Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 155

Chapter 155

“Thank you,” the delivery guy said, before he turned around and left.


Veronica turned back into the living room while carrying the food insulation box. “He he, Matthew, since
you ordered so much food for
breakfast, I‘d better finish them before leaving. Otherwise, it‘ll be a waste,” she said while heading towa
rd the sofa with the food insulation box in one hand and the paper bags in the other.

Skyler was sitting on the sofa and groaning in pain when he saw Veronica coming back. However, befo
re he could call her to account for her excessive use of self defense just now, he was kicked lightly by V
eronica, who said, “Get up! Move aside a little.”

Skyler‘s lips twitched violently. He wanted to say something, but when he saw the unsympathetic smile
on Caleb‘s face and how Matthew showed no intention of standing up for him, he voluntarily moved asi
de to make a place for Veronica.

Veronica put the paper bags containing clothes on the sofa and the food insulation box on the coffee ta
ble. As soon as she opened the box, she was greeted by a savory smell. “Wow, it smells so good! I hap
pen to be hungry,” she said while taking out the sumptuous
breakfast inside the box: “Aren‘t you a bit of a spendthrift, Matthew? Why order so much for breakfast f
or both of us?” Her heart ached terribly at the sight of the various dishes in the food insulation box. This
meal is damn expensive.

At the sight of the scene, Skyler was astounded. Not only did Veronica address Matthew by the latter‘s
first name without the use of honorifics, but she even spoke to him in a rude and even somewhat cocky
manner. Is this what people mean by “spoiling“? She simply fears nothing, he thought. In Bloomstead,

Skyler had rarely seen anyone who dared to call Matthew by his first name or
even haughtily chastise him
for being a “spendthrift.” He felt like his world was being turned upside down.

On the other hand, Caleb‘s impenetrable gaze shifted back and forth between Veronica and Matthew,
making it impossible to figure out what he was thinking.

“Let‘s eat together,” Matthew said. Then, he went to the master bathroom to wash up.

Seeing that the man had entered the bathroom, Skyler immediately moved up to Veronica. “Babe, do y
ou always speak to Matthew in such a haughty way?”

“Haughty? How?
Wasn‘t that just normal communication? Matthew is a spendthrift in the first place, so I was only stating
the fact,” Veronica replied while sitting cross legged on the carpet. After opening the container containin
g the porridge, she

lowered her head and started to dig in with no intention of waiting for Matthew at all.

“Aren‘t you gonna wait for him to join you for breakfast?” Skyler asked.

“Why should I wait for him to come and eat with me? Don‘t tell me that I have to wait for him to feed me

Skyler was rendered speechless by her reply. What a conversation killer. Without saying another word,
he slowly walked to Caleb‘s side and nudged the latter in the arm, exchanging looks with the latter. F*c
k, this little babe is no ordinary woman, he conveyed with his eyes.

Caleb gave him a look in return. I noticed that long ago.

Skyler shot him a glare. If you noticed that long ago, why didn‘t you stop me just now? Do you know ho
w much my butt hurt just now?

Caleb threw him a disdainful look. Serves you right. You were the one who asked for it.

Skyler glared at him. Get lost!

The two men kept making eye contact while thinking the same things.

After a little while, Matthew came out of his bedroom, having washed up, taken a shower, and changed
into a set of
clean clothes. After looking at the two buddies sitting on the sofa, he darted his eyes toward Veronica,
who was sitting on the carpet. Seeing that she was eating breakfast with relish, he sat down beside her
habitually and pushed the glass of specially–ordered milk toward her. “Drink this.”

“Okay.” Veronica picked up the glass of
warm milk and took a sip from it before furrowing her brow. “Matthew, did you poison the milk or somet
hing? Why does it taste so weird?” The milk she drank the other day tasted somewhat weird as well.

“It‘s specially–made milk by One Piece Restaurant. Costs 888 per glass,” the man replied nonchalantly.

“888?” Veronica was flabbergasted. Looking at the milk in the glass in bewilderment, she muttered, “Is t
his milk produced by a golden cow or something? Why is it so expensive?” As she spoke, she held her
head up and drank up all the milk up to the very last drop.

Veronica simply thought that the milk was expensive, but she didn‘t know that Matthew merely had the
medicine that the doctor had prescribed for her added to it,

and that the glass of milk wasn‘t that expensive at all.

A faint smile appeared on Matthew‘s stony face when he saw that Veronica had finished the glass of mi
lk. He then raised his eyes to look at the two buddies across from him, only to find two pairs of eyes sta
ring fixedly at him. The looks in their eyes were strange, with a hint of astonishment; it was as if they w
ere in disbelief.

Matthew‘s smile froze, and the corner of his lips twitched slightly. “What
are you guys waiting for? The food‘s gonna get cold if it‘s left uneaten.”

Caleb glanced at the dining room nearby with a faint smile. Then, he rubbed his nose with
an affected smile
on his taut face. “Okay, okay.” He was truly astonished, for Matthew would never have made do with ha
ving meals on a coffee table in the past. As a cultured man, Matthew always carried himself with the dig
nified air of a noble and was very particular about his lifestyle. How could he possibly have meals on
the coffee table in the living room?

Skyler, on the other hand, was appalled.

Matthew opened a meal box containing shrimp and cheese ravioli.

As soon as the meal box was opened, Veronica smelled the aroma of the ravioli. In an instant, she no lo
eaten bowl of porridge to Matthew, taking the opportunity to take the ravioli before him away.

“Mm–hmm. You can have it if you like,” Matthew replied naturally.

Nodding vigorously, Veronica picked up a ravioli and ate it. In an instant, her eyes widened, and she gav

Matthew wasn‘t surprised by Veronica‘s abrupt move. The day he found her in the forest after she went


However, Veronica thought the man was spurning her. “Don‘t wanna use the fork that has my saliva on i

Just as she was about to take back the fork and eat the ravioli herself, Matthew grabbed her hand and b

Her head tilted to one side, Veronica stared at Matthew with a look of anticipation, anxiously waiting for
duper delicious?”

“Not bad,” Matthew replied.

“Not bad, you say?” Veronica knitted her brows as the smile on her face vanished at once. “You‘re too p