Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 72

Chapter 72

Elizabeth’s words caused Matthew’s expression to darken significantly

However, he recalled the doctor’s repeated instructions of avoiding angering her before she was
discharged from the hospital, so he could only nod his head perfunctorily. “Okay.”

Meanwhile, Veronica was extremely gleeful to see Matthew getting told off.

However, she stopped smiling and turned to Elizabeth. “Grandma, Matthew’s right. My background is
indeed not a good match for them.”

“Well, it’s good that you know your position.” Matthew agreed with her words.

However, as soon as he said that, there was a loud ‘bang’ that sounded, as Elizabeth had immediately
flung the cup in front of her at Matthew’s feet. “I told you to shut up! Are you deaf or what?”

Just then, Elizabeth had a thunderous expression as she stared at Matthew. However, as soon as she
turned to Veronica, she showed a warm and inviting smile. “Silly girl, what are you on about? Why are
you considering whether you’re a good match for them or not? You’re a kind and obedient child who’s
very pretty too. Besides, you have a university degree, so you’re definitely a worthy match. Self-
confidence is important in a girl. Trust me,I have good judgment so if I reckon that you’re good enough,
then you definitely are!”.

At that point, Veronica could feel Elizabeth’s kindness and the former was significantly touched.

Veronica shot a look at Matthew, who was sitting off to one side with a cold expression on his face, and
she noticed that he was seated quite stiffly on the couch. From his expression, she could tell that he
seemed quite resigned toward Elizabeth’s actions. Truth be told, Veronica had never seen such an
awkward expression on his face.

Just then, she was rather tickled by the situation. At the same time, she also realized that Matthew was
indeed very filial toward Elizabeth.

“Grandma, you’re the best!”

Veronica didn’t want Elizabeth’s efforts to be in vain, so the former didn’t directly reject the latter’s


“There’s no need to be so courteous with me.” Elizabeth smiled.

Suddenly, her expression turned stern and she moved closer to Veronica to ask softly, “By the way, I
never got to ask you-why do you loathe Tiffany? Are you actually that reluctant to go home?”

Elizabeth’s consecutive questions were ones that Veronica refused to answer.

Elizabeth clearly sensed Veronica’s attitude too, so she spoke up. “Darling, I’m not trying to make you
go back home. I just wanted to let you know if you don’t want to go back, you…”

And so, Elizabeth paused for a moment and patted herself on the chest. “With me around, no one can
force you to go back!”

Elizabeth’s words struck a chord within Veronica and the latter could no longer contain her emotions.
The tears welled up in her eyes, causing her eyes to turn red and she was quite touched. “Grandma,
you’re awesome…”

Because of her relationship with Elizabeth, Matthew had saved Veronica during the fire. Then, he had
saved her once again when she had been kidnapped onto that cruise ship.

Right now, Elizabeth even went as far as to be Veronica’s strong support to fend off the pressure very
likely to be inflicted by the Larsons?

This was completely beyond Veronica’s expectations because Elizabeth was merely a stranger to her,
yet the older woman treated her so well merely after a few interactions.

“Gosh! Why are you tearing up all of a sudden?”

Just then, Elizabeth was frantic upon noticing the tears that threatened to spill over Veronica’s eyes.
Glaring at Matthew, Elizabeth muttered, “Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and hand me the
tissue on the table!”

Meanwhile, Matthew glanced from Elizabeth to Veronica, and there was a slightly displeased look that
flashed across his eyes. This despicable woman is so good at putting up an act!

At that moment, he reached out for the tissue box and handed it over to Elizabeth,

Elizabeth hurriedly pulled some tissue out and handed it to Veronica. “It’s fine. Don’t cry. With me
around, I won’t let anyone bully you. Even if the Larsons are my future


in-laws, I won’t allow them to do whatever they want.”

“Grandma, I don’t want to go back home. Can you really help me?”

Just then, Veronica sniffled and took the tissue to wipe off her tears.

