Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 153

Chapter 153

Skyler, a love expert, shared his views.

Matthew glanced at him doubtfully, feeling what he said was meaningless. He then turned to look at Cal
eb, the boring guy, as if he believed Caleb more.

Unexpectedly, Caleb nodded seriously, and said, “Basically… correct.”

Receiving such a positive response, Matthew frowned slightly. He went silent for a few moments before
raising his glass and finishing the wine in it.

Caleb and Skyler looked at each other, puzzled.

“What is this reaction of yours, Matt? Have you really fallen in love with Tiffany?”

“Miss Larson is his wife, and it‘s natural for him to love her. It would be unusual if he didn‘t.”

Veronica‘s face showed up in Matthew‘s mind as he listened to what they said. “It‘s not her,” he said, gri
pping his glass tightly as if he was unable to accept the reality.

was still doubting himself before this, but after hearing what Skyler said, he confirmed his suspicions. S
uch as the
night when he didn‘t stop Veronica from leaving the condominium, he was restless and irritable for the
entire day. That was the reason he
came up with ideas for her to appear before him. Moreover, he wanted to hug her the moment he saw
her, and even when she was sleeping, he kissed her silently. It was only out of moral obligations that he
didn‘t do anything else to her.

But what Skyler said, especially the last part about doing nothing with her being wonderful–
that was spot on.

“What, not her? You‘re saying it‘s not Tiffany?” Skyler was stunned, and he couldn‘t believe that Matthe
w said that. He immediately pursued, asking, “Who would it be if it‘s not her? Don‘t tell me you‘re hiding
another woman?”

Caleb was equally surprised. Skeptically, he looked at Matthew, waiting for his answer.

But Matthew remained silent. He simply raised his glass with his slender fingers and silently drank his

Both of them, as outsiders, were more anxious than Matthew.

Ater a while of suspense, Skyler slapped Matthew‘s back and uttered, “Come on Matt, answer us. I‘m g
etting anxious here. How long do you want to keep us waiting?”

Sull, Matthew remained silent.

Instead, it was Caleb who broke the suspense. He looked like he was seriously pondering over somethi
ng and asked, “Don‘t tell me it‘s the god–
granddaughter that Old Mrs. Kings said she was going to take?”

Clever enough to be perfectly accurate, him being a policeman came as no surprise.

“What‘re you saying, Caleb? That‘s impossible.”

Skyler believed Caleb‘s guess was incorrect and proceeded to analyze the situation before explaining t
o Caleb, “Look, the god–
granddaughter that Old Mrs. Kings wanted looks exactly like Tiffany. Further, that girl is just a country gi

rl who is not presentable at all. Matt doesn‘t even like Tiffany, so how would he like another girl who res
embles her? It‘s too far–fetched.”

He shrugged and gave a confident smile, before raising his glass and clinking it with Matthew‘s. “Am I ri
ght, Matt?” He took a sip of his wine.

However, while he was drinking, he heard Matthew answering in a deep tone, “I guess it‘s her.”

“Pfft– Cough... cough...”

Hearing that, Skyler spurted out the wine in his mouth while coughing nonstop. “Cough... What the
f*ck. I nearly choked myself to death. Matt, what nonsense are you saying?”

“And you‘re still unsure about this?” Caleb sensed Matthew‘s hesitation and reservations in his words.

Matthew shook his head slightly. “I was uncertain before I came here, but now, I‘m pretty sure.”

“I assume she‘s the girl you risked your life to save from the fire? Oh my, when I heard that from Thoma
s, I wondered since when you became such a great man, It turns out that you were saving that girl!”

While drawing tissues to wipe the spills on his clothes, Skyler murmured in his heart, Who is this fory la
dy who enchanted Matt? I must meet her. I must!

“Since you like her, why did you sleep with Tiffany then?” Leaning on the sofa, Caleb asked nonchalantl
y with his legs crossed.

Caleb was tanned, and his hair was cut in a standard buzz cut. Nonetheless, as he was a policeman w
ho had to face hardships
every day, he gave off the impression of being very healthy, pleasing to the eyes and attractive. Particul
arly, he was a man of few words. Further, he appeared very decent, and people could sense his righteo
usness by just a glance.

“That was an unwanted incident.”

As he spoke, Matthew recalled that time when he was overseas. He got drunk after
socializing because of his job and had no idea what happened later that made him sleep with Tiffany.

But she got pregnant after that, so he had to take the responsibility.

tsk, you don‘t appear to be such a responsible man. But this is a simple matter to resolve. Even though
Old Mrs. King wants to have great–
grandchildren and you need to marry Tiffany, you can just spend some money and keep your godsister
as your mistress. You know how it is with women; they can be easily pacified by gifting them luxurious c
ars and expensive bags.”

Skyler raised his hand
and patted Matthew‘s shoulder lightly. “Besides, being such a handsome man like yourself? Any woma
n will be throwing themselves at you! There is nothing difficult in handling just one of them.”

“Shut up!” The moment Skyler finished his sentence, Matthew glared angrily at him.

That night, Matthew drank a lot, so much that he had no idea what was going on around him. He had n
o idea why he felt heavy–
hearted upon realizing his true feelings for Veronica. It was more depressing than what he felt on the d
ay he knew that Veronica “liked” Xavier.

They drank until dawn, and Matthew was already passed out while lying down. Skyler, who was slightly
drunk, shrugged and spread out his hands while
looking at Caleb, who was wide awake. “Tsk tsk. Matt‘s really fallen for the girl now.”

Hearing that, Caleb merely took a glance at Matthew who was sleeping on the sofa. He understood Mat

Skyler took
his phone out and called Thomas. “Thomas, send me the phone number of your boss‘ godsister.”

Thomas was confounded by such a call in the wee hours, with Skyler asking for Veronica‘s contact. “You

“Stop asking so many questions and just send me the number quickly!”

“Uh, yes sir. Please give me a moment.” Thomas hung up the call and immediately forwarded Veronica‘s

At the same time, Skyler and Caleb were both supporting Matthew as they entered the elevator. They w


The elevator reached the upper floors and stopped.

They swiped the entry card, entered
the condominium while holding on to Matthew, and placed him on his bed in his room. They exited the ro

Upon entering the living room, Skyler saw the bottle of Romanée–Conti of the year 1945.

That was the expensive wine in Matthew‘s car that Thomas had delivered the night before after driving M

Matthew was learning about games from Veronica at that time, and thus, when Thomas brought the bott
on the table.

“Oh my, Caleb, look. Is this
the bottle of wine from New York‘s Sotheby‘s auction that someone had given to Matthew a few years ag

Skyler had excellent taste. He recognized the wine by just one look at the bottle, and he couldn‘t help bu

Suddenly, the door of the second bedroom swung open. Veronica, neatly dressed but wearing slippers,
the room, and was stunned upon seeing the two guys in the living room.

Alarmed, she asked, “Who are you two?”