Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 74

Chapter 74

“Bro, you should also address me as your dear sister.” There was a slight smile on her flawless face.

Just then, Matthew’s eyes met hers. “Are you even worthy of that?”

“Well, regardless of whether I’m worthy or not, I’m now Grandma’s god granddaughter and your sister.
There’s no difference as to whether you admit it or not. Don’t you think so, brother?”

Their eyes met each others’ and although both appeared to be smiling happily, in actual fact, they were
secretly having it out and neither of them wanted to give in to the other.

Matthew wasn’t tolerant of others’ flaws. Moreover, it was related to Elizabeth-the person he respected
the most-so his attitude toward Veronica took a complete turn the moment he realized that she had
used Elizabeth.

“Life and death are no different too. That’s because…”

He paused for a moment before caressing her chin with his index finger. Then, he calmly mentioned
word by word, “It’s all within a flick of a finger.”

“Tsk! I’m really scared of your threats, darling brother!”

Veronica frowned and she purposely showed a frightened expression before suddenly bursting into

She lifted her head to look up at him. She continued to smile but shortly after that, her smile dissipated
bit by bit and her expression turned cold. “As long as your grandmother is around, you’ll spare my life
for the sake of her happiness. Come to think of it, you’re such a filial grandson.”

Just then, Veronica made a thumbs-up gesture at him.

“Bro, I do feel drained seeing you make so much effort to be a great fiance and a filial grandson at the
same time.”

She lifted her hand to push his hand aside and before poking him on the chest with her slender finger.
“Good luck to you!”

With that, Veronica smiled meaningfu

nd turned around to leave.

Meanwhile, Matthew remained stuck in his original position and it took him quite some time before he
shifted his body. He glanced at the woman who had already walked off and his dark brows became
furrowed. At the same time, he had mixed emotions.

To her, I’m actually such a despicable and scheming person?! Matthew thought to himself, but he didn’t
realize that he also regarded her as a scheming woman similarly because she had made use of

That was also the reason for his change in attitude toward Veronica.

Just then, she went back into the living room and sat down to chat and make small talk with Elizabeth.

One hour later, Floch, Rachel and Tiffany turned up at the Kings Residence.

The couple came bearing gifts and they fawningly greeted Elizabeth as soon as they saw her. “Old Mrs.
Kings, how are you feeling? Are you fully recovered?”

“Floch and I are here to visit you and we’ve brought you some supplements.”

The duo handed over the supplements to the servants as they spoke.

Elizabeth glanced at them and there was a flash of annoyance across her face, but she maintained a
calm front. “You shouldn’t have. There’s no need to be so courteous.”

The three of them exchanged polite pleasantries while Veronica sat on the couch. Just then, she calmly
glanced at Floch and Rachel.

Ever since they had asked for 2 million from her previously, this was the second time that they came
into contact with each other.

She looked at the two of them looking like lap dogs wagging their tails in front of Elizabeth, and she felt
a rush of contentment.

“Ah! You… You’re… Veronica, aren’t you?”

Suddenly, it was as if Rachel seemingly had her eyesight restored, as she finally discovered Veronica
sitting by the side. And so, Rachel instantly walked over. “Tiffany told me earlier that you were here with
Old Mrs. Kings, but I didn’t trust her words at first. I can’t believe that it’s true!”

Rachel put on an exceptional act and she couldn’t contain her sobs as the tears welled up in her eyes.

Her acting skills were indeed as good as Tiffany’s.

“Veronica, where have you been all this while? Ever since you left Bloomstead, we’ve been searching
high and low for you!” Floch also revealed a pained expression.

Meanwhile, Tiffany shot a look at her parents, and there was an extremely displeased look in her eyes.

Initially, they had intended to invite Veronica back and this was totally unacceptable to Tiffany. Right
now, even though the latter knew that her parents were just putting on an act of being concerned, she
couldn’t contain the intense jealousy she felt as soon she saw the way they behaved around Veronica.

In the end, Tiffany could no longer stand it. “Grandma, Mom, Dad, you guys should spend some time
with Veronica. I need to use the washroom.”

She scanned the surroundings but didn’t see Matthew, so she came up with a random excuse and
wanted to go and look for him. She didn’t want to stay there any longer.

Floch and Rachel nodded at Tiffany and then they moved forward to stand in front of Veronica.
“Veronica, you must have experienced so much suffering all of these years. Come on over and let
Mo… let me take a good look at you.”

In terms of acting, Tiffany must have learned it from Rachel.

At that moment, tears streamed down Rachel’s face and her eyes were red-rimmed. Furthermore, she
couldn’t quite stop her chin from trembling. In all honesty, her touching, poignant look seemed utterly

“Stay away from me.” Veronica sat on the couch and shot a cold look at the two before responding

She spoke in an arrogant tone without showing any respect to the two.

Instantly, the duo’s expression darkened and because they had their backs facing Elizabeth, they
revealed ferocious, terrifying looks on their faces but ultimately, they didn’t lose their tempers.

Rachel was dressed in a dark purple maxi dress and she had her hair swept into chignon. Furthermore,
she had some light makeup on and she carried herself with an air of elegance befitting a lady of
affluence. “My poor child!” she sobbed. “It’s my fault for all your suffering all these years! Now that
Floch and I have finally located you, you must come back home with us, alright?”

After she had asked the question, Floch, who was slightly plump and dressed in a suit, added, “It’s fine
even if you refuse to acknowledge us as your parents. We just want to compensate for the past, that’s

“Compensate for the past?” Veronica crossed her feet and shol a look at the two. “Do you really want to
compensate me?”

“Of course!”

“You’ve suffered so much all these years while you were living apart from us,” the both of them

Meanwhile, Veronica nodded slightly. “Okay. How much do you plan to give me? Since you want to
compensate me, then give me some money. I’m only keen on that.” Just then, Veronica did what she
did best and she expressed her scorn with an innocent expression.

As soon as she finished her sentence, the couple stiffened and they exchanged looks with each other
before turning to look at Elizabeth, who was seated by the side. They had angry looks on their faces,
but they couldn’t quite lose their tempers.

“Yeah, that’s right. Veronica definitely suffered a lot. Look at her. She can’t even afford proper clothings
and her dress is a present from her brother too!”

Elizabeth, who was seated by the side, spoke up at the right time.

She shook her head as she spoke and she heaved a huge sigh, looking as though Veronica’s
predicament pained her terribly.

Elizabeth came from affluence, so she was quite familiar with all of the designer brands and she knew
that Veronica had on a limited edition dress that was from the latest season. It would definitely have

cost way more than what Veronica could afford, so Elizabeth guessed that Matthew must have been
the one who bought it for her.

“How can that be…”.

Rachel lifted her hand to swipe off the tears on her face. Meanwhile, Floch patted her back comfortingly
and said, “Stop crying. We’ve located our daughter now so there’s plenty of chances for us to
compensate her in the future.”

As he said that, he reached for his wallet and rummaged inside for a card. Just then, he shot a cold
look at Veronica and after some consideration, he handed over a card with the least amount of money
inside to her. “I know that you’ve suffered a lot all of these years. There’s some money inside this card.
Feel free to use it.”

Meanwhile, Veronica swept a look at the card and instantly asked, “How much money is in there?”