Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 70

Chapter 70

However, right now, Veronica had to stay in Bloomstead, so she could only use Elizabeth’s identity to
let them feel at ease.

Otherwise, she didn’t even want to divulge too much.

Just then, she handed over her phone to Matthew. “Thank you.”

At that point, she lost her jovial expression and there was a hint of somberness in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Matthew suddenly felt quite pained to see her dejected look. She seemed so helpless as
she leaned against the passenger seat with her head turned to the other direction looking outside.

“You may be Tiffany’s fiancé, but I’m not afraid that you will tell them what I said.”

Indeed, Veronica was unafraid.

Furthermore, she would have said the same words even if she was in front of Floch Larson and his

She lamented as she looked at the scenery that flashed past outside the window.

“I didn’t hear a thing.”

Just then, Matthew imitated her and he leaned against his seat to take a rest with his eyes shut. He
pretended to be unaware of everything.

Meanwhile, Veronica didn’t expect him to have such a reaction, so she couldn’t help turning her head to
look at him. “You’re her fiancé, so I would find it understandable for you to reveal my words.”

“Is this why you agreed to be Grandma’s god-granddaughter?”

He gradually opened his eyes and there was a deep, intense look in his gaze.

Just then, Veronica nodded. “Yes.”

She was a person who accepted responsibility for her actions, so she admitted it instantly. “Feel free to
tell your grandmother what I said too. I don’t mind.”

Originally, she should have avoided Matthew for certain matters, but she was fully aware that he must
have investigated the kidnapping incident previously. Otherwise, there was no way that he would have
known she was on that cruise ship.

Since he was aware, then there was really no point in her trying hard to hide the truth from him.

“Your issue with the Larsons does not contradict the fact that Grandma wants to adopt you as her god-

Just then, Veronica remained silent. She merely regarded the current situation as Matthew’s good
intentions to show his filial piety toward Elizabeth. Perhaps he was afraid that if the truth was revealed,
Elizabeth would be quite sad about it, which was why he refused to tell her the truth.

At that moment, Veronica kept her eyes on Matthew and asked him outright, “What about you, then?
You’re Tiffany’s fiancé, after all.”

Meanwhile, he gradually opened his narrow eyes and shot a look at her. Subsequently, he moved his
thin lips. “As long as you don’t go overboard, I can choose to turn a blind eye.”

His sentence was quite straightforward. Basically, he wanted to tell her that as long as she didn’t make
a huge fuss about it and affect the Kingses’ reputation, he could turn a blind eye to everything.

Though Veronica couldn’t quite comprehend Matthew’s train of thought, she knew that he meant what
he said.

Perhaps it was because Elizabeth was exceptionally fond of Veronica, so he had no choice but to
tolerate the latter.

In the future, if Elizabeth passed away, perhaps he would regard her as an enemy, just like how the
Larson Family regarded her.

Nonetheless, that was something that hadn’t yet happened so right now, the only thing that Veronica
could do was to maintain a great relationship with Elizabeth to ensure that Matthew wouldn’t be able to
hurt her.

However, it was beyond Veronica’s expectations that Matthew would actually be so infatuated with
Tiffany. It was to the extent that he would actually choose to ignore everything despite being aware of
the Larsons’ despicable acts, all because of his deep love for her.

Love was indeed powerful enough to make one stop at nothing.

Suddenly, Veronica felt that her path to seeking revenge was increasingly full of difficulties and
obstacles. Especially right now that Matthew was added onto the list.

The car moved at a steady pace and Veronica suddenly saw a mall up in front, so she asked, “Could
you lend me some money? I want to buy something for your grandmother.”

Meanwhile, Matthew remained silent but he took out a card from his wallet and handed it to her.
“There’s no password on it. You can use this.”


Just then, Veronica didn’t think too much and she requested for Thomas to stop the car right away.
Subsequently, she got out of the car and went into the mall.

Meanwhile, Thomas, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, glanced at Matthew from the rearview mirror.
“Young Master Matthew, Miss Murphy and the Larsons,”

“You’d better keep this to yourself.” Before Thomas could finish his sentence, Matthew issued a
warning instantly.

