Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Furthermore, most of the items in the residence were preserved in their original style and design.
Everything gave out a strong retro vibe. One would feel as if they had taken a step back into the past
as they became immersed in the surroundings.

There was a door by the wall to the right of the large living room that led to the room next door.

Meanwhile, Matthew trailed after Elizabeth and entered the room. Subsequently, he shut the door after

Elizabeth stood in front of Matthew and lifted her head to look at him. “Did you hear that? Do you
realize what sort of woman you’ve chosen?”

“Grandma, what are you trying to say?”

“What am I trying to say?! Did you hear Veronica’s words? The Larsons’ are despicable!”

“Grandma, can’t you tell that Veronica’s trying to use you?”

In regard to this, Matthew was quite sensitive about it and he was very displeased.

“I’m her grandmother, so how can it be considered as making use of me? Furthermore, I was the one
who asked her about it!” Elizabeth retorted.

“She already knew that you had a stroke and can’t sustain any shock, yet she chose to tell you so
much. Her motives are impure.”

He stood regally tall and his handsome features were full of coldness.

“That’s bullsh*t!” Elizabeth couldn’t help spewing profanity at that point. “Since when did telling the truth
is equivalent to impure motives? I don’t care about anything else, but I’ll have you know that you’d
better make sure you keep Tiffany under control; otherwise, don’t blame me for forbidding her from
entering our home.”

Elizabeth didn’t force Matthew to annul the engagement because she took into account that he liked
Tiffany. Also, the former was worried that the Kings Family’s reputation would be affected if they called
off the engagement with the Larsons at this point.

After all, the Kingses were a major family, so any slight action would directly affect their company’s
profits and further development.

Similarly, Matthew cared about this too, but he cared much more about Tiffany’s act of saving his life in
the past.

The rumors out there were that Matthew was a cold and merciless guy but unbeknownst to everyone,
he was an extremely loyal and grateful man.

“Alright, you can leave now. I need to make a phone call.” Elizabeth waved him off and walked to the
couch in the room and took a seat.

Meanwhile, Matthew walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.

He strode into the living room and he coldly shot a look at Veronica, who was sitting on the couch,
before grabbing her by the wrist. “Come with me.”

“What?” Veronica was startled by his sudden actions. However, it seemed within expectations too.

Matthew dragged her out of the living room and made his way to the pavilion in the little garden at the
back. Subsequently, he turned his arm and held her against a pillar. He then grabbed her by the collar

and growled in a low voice, “So, you’ve achieved your purpose, huh?”

His well-sculpted features accentuated his handsome face, and his expression clearly exuded coldness
at the moment. Coupled with his ferocious expression, he looked as if he was about to devour her and
it was quite terrifying indeed.

However, Veronica maintained a calm expression and smiled at him. “Matthew, why are you so angry
all of a sudden? She’s my grandmother, so I told her about my troubles. Isn’t that reasonable?”

She blinked her clear eyes and there was a slight amusement in her gaze that looked quite annoying to

Indeed, she admitted that she had an ulterior motive for saying those words to Elizabeth earlier, but
that didn’t mean that she had plotted the initial encounter with Elizabeth and to save Elizabeth’s life
later on.

Just then, Matthew narrowed his eyes and reached out to hold Veronica’s chin up before moving closer
to her. “Are you challenging me?”

She responded with a scoff and the smile on her face disappeared all of a sudden.

“Challenge you?”

She raised her brows and met his cold look. “You were the one who brought me back from overseas.
You managed to locate me, so surely you would know the reason for me being kidnapped. As for the
fire last time, I’m sure that you know who’s involved, right? Matthew, you’re the one who’s intentionally
pretending to be clueless about everything. You’re also the one who hid the truth from your

Veronica lifted a finger to poke him in the chest as she interrogated him. “You hid the whole truth from
her because you’re in love with Tiffany, so don’t you think you’re the one who actually is purposeful in
your actions rather than me?”

“You put on such a great act of being deeply in love with Tiffany and yet, you went behind her back to
engage in an illicit relationship with me. Is she aware of all this? Besides, why do you live in the
penthouse of Twilight Club? Is it actually because of its close distance to your office? I don’t think so!
It’s all because there are plenty of women with various figures at Twilight Club for you to pick and
choose from, so it’s like your personal harem! Matthew Kings, don’t you dare regard yourself so highly!
Is your grandmother really aware of your behavior?” Just then, Veronica blurted out everything in her
mind as she was quite angry with him.

“You keep saying that I have ulterior motives, but I’m quite suspicious right now. Back then, you
suggested for me to give birth here, but you purposely got engaged with Tiffany in a haste and made
me realize this so that I would miscarry. Did you not know about my identity back then? Otherwise, why
would you, the President of Spinfluence Group, jump into bed with such an ugly girl like me more than
once?! You’re not blind, are you?”

Previously, Veronica had never considered all this.

However, right now, she suddenly realized that Matthew’s actions were definitely suspicious.

She suspected that he had known about her identity since the start and he knew that she was Tiffany’s
sister, so he had forced himself on her and then hastily gotten engaged with Tiffany before announcing
it to the world.

Veronica was clearly aware that he had no intentions of allowing her to bear a child with the Kings’
family name. Furthermore, he had sent her to the operating room directly.

She also wondered that perhaps it was because of the pressure from Elizabeth that she had managed
to keep the child.

In the end, Matthew had no other option but to get engaged with Tiffany, and forced Veronica to give up
the child to Tiffany to raise. As such, she had miscarried because of this.

All of this sounded very reasonable after further consideration,

Meanwhile, Matthew was stunned in place as he heard her words. He couldn’t come up with any

He could clearly see the unmistakable anger and hatred in her eyes. Does she hate me?!

“Why are you keeping silent? You must be feeling guilty, huh?”

Veronica curled up her red lips and smirked coldly. “Don’t you dare speak so highly of yourself and
don’t assume that I should be extremely grateful just because you saved my life! If it wasn’t because of
your grandmother’s fondness for me, would you have saved me at all? Ultimately, you just think of me
as a plaything that can cheer her up!”

“Matthew–oh, wait. From now onward, I must remember to address you as my darling brother!”

With that, Veronica placed both hands on his shoulders and tilted her head slightly to smile at him.
“Bro, we’re just making use of each other for our own motives, so we should just play our own role well.
Do you agree?”

Despite Veronica’s words, she was, in fact, truly fond of Elizabeth.

The former was also one to show her gratitude, so she was very mindful of Elizabeth’s kindness.

On the other hand, Matthew turned ashen as soon as he heard her words and he clenched his hands,
which were hanging loosely by the side, tightly into fists.

He felt an unexplainable tightness in his chest and it made him feel slightly out of breath. He could
even feel a slight ache. Is this my body‘s reaction due to extreme anger?

He could clearly feel his raging anger but unbeknownst to him, the anger he felt actually masked the
pain in his heart.

His sincerity toward Veronica had ended up being regarded by her as all sorts of plots and

Just then, he pulled his lips up into a cold smile. “That’s great.”

He held her onto her chin and lifted her head before enunciating carefully, “Since you know your place,
then make sure you perform your part as a good granddaughter.”