Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 60

Chapter 60

“No, I don’t need it.” Veronica thought that Yvonne’s pendant was pretty, but she still rejected her offer
as she didn’t know about its value.

Plus, Xavier had gifted her a necklace prior to this, so she didn’t need Yvonne’s.

“We have known each other for at least ten days. Do you dislike me that much?” Standing before
Veronica, Yvonne raised a brow as she questioned if Veronica disliked her.

“I…” Veronica was rendered speechless, but she wasn’t bothered to answer her question as well.

However, Yvonne chuckled at her silence. “Your reaction tells me that you don’t hate me. Come here,
let me put this on you.”

“I’ll do it myself.” Unable to resist her kindness, Veronica had no choice but to accept it. As a person
who disliked owing favors, Veronica then removed the necklace from her own neck and handed it to
Yvonne. “Here. A gift in return.”

“Alright, thank you.” Yvonne accepted the necklace. And so, the duo exchanged necklaces.

Thereafter, Yvonne sat down next to Veronica and looked at her as she whispered, “Now that we have
exchanged presents, can you tell me what’s your escape plan?”

She deliberately got close to her so that Veronica would take her along when she escaped.

“There is no plan.” Veronica was still cold toward Yvonne, and the former even lay on the bed lazily.

Yvonne, who seemed to have been used to his cold attitude, merely returned to her own bed and lay

Not long after that, a soft sound of the door being unlocked was heard from outside, and a mercenary
entered their room.

When they had first met the mercenaries, all of them were dressed in camouflage uniforms, but they
had changed into casual wear before boarding the ship to prevent attracting unnecessary attention.

Presently, the mercenary brought their dinner in and placed it on the table.

At that moment, Veronica sat up from her bed. Just as she was about to make a move, she saw
Yvonne suddenly rolling on the bed and shouting in pain. “Ah! it hurts!It really hurts!”

Her acting skills were beyond perfection, showing no signs that it was merely an act. Veronica couldn’t
help but twitch her lips and thought, I reckon that this woman is actually an actress.

“What’s wrong?” The mercenary walked up to Yvonne to check her out, but he suddenly felt someone
poking him at his back.

When he looked back, he was greeted by a punch on his face. “Ah–damn it!”

The man took a step back in pain and knocked his head on Yvonne’s steel bed frame. It was so painful
that he held his head and cussed, but the next second, he lifted his leg and threw a kick at Veronica’s

The lady agilely tilted her body before catching his ankle with bare hands. Then, she went along with
the direction of the force and took the opportunity to land a kick on the man’s groin.

The kick was thrown with full force as she aimed to at least paralyze him with the attack.

“Ah!” The man cried out in agony. He was in so much pain that his face turned red. With one hand
covering his nether region, he lifted his loose-fitting casual shirt with the other and drew a pistol from
his back before aiming it at Veronica’s head.

However, at that instant, Veronica revealed a profound smile. She avoided the muzzle and raised her
hand to capture his wrist. With a pull and a twist, a creak sounded and the man yelped in pain. And so,
the pistol in his hand fell from his hand.

Veronica caught the falling pistol and held it in her hand. Without even giving a glance at the man who
had fallen on his knees in agony, she turned to her side and aimed the pistol in the direction of the

The next second, the door burst open from outside and another man barged in.

Bang! Bang! Veronica, who had the upper hand in terms of timing, fired two shots at both the man’s
arms with her superb marksmanship. Her shots landed at where she had targeted without even missing
by an inch

The man, who had been shot, instantly lost his strength in both arms and the gun in his hand fell. Upon
seeing that, she quickly fired two more shots at his thigh.

The pistol that had been fitted with a silencer made only a soft sound, so nobody else heard the
commotion. On top of that, Veronica managed to fully unleash her superior marksmanship, allowing her
to take down the mercenaries guarding the door with both speed and accuracy.

As the room was one that had been specially designed, not only was there no door handle in the room,
but the door would close on its own. Fortunately, the mercenary that had collapsed to the floor
happened to block the entrance, stopping the door from closing

Currently, the mercenary at the door was looking at Veronica in astonishment, an incredulous look on
his face. “F*ck! Why are you so skillful with a gun?”

On the other hand, when the man who had been kicked in the crotch saw the pistol that his partner had
dropped on the floor, he pounced forward to grab it.

Nonetheless, his speed was still no match for Veronica’s.

The lady was seen stepping on the gun on the floor when she raised her hand and fired another two
more shots-one shot landed on his only good arm while the other landed on his leg.

“I’ll fulfill your wish of wanting to get shot.” She coldly snorted, then bent over to pick up the pistol
before tucking both pistols behind her back.

Thereafter, she called out to Yvonne, who had fallen in a daze on the bed. “What are you waiting for?
Come over and block the door. How else are we going to escape?

“What? Oh–okay.” Yvonne nodded repeatedly. She jumped off the bed and dashed toward the door to
hold it open.

After that, she saw Veronica walking to the bed and pulling out a rope from underneath. The latter then
walked up to the two men and put them together before tying them up with their backs facing each

“F*ck! Let go of me! I’ll kill you!”

“You b*tch! Do you want to die?”

The men were so pissed that they cursed at her in their mother tongues.

In response, Veronica, who had been holding back her anger, gave them a few tight slaps on their
faces. “I don’t know if I will die, but if the two of you say any more nonsense, I’ll send both of you to

As she yelled, she removed her socks. She then gripped the chin of one of the men and stuffed her
socks into his mouth.

Then, she looked back at Yvonne and made eye contact with her. Yvonne swiftly responded by
immediately removing her socks and throwing them to Veronica.

Veronica frowned in disgust, but she still took the socks and stuffed it into the mouth of another man
who kept blabbering on.

“Let’s go!” Without saying anything more, she grabbed Yvonne by the hand and fled the room together,
the door closing automatically behind them.

Yvonne followed Veronica from behind and looked at her in awe. “Goodness, your moves were so cool
just now! Why didn’t you run away before boarding the ship if you are such a good fighter?”

“If I had the chance to escape before I boarded the ship, do you think that I would stay and suffer
together with you?”

As a matter of fact, before they had boarded the ship, both girls were tied up and the five mercenaries
had been together all the time. Plus, they had been wary of Veronica.

On top of that, everywhere that they had passed by were sparsely populated open areas without
anywhere to hide.

Therefore, the moment Veronica ran away, she would only end up an easy target and have a bullet
shot through her head.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have waited until this moment.

In the end, Yvonne asked curiously, “If you are so strong, why were you kidnapped when you were in
the ambulance back then?”

“Clearly, I was outnumbered,” Veronica replied impatiently.

That day when she had come out from the hospital, she was faced with a bunch of fighters hired by the
Larson Family. Although she had had the chance to escape, she had no choice but to put herself in
danger in order to get her hands on the evidence that the Larsons had attempted to kidnap her
again. After that, she had easily taken down the few men and hopped off the vehicle.