Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 53

Chapter 53

“Are you sure I’m speaking nonsensei Reality is exactly what you think it is, though. It was Matthew
who saved me from the fire and had me transferred to Saint Hospital.”

Saint Hospital was one of the Kings Family’s enterprises, so Veronica’s presence here was the best

When she listened to Veronica’s teasing tone, Tiffany clenched her fists and sank her nails deep into
her palm to the point where blood was almost pouring out. Yet, she had felt nothing

She couldn’t wait to go up and strangle Veronica to death now that she was on the verge of collapsing
in anger.

However, after years of ‘training, Tiffany had learned to resist her anger in front of others.

That was why no matter how angry she was, she could compose herself within a few short seconds to
calmly reply, “So what? It’s only because Old Mrs. Kings likes you, which prompted him to save you.”

She had been so exasperated that her body started to slightly shiver.

However, since Elizabeth’s ward was right next to them, she couldn’t lose her temper or be hysterical.

“You’re right. You’re beautiful, so everything you say is right.” Veronica didn’t refute Tiffany since she
knew that her attempt to provoke Tiffany had worked, so she merely added, “What are you doing
coming over to me this early in the morning? Your parents sent someone to set fire to my house and
failed, so are you now trying to get at me again after the attempted murder

“Don’t be so cocky yet.” Tiffany could no longer endure the provocation and went over to whisper,
“Have you forgotten about your parents back home?”

The moment Veronica’s adoptive parents were mentioned, Veronica’s expression instantly changed as
she sat up on the hospital bed in a flash. “Y-You… Tiffany, don’t you dare!”

“Hmph, your adoptive parents are now in my hands. If you don’t want them to die, you better leave
Bloomstead and disappear in front of Matthew forever. Otherwise,

don’t blame me for not considering our sisterly love.”

Sisterly love? What a way with words! This is probably the most sarcastic thing I‘ve ever heard. “Sisterl
y love?” Veronica didn’t know how Tiffany was able to utter these two words. Her bright eyes flickered
with a cold intent while she stared at Tiffany with a sharp gaze unblinkingly. “Is all this scheming part of
your sisterly love!?”

“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. I’m now giving you two choices: you can either stay and let your
adoptive parents die, or you can get the hell out of Bloomstead and never come back again.”

Since Elizabeth’s ward was next to them, Tiffany didn’t wish to confront Veronica.

Besides, using Veronica’s adoptive parents as a threat, Tiffany was able to do whatever she wanted
without worrying about Veronica telling Elizabeth.

“Alright. I’ll leave, but please let my parents off the hook.”

“As long as you leave, I promise to let them go.”

“Deal.” Veronica gladly agreed. “However, Matthew won’t let me leave now. As you can see, there’s a
bodyguard guarding at the door. Go and get rid of him first.”

With a faint smile on her red lips, Tiffany couldn’t hide the complacency and arrogance on her gorgeous
face. “I know you will eventually come to your senses.” After that, she added, “Once you leave

Bloomstead, my parents will give you some money and send you all away. The farther the better.
Veronica, don’t blame me. You

can only blame fate for putting you in this situation.”

In Bloomstead, only one of them could stay.

“Okay!” Veronica lifted her head slightly, signaling Tiffany to quickly get rid of the bodyguard standing at
the door.

However, her excessive obedience made Tiffany even more suspicious.

Therefore, she examined Veronica with her gaze and stared at her for a few seconds, as if she was
trying to find anything suspicious on her face, but there was nothing.

She thought that the reason she was forced to be this obedient to her was probably because she was
worried about her adoptive parents.

Veronica watched while Tiffany went out the ward and living room before saying something to the
bodyguard standing outside, so he left.

At that moment, Veronica’s lips curled upward and revealed a smile as if victory was at hand.

Then, she opened the door and went out.

When she walked out of the ward, she glanced at Tiffany standing at the door and immediately went
around her without saying a word.

Meanwhile, Tiffany stood there and watched as the injured Veronica limped step by step to the elevator
before a strong feeling of unease arose in her

heart. Her eyes are calm and indifferent as if they are a body of stagnant water. When I carefully look at
her eyes, it feels like I‘m looking at a dying person.

Tiffany felt that there was something wrong, but she couldn’t point out what it was.

However, no matter what schemes Veronica had, it meant nothing to her.

After looking back at Elizabeth’s ward, Tiffany picked up her phone and walked toward the stairs where
she called her father, Floch. “Dad, Veronica has just left the hospital. You can carry out your plan.”

She hung up on the call and rubbed the phone screen with her thumb. As she looked at the window at
the stairway, she could no longer conceal the coldness deep in her eyes.

Yesterday, she didn’t want Veronica to die in the fire. Instead, she wanted Veronica’s face to be so
badly disfigured that Veronica would become an ugly woman.

At that moment, everyone in the world would find out who she really was.

However, not only did her face turn out fine, she didn’t die!

In the meantime, the moment Veronica left the hospital, she realized that the reporters who were
supposed to be at the entrance were now gone. Instead, there were a few more suspicious-looking
men not far away, staring at her with strange eyes.

Suddenly, she felt a thump inside her heart as she couldn’t help but gulp.

When she was about to turn around, she realized that there were also several people

staring at her in the lobby of the hospital.

She was being attacked on all sides!

At that moment, she realized that she had underestimated her enemies.

She pretended to be calm while her hand inadvertently moved toward her wristwatch to press a certain
button. “Cody, I don’t know if you can hear me now, but I want you to immediately contact the Twitter
blogger I gave you. I want you to send all the recordings given to you yesterday and the videos
previously given to you!”

Veronica knew that the operation this time would be risky, but her gratitude to her parents had trumped
everything. My parents gave me my life, so I must avenge them to repay them for raising me. Also, I hav

As for her adoptive parents, she wasn’t worried about them because she had asked Xavier a long time
ago for a few people with good hands to watch her parents 24 hours a day. Her parents being
kidnapped was merely a plot to confuse the Larson Family.

Then, she grabbed a man walking past her. “Hello, I’m sorry. Can you lend me your phone for a
second? I forgot to bring my phone and I want to make a call.”

“Well, okay. No problem.”

After the man handed his phone to her, Veronica wanted to call Matthew, but she couldn’t remember
his number at all.

Other than her adoptive parents, the only number she remembered was Xavier’s