Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 54

Chapter 54

However, when Veronica called Xavier, no one answered the call.

Therefore, she could only text him instead: Xavier, I’m Veronica. If anything happens to me, help my
parents to claim my accident insurance and send them away from here.

After typing the message, she sent it off to him.

Then, she typed something on the phone again and handed it back to the man next to her. “Thank

“Haha, it’s alright.”

The man took his phone and left.

However, after waiting for him to leave, several men standing in the hospital lobby directly approached

Immediately, Veronica screamed, “Help! Help-um.

Just as she was about to run off, a few ‘doctors’ in white coats grabbed hold of her and covered her
mouth. “Why are you running away again?”

The ‘attending doctor’ stood beside and waved his hand to a few people next to him. “Hurry up and
send her to the asylum. We can’t afford to let her hurt anyone.”

“Sob..” Ignoring the burn on the back of her feet, Veronica continued to struggle and kicked the man
beside her before screaming at the onlookers, “Help me! Help me! Call the police, please.”

“Stop being useless and quickly grab her!” Seeing that Veronica was struggling with force, the
‘attending doctor’ ordered, “You over there, carry her back here.”

Then, four strong men in white coats pressed Veronica onto the ground before carrying her away on
her limbs and covering her mouth.

When the surrounding crowd saw the scene, they started discussing.

“That person looks pretty normal to me.”

“Is this some kind of kidnapping?”

“I’ve never seen her before.”

“Which hospital are you from?”

Facing the crowd’s questioning, the attending doctor’ took out his medical proof’. “She is our hospital’s
mental patient. This is her second time trying to escape from the hospital. The last time she escaped,
she even stabbed someone.”

“Oh my, that’s scary!”

“We should keep our distance from her.”.

“Who said she’s not mentally ill?”

“This is terrifying. What’s wrong with your hospital? Can’t you even look after one mental patient?”

Since they were worried that they would be stabbed by the mentally ill patient, the onlookers all took a
step back.

As they tried to avoid Veronica, they had even less doubt about the truth’ of the matter.

Meanwhile, Veronica struggled as she was carried into a car owned by the asylum not far away. The
car drove off after the door was slammed shut.

At the same time, in the inpatient department building, Tiffany was standing beside the window to
witness everything that happened below.

Her red lips curled upward to form the prettiest smile on her gorgeous
face. Veronica, you‘re intelligent, but you are no match against my dad. From now on, you‘ll be spendin
g the rest of your life in the asylum. You‘ll be there forever... Forever!

What she said to Veronica earlier was half the truth.

Although it was true that her adoptive parents had been kidnapped, she had tricked Veronica into
leaving so that the people downstairs could take her
away. Now that she‘s in the asylum... She will forever be a mental patient!

“Why are you here? And where is Veronica?”

Suddenly, a voice appeared from the back,

The familiar voice made her shiver as she looked back and saw Matthew standing by the staircase
looking down at her from above.

“Matthew, I’m on a call with my friend.” She calmly waved her phone before furrowing her brows. “What
did you say? Veronica? Wasn’t she in her ward earlier? She told me that she wanted some breakfast,
so I asked the bodyguard to buy it for her.”

Matthew’s face darkened as he thought that Veronica had intentionally asked the bodyguards to leave
so that she could make her escape.

Seeing his facial expression, Tiffany felt a little upset, but the moment she remembered that Veronica
would forever disappear from his sight, her mood was instantly lifted up.

“Matthew, are you worried about her?” She couldn’t help but ask with resentment.

At this point, she still couldn’t understand how Veronica was still able to attract Matthew’s special
attention as well as Xavier even though she didn’t have any talents and had disguised herself as an
ugly girl.

As a noble in Bloomstead, she was always showered with praises from countless people, but in the
end, she still lost to Veronica, who happened to be her little sister.

Therefore, her jealousy grew to such a stage where it twisted her heart.

“Grandma likes her a lot.”

Matthew gave an extremely generic answer, cleverly dodging Tiffany’s tricky question.

“Oh.” Tiffany nodded and lowered her eyes to perfectly hide her guilt. In a second, she managed to
calm herself down before adding, “I’ll go and visit Grandma now.”

She walked up the steps in her heels and passed by Matthew. The moment she glanced at him from a
close distance, she realized that he was looking at her gloomily as though he had something in mind.


Suddenly, she felt her heart pounding frantically as his piercing gaze felt like he was exposing all her

“I’ll head off first then, Matthew.”

Even with so much guilt, Tiffany was still able to keep her composure and leave.

The Larson Family had originally consisted of ordinary business people, but due to Tiffany’s
outstanding performance, the family gained attention whereby their status leaped to become an upper-
class family in the business world.

It could be seen that she had paid a lot for the ‘glamorous life’ she now had.


That was the reason why she couldn’t stand it when Veronica, who was someone from the countryside,
stole the limelight.

After Tiffany left, Matthew took out his phone and called Thomas immediately. “Go and check where
Veronica went.”

He hung up the phone after giving a simple order.

Inside Elizabeth’s ward, Tiffany sat beside the bed and gently massaged her leg. “Grandma, your leg
must be uncomfortable from being in bed for so long, so I learned a massage technique especially for
you. What do you think? Is it comfortable?”

In an attempt to gain the older woman’s liking, Tiffany did all she could to please her.

She even set aside her ego to massage Elizabeth’s feet.

“Hehe, you sure are a lovely girl.”

Although Elizabeth liked Veronica, she found that Tiffany was also quite a nice girl after spending some
time with her. She is gentle, intelligent, and has a good personality.

“I don’t care whether others like me or not as long as you do,” she said sweetly while smiling at

“Of course I like you. You’re Matthew’s fiancee.”

“That’s great.”

As the two of them happily chatted, Matthew was sitting in the living room right outside the ward.

When his phone rang, Tiffany, who had been talking to Elizabeth, immediately pricked up her ears to
carefully listen to the conversation outside while her eyes


“The surveillance camera was broken?”

Tiffany vaguely heard the words from him.

As a result, she immediately felt a huge weight lifted from her heart. Dad is always one step
ahead. He knew that Matthew would check the surveillance camera to track
down Veronica, so he hacked the
surveillance video in Saint Hospital in advance. There won‘t be any evidence if we don‘t leave any trace

Elizabeth inquired, “What are you thinking about?”