Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Since they were at the port, Veronica knew that these men wouldn’t dare to easily fire shots no matter
how bold they were.

Hence, she chose to fight them despite having to deal with two men alone.

With a couple of moves, she defeated the two men. Then, she strode forward to go after the other two.
After she landed a kick on the man standing on Yvonne’s right side, the other man wrapped his arm
around Yvonne’s waist and pressed the cloth on his wrist against her waist. “I’ll kill her if you make
another move,” he threatened.

Underneath the cloth was a gun that could take her life.

“Go on, then! I dare you to.” Veronica shrugged, looking as though she was unfazed by it.

She was aware of the fact that Yvonne was very important to these people. Otherwise, they wouldn’t
have gone through all the trouble of bringing Yvonne all the way to Castron.

If they wanted to kill her, they would have done so long ago instead of waiting until this moment.

“Ha! If that’s the case, I will kill you first!” As he yelled, he aimed the gun at Veronica’s face. Due to the
cloth that was draped over the gun, nobody took notice of the commotion over there.

“Is that so? Let’s see if your marksmanship can beat—”

As she spoke, she reached behind her back for the pistol tucked there. Just then, she heard some
footsteps behind her. In a split second, she threw a back kick at the person who seemed to be trying to
sneak an attack from behind.

Nonetheless, the man easily avoided her kick,

Before Veronica managed to aim the pistol that she had pulled out at that man, she was shocked to
see who it actually was. “Matthew? W-Why are you here?”

She glanced at Thomas, who was standing next to Matthew, and gaped at them.

At that moment, a dozen men dressed in suits charged in their direction and surrounded the few

“Veronica, just leave me alone and go now. They won’t do anything to me.”

Yvonne, who had been held hostage, was touched by Veronica’s sense of justice, so the former
refused to drag her into her own mess again.

Meanwhile, Matthew raised his left hand and beckoned with his fingers, and the dozens of bodyguards
immediately attacked the mercenaries.

It was only when Veronica saw Matthew’s cold expression did she remember that she had removed her
makeup, which revealed her real face-a face that looked exactly the same as Tiffany’s.

Matthew stepped forward and lifted her chin. Coldly staring down into her eyes, he tilted her face to the
left and right to appraise it.

His eyes were deep and unfathomable when he murmured, “Is there anything else that I don’t know

Earlier, when a woman who looked exactly like Tiffany ran past Matthew, he stared at her silhouette
and it suddenly dawned upon him-the woman wasn’t Tiffany. It was


If Veronica was Tiffany’s biological sister, it would explain everything that had happened.

At that moment, Matthew stood before Veronica. Looking at her tender complexion and stunning face,
as well as her natural beauty that was utterly breathtaking, he continued to be flabbergasted.

It turned out that hidden under the dark complexion and freckled cheeks was an incomparably beautiful

The reason Veronica had disguised herself in the first place was because of the Larson Family’s threat.
Since it was never her intention to hide her real face from Matthew, she was unfazed by his shock. With
a brow raised, she commented, “Whether you know it or not has nothing to do with me.”

As she spoke, she pulled out the other gun that was hidden behind her back and skillfully unloaded it
before placing them into the hands of the two mercenaries who had been taken down by Matthew’s

Meanwhile, Yvonne, who was finally free, rushed up to Veronica and hugged her. “I was so scared!
Veronica, you are such a righteous person.”

Yvonne hugged her tightly. It was only when she glanced to the side did she realize Matthew’s

Dressed in a fitted suit, the muscular man was seen standing straight. His attire was immaculate and
did not have a single crease. Coupled with his well-defined features, he looked utterly dashing, as
though he had just walked out of a painting.

With one glance, anyone could tell from his unconcealable noble temperament that he was someone
with an extraordinary identity.

Yvonne let go of Veronica and exclaimed, “Your boyfriend loves you so much! He’s even able to find
you and come to your rescue despite the long distance.”

“Boyfriend?” Veronica turned around to look at Matthew, who was standing behind her. She noted his
freezing gaze, which caused her to feel the coldness that he emanated.

“You have misunderstood.” As she spoke, she walked up to Matthew’s side. Standing on her toes, she
raised her arm and draped it around his shoulders. “He’s my brother,” she announced.

As a person who knew her place, Veronica definitely wouldn’t think that Matthew had taken a liking to
her. She reckoned that the reason he had shown up here must have been due to Elizabeth’s insistence
that made him investigate her whereabouts. Therefore, he was able to come to her rescue.

This was similar to the day when the fire had occurred. He had rushed into the fire because Elizabeth
had accepted Veronica as her god-daughter. He had been worried that Elizabeth would be heartbroken
if Veronica had died, which was why he had come to her rescue that day.

When Matthew heard her introducing him as her brother, he became thunderous. He darted a cold
glance at the complacent woman beside him.

Although Veronica’s face currently looked totally different from how it had used to be, Matthew didn’t
find it awkward at all.

Perhaps it was because he had long been suspicious of Veronica’s relationship with the Larson Family

“Miss Murphy, Young Master Matthew is—”

Upon hearing Veronica’s words, Thomas naturally understood where she was coming from-she thought
that Matthew had come to look for her under Elizabeth’s order. Just as he was about to clarify the

situation, Matthew shot him a freezing look. The warning in his gaze frightened Thomas and caused
him to fall silent.

Veronica looked at Thomas and asked, “What’s wrong with Matthew?”

“He-” Thomas glanced at Matthew, thinking about what the latter had done when Veronica had been
missing in the past few days. Matthew had been on a business trip to Castron when they first found out
about her disappearance. He had finished all his tasks within a short period of five days and rushed
back to Destor. Then, he had been sending people to investigate Veronica’s whereabouts. When they
had finally found out about the docking location of the cruise ship, they immediately rushed over and
managed to rescue her on time.

However, never in a million years would Thomas have thought that underneath Veronica’s hideous face
was a stunning beauty.

“I-It’s nothing,” he muttered in the end, not daring to say any more.

Thereafter, Yvonne walked up to Matthew and bowed to him. “Although you are here to rescue your
sister, I have to thank you for saving me as well.”

Matthew still wore an impassive look on his handsome face. “There’s no need to thank me. I just
happened to save you.” With that, he turned on his heel to leave.

However, as Veronica still had an arm draped over his shoulder, he took down her arm and held her
hand before he moved forward with large strides. “Come with me.”

He wrapped his large, warm palm around her small, cool hand. The intimate skin-to skin contact
allowed Veronica to feel the sweat on his palm, but what she could feel more was…

“Let go of me, Matthew. I’m merely your godsister. You will make others misunderstand our

Veronica then flung her hand around, attempting to free it.

However, no matter how hard she struggled and resisted, she couldn’t break free from Matthew’s grip.

The man paused in his tracks, darting a cold glance at her as he questioned, “What’s wrong? You were
able to shoot someone with a gun, yet you are afraid of something like this?”