Tiffany’s heart. It had hurt so much that she
found it difficult to breathe since she now felt that there wasn’t any place for her in Matthew’s heart at

However, his actions had only made her love him even more, so she was now frantically obsessed with
having him all for herself.

At the moment, her biggest enemy was…

Her sharp, bright eyes narrowed slightly for a moment while a cold light emerged under her eyes. Then,
she viciously glanced at Veronica and said with a smile, “Matthew, you can keep Grandma company for
now. I’ll go and see her later.”

Tiffany’s sweet and gentle voice was something countless men in Bloomstead craved for, but no one
knew that there was a cruel heart under her delicate skin.

“Okay,” Matthew simply replied to her before leaving.

While standing in the corridor, she watched as Matthew entered Elizabeth’s ward before turning toward
Veronica. Then, she entered the ward and closed the door.

At that moment, her stunningly beautiful face suddenly revealed a creepy smile that would send chills
down anyone’s spine.

However, Veronica wasn’t moved whatsoever.

“Tiffany, did you come here to see whether I’m dead or not? Tsk tsk, are you disappointed to see that
I’m fine standing here?” She revealed a smug smile on her tanned face.

There was an obvious hint of mockery in her words.

She was intentionally provoking Tiffany so that Tiffany would say more words’ that she wanted to hear.

“Veronica, I must say that you’re a lucky girl. I can’t believe that the fire didn’t burn you alive!”

Tiffany was wearing a one-shoulder rolled-edge dress with long hair that reached her waist. Even
though she had a little makeup on her face, she still looked innocent and gentle, which gave everyone
a sense of a young lady.

However, under her gorgeous facade was a heartless monster.

“I can’t help that I’m one lucky girl.” Veronica raised her brow and gave a smug smile again. Then, she
lifted her arm which was now bandaged. “The burn marks on my feet and arms aren’t even bigger than
my palm. Can you guess who saved me from the fire?”

With that, she turned and sat down on the bed while looking at Tiffany with interest.

As she listened to Veronica, Tiffany furrowed her delicate brows. Even though the woman hadn’t said
anything, Tiffany could vaguely guess who it was, so she shook her head. “Impossible. You’re talking