Ever since she had arrived in Bloomstead, the person who had helped her the most, other than Xavier,
was Elizabeth.

The presence of the two of them was like a glimmer of light in her darkened life in Bloomstead, and
they lit up her way, ensuring that she didn’t descend into despair.

Also, Elizabeth’s kindness made Veronica think of her late grandmother.

Her grandmother had doted on her the same way and would always provide Veronica with nothing but
the best.

Besides her grandmother, her grandfather had also regarded her as his precious treasure too.

“I definitely mean it, but you have to tell me honestly-why are you reluctant to go home?”

Truth was, Elizabeth had merely made a guess that Veronica didn’t want to go back to the Larsons.
After all, it was all quite evident from Veronica’s ugly disguise and her dislike of Tiffany. Furthermore,
the Larson Farnily had publicly announced their intention to welcome Veronica back home, but she had
run away instead.

Hence, Elizabeth was quite curious as to the reason for Veronica’s actions.

Just then, Veronica gripped tightly onto the tissue in her hand before she pursed her lips. She turned
her head slightly to look at Matthew, her expression thoughtful.

“Why are you looking at him? You can be frank with me. I’ll definitely trust you!” Elizabeth replied

“Is that true?”

“Why would I lie to you?”


At that moment, Veronica had some hesitations. She wanted to reveal the Larsons’ various misdeeds
but right now, she didn’t have a single piece of evidence at all.


However, if she didn’t reveal it, then the Larsons would definitely try all sorts of unscrupulous ways to
target her and force her to go back. By then, it would be a piece of cake for them to lay their hands on

After some consideration, Veronica ended up mentioning a single incident. “The Larsons have known
about my presence for quite some time now and they wanted me to go back. It was because they
actually wanted me to donate my bone marrow to Randy. Right now, though, it’s likely that they want
me back because the press had previously revealed that they have another daughter that was
abandoned, so they must have done this because of the pressure from all of the speculations.”

Although Veronica didn’t have any evidence to prove the Larsons’ misdeeds, she had arranged for the
press to reveal the incident with the bone marrow donation. Therefore, her current words made sense.


Just then, Elizabeth sat up from her seat and the look of anger on her face was evident. “Is everything
reported on the news previously true? But Tiffany is Randy’s elder sister too. Isn’t she an eligible

“Their bone marrows are incompatible.”


“That explains it, then.” Elizabeth nodded her head as it dawned upon her.

Just then, she turned her head to glance at Matthew. “See! That’s the woman that you’re attracted to!”

Significantly speechless, Matthew thought, Who‘s the one biologically related to Grandma, huh?

“Randy has leukemia, so it’s not a disease that can be cured in such a short time. I’m afraid that they
want you back so that you’ll be able to donate to Randy in the future.”

Elizabeth considered the situation before she heaved a deep sigh and shook her head. There seemed
to be a lot on her mind.

Meanwhile, Veronica wasn’t quite sure of the Larsons plans, but she mainly wanted to let Elizabeth
know that she didn’t want to go back. Hence, she had achieved her purpose by doing so.

“You poor child!”

Elizabeth was quite distressed about Veronica’s predicament. Just then, the former


patted the latter on the back of her hand. “Don’t worry. You’re now part of the Kingses, so there’s
nothing to be afraid of. I’ll protect you!”

“Thank you for helping me, Grandma!” Veronica was very grateful.

After that, Elizabeth descended into a short bout of silence before she got up to say to Matthew, “You,
come with me.” With that, she turned to smile kindly at Veronica. “Veronica, take a seat over here for

“Sure thing, Grandma!” Veronica nodded in agreement.

Just then, Elizabeth got up and left. Meanwhile, Matthew shot a cold look at Veronica before trailing
after Elizabeth to the room next door.

The Kings Residence was centuries old and it was a building that had been passed on from
generations back. The building was rustic with plenty of nicely-carved beams, and there was even a
traditional pavilion that was quite unique.