Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Those men would definitely discover what she was up to whenever she had any plans or thoughts to

When she had tried to escape the first time, she was grabbed by her hair and given a slap on her face.
The men had made two shots before her feet and warned her in broken English, “If you dare to try to
make another escape, you will take a bullet in your heart.”

As the men were extremely skillful in their marksmanship, Veronica’s few escape attempts had failed,
which left her with no choice but to obediently follow them as she waited for a more suitable opportunity
to rise.

After all, she could never outrun a bullet no matter how fast she was and she had no plans to die either!

Since Veronica didn’t seem like a simple woman, Yvonne was aware that they would continue to be
held captive if she refused to say anything. Therefore, as she sat on the floor, she replied in
desperation, “The men are mercenaries. I had offended their boss, so they are now doing everything
they can to capture me.”

As she spoke, Veronica stood at one side and carefully observed Yvonne’s facial expression since her
gut feeling was telling her that Yvonne was lying.

However, she didn’t press on the matter as she knew that Yvonne was unwilling to tell the truth.

“The cruise ship has started to sail. This room is pretty much sealed up, so we won’t be able to
escape.” The door of the room could only be opened from outside and there wasn’t a handle inside the
room, what more a keyhole.

Veronica’s gaze rested on the small window that could only fit two heads; no grown adult could pass
through the window.

“The ship is heading toward Castron. It’s their territory over there. If we are unable to escape now, we
definitely won’t be able to do so once we arrive at Castron.” Yvonne sat in the corner, leaning against
the wall and looking at Veronica with a calm gaze.

Yvonne’s delicate features made her seem stunning even without any makeup on and she exuded an
air of coldness and indifference. Although she had been kidnapped, there wasn’t even a shred of fluster
on her expression.

Has the woman really been kidnapped? Veronica had a feeling that Yvonne took her as a fool.

However, it was apparent that Yvonne was clear about the identities of the kidnappers, so Veronica
chose not to initiate a fight with her since she still knew some valuable information.

“Is the ship going to make a stop anywhere along the way?” Veronica asked.

“It will head straight to Castron.”

“Head straight to Castron? You have boarded the ship before this?”

“No, but I heard them saying it,” Yvonne explained.

Veronica massaged her temples and mumbled, “A plane travels 40 times faster than a cruise ship. It
takes 12 hours to travel from Destor to Castron by plane, so it will take about… 20 days by cruise.”

Three days had passed since she had been kidnapped. As she was wearing a special wiretap on her
wrist, Cody must have known her situation.

However, nobody had come to her rescue up until now.

There were only two possibilities that could explain that-firstly, Cody was in some life-threatening
danger or secondly, he had chosen to betray her! No matter what the truth was, the situation had left
Veronica with no other choice but to save herself!

Therefore, in the following few days, the two of them were on their best behaviors to lower the guard of
the mercenaries. They were so successful to the point that the men were willing to untie their ropes and
allow them to move freely in a room with an attached bathroom; they even gave the two girls a few
books to pass the time.

Soon, one week had passed. Veronica would eat on time on a daily basis and make no fuss, which
gave the impression that she was unbelievably well-behaved.

Finally, even Yvonne couldn’t suppress the urge to ask the woman before her, “They have now lowered
their guard. Aren’t you planning to escape?”

As there were two beds in the room, both of them were placed against the wall and each one took a

Veronica, who was languidly lying on the bed on her side, raised her eyes to look at Yvonne, who was
sitting on the bed opposite hers. She was eating sunflower seeds

and spat out the shells of the seeds as she responded, “Why should I escape? When we are obedient,
they not only untie our ropes and even provide us with fruits and books. Only idiots would resist that.”

Of course she wanted to escape, but ever since the ship had started sailing, they were surrounded by
nothing but the ocean and jumping into the vast sea would be suicidal.

Besides, even if she was able to steal a lifeboat, she would make a huge commotion and it would
attract the attention of the mercenaries.

The moment the boat landed on the surface of the sea, she would become a ‘life target’ and the
mercenaries could easily shoot her in the head.

Therefore, rather than struggling now, it would be better to search for the right opportunity to escape
once they have disembarked from the ship.

Nonetheless, one afternoon, when Veronica was lying on the bed reading a book, she noticed that the
brightness in the room had gradually weakened. She stopped cracking the sunflower seed open and
sank into a deep thought

They had departed from the port and traveled south all the way toward Castron.

Their room was located at the western part of the ship, so the evening sunlight would pour into their
window on time every evening. However, this day was different. When she looked outside the window,
she couldn’t see the sunset.

“Is it going to rain? Why can’t we see the sunset today?” Yvonne, who was sitting opposite her,
mumbled a question.

Veronica instantly felt that something was not right, so she moved the table to the window and stepped
on top of it. Then, she poked her head out of the window and saw the evening sunlight on the other

“What’s wrong?” Yvonne got out of bed and pulled Vanessa down the table before she herself stepped
on the table to stick her head out of the window as well.

“Didn’t you say that the ship will sail straight to Castron without making a stop anywhere?” Veronica
questioned, coldly staring at Yvonne while standing in the middle of the room.

“Maybe… I’ve heard it wrong?” Yvonne was puzzled as well. “I heard them saying that the ship will
head straight to Castron when we were boarding the ship.”

Upon hearing that, Veronica fell silent and turned to lie on her bed while sinking into deep thoughts

Yvonne, who took in her reaction, tried to gauge her thoughts. “Are you going to escape?”

It was undeniable that Yvonne was a clever woman-at least she was way more intelligent than Tiffany.

Veronica ignored Yvonne, turning to the other side with her back facing Yvonne as she closed her eyes
to rest.

“You have to bring me along when you escape. Otherwise, I’ll snitch,” Yvonne threatened.

When Veronica heard that, the rage that she had been suppressing instantly flared up. She directly sat
up on her bed, walked up to Yvonne and grabbed her by her collar. “Just tell me if you want to die! I will
chop you into pieces and throw them into the ocean so that you can save some money since you won’t
be needing an urn or a casket!”

“W-Who wants to die? I don’t want to die, which is why I’m asking you to take me along with you.”

Yvonne’s cold and distant temperament instantly vanished and her expression sank as she looked at
Veronica gloomily.

“I’m not your parents and not related to you either, so why should I save you?”

“I saved you as well that day.”

“You—” Veronica was rendered speechless.

Although Yvonne’s act of saving her that day had indirectly caused her to fall into the hands of the
mercenaries, it was still an act that was born out of kindness.

Therefore, Veronica couldn’t bear to leave her alone here.

“Okay.” She released her grip angrily and turned to her bed. Then, she sat down and started to think
about their escape plan.

At this moment, Yvonne walked over and gave Veronica a gold, spherical, openwork pendant, which
she had been wearing all the time. “Please keep this pendant as a souvenir; a little something to
remember our encounter, I suppose.”

Veronica took a glance at the spherical pendant. There was a brilliant diamond within the sphere, and
after taking a closer look at it, she found the word ‘Yvonne’ engraved on it.

It was a plain-looking but extremely valuable pendant.