At that moment, Thomas realized that his boss had a thunderous expression on his face, so the former
stopped speaking. However, Thomas didn’t quite understand his boss’ current stance.


Shortly after that, Veronica came out of the mall with a few bags in her hands. Thomas got out of the
car to take the items off her and then he placed them in the trunk. Subsequently, they both got into the

As soon as Veronica entered the car and shut the door behind her, she returned the card to Matthew.
At the same time, she also handed over a receipt to him. “I used a total of five hundred thirty-five and
thirty-two cents. I’ll pay you back after this.”

“That’s not necessary. You can have it.”

“What do you mean by that?” Veronica was very confused.

Meanwhile, he shot her a cold look. “I wouldn’t want my sister to be mocked for dressing too shabbily. It
would reflect badly on the Kingses.”

“Oh–is that so?”

Just then, Veronica felt slightly
surprised. This is unexpected! I can‘t believe that being his sister has such a great benefit!

Suddenly, a question flashed across her mind.

She pursed her lips and held the card tightly. Then, she asked after some hesitation, “If I clash with
Tiffany someday, who would you side with?”

For some unknown reason, she suddenly came up with such a brainless question.

As soon as her words hit, Matthew turned his handsome, flawless face toward her slightly as he
murmured, “Who would you like me to side with?”

“L... Ha...”

Suddenly, she chuckled and deftly switched the topic. “I’ll make good use of this card for now. Once
I’ve received my replacement identification card, I’ll sort out my own card and pay you the money after

Veronica did so because a few seconds ago, she suddenly realized that the question she had asked
was such a brainless one and she was just making a fool of herself by asking that

After all, Matthew could even ignore the fact that the Larsons were potentially involved in harming her,
all because of his deep love for Tiffany, so there was no point in asking that question.

In the end, Veronica turned her head in the other direction to look out of the window and she no longer
said another word.

Meanwhile, Matthew’s eyes remained fixed on the woman. His eyes were dark and brooding, and one
couldn’t quite tell what was on his mind.

An hour later, their car finally arrived at the Kings Residence.

Veronica got out of the car while Thomas walked to the trunk to take out the items. Then, Veronica and
Matthew walked into the house together.

“You’re back, Young Master Matthew. Oh! Miss Tiffany, weren’t you at the entrance? How did you end
up here with Young Master Matthew again?”

The butler came forward to greet Matthew with a slight nod as soon as they walked into the
mansion. However, when he saw Veronica, he couldn’t quite contain his surprise.

Meanwhile, Veronica maintained her smile without saying anything.

They walked past the foyer and went to the back of the house. They had just placed down the items
brought in the living room when Elizabeth’s voice rang out from behind, “Ah! Isn’t this Veronica here?”

Elizabeth instantly recognized Veronica just by seeing her silhouette.

As soon as Veronica heard that, she turned around and greeted Elizabeth. “Grandma?”

The former turned around and was shocked to see that Elizabeth was there, along with Tiffany by her

Tiffany was dressed in a silver, cinched maxi dress, and every move that she made exuded gentleness
and reservation. In short, she was the epitome of a rich, young lady. That being said, she managed to
completely hide the despicable side in her.

“You… Who are y-you?”

Just then, Veronica didn’t have a disguise on, and she faced the world with her actual looks, so it was
natural for Elizabeth to be surprised.

“Grandma, she’s Veronica. She’s also Tiffany’s younger sister,” Matthew explained.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s brows remained tightly furrowed. She took a look at Veronica before glancing at
Tiffany, who was by her side, before walking forward with an

incredulous look. “What’s going on exactly?”|

“I’m sorry, Grandma. I lied to you in the past. I didn’t want to reveal my actual looks because of several
reasons, so I always wore a disguise whenever I met up with you,” Veronica explained.

“Well, that doesn’t make sense either. You didn’t have any makeup products during the few days that
you stayed over at the Kings Residence. How did you put makeup on then?” Elizabeth scrutinized
Veronica intently, and the former was significantly shocked.

“I used a special type of makeup that doesn’t get rubbed off at all once I put it on.”