Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Just as the couple were having a conversation, the plate that Skyler was holding slipped out of his gras
p and dropped onto the coffee table with a loud clatter. What the hell? Is the guy before me still the ger
mophobic Matt? He actually made breakfast for this little babe? He actually used the fork that this little
babe had used? He actually enjoys being chided by this little babe?

Skyler felt that he must have gone insane. His
mind must have been befuddled; he must have been dreaming about such a side of Matthew. He turne
d to look at the

equally stupefied Caleb next to him in a daze. “Caleb, hurry up and give me a slap! I must be dreaming.

Like Skyler, Caleb was so shocked by Matthew‘s behavior that he didn‘t come to his senses for a long ti
me. Upon hearing Skyler‘s words, he nodded with a stiff neck, raised his hand, and slapped Skyler dire
ctly across the face.

The slap was so hard that it knocked Skyler down on the sofa right away, and the resulting pain instantl
y brought him to his senses. Covering his cheek with his hand, he screeched at the top of his voice, “F*
ck, it hurts like hell! Were you trying to kill me with a slap to my face, Caleb? Ouch, my face!”

However, Caleb shook his hand and replied, “Well, my hand hurts too.. which means you‘re not dreami

Skyler winced in pain with a visible slap mark on his cheek. “Of course! How could your hand not hurt?
My cheek has nearly swollen up! Were you taking the opportunity to take revenge on me? Damn it, Cal
eb, if my face is disfigured, this will be the end of our friendship!”

“Well, I just feared that you couldn‘t distinguish between dream and reality if I didn‘t slap you hard enou
gh” Caleb explained.

“That being said, you shouldn‘t have slapped the hell out of me!”

“Do you think you‘d still be alive if I had slapped the hell out of you?”

“F*ck! What the hell‘s going on here?” Skyler was quite annoyed.

Before he could get his anger off his chest, however, he heard Veronica mumble, “Matthew, does your f
riend have a screw loose or something? Should we call for an ambulance? The way I see it, he‘s sufferi
ng from some serious mental issues.” Then, she turned to look at Matthew and whispered, “Did your fri
end just sneak out of a

mental asylum? Oh, dear! That‘d be pitiful. He‘s quite handsome; it‘s just that something is wrong with
his mind, which is a waste of his good looks. What a shame.” She thought she was speaking in a low v
oice, but unbeknownst to her, Skyler heard her words very clearly and was so enraged that he was nea
rly unable to breathe.

Shooting an impassive glance at the two men sitting across from him, Matthew quite agreed with Veron
ica‘s words. “Perhaps you‘re right.”

Caleb massaged his burning palm while eyeing Matthew and Veronica. Immersed in shock, even he wa
s unable to recollect himself for a long time, let alone Skyler.

Veronica didn‘t put down her fork until she finished the ravioli. After wiping her mouth clean, she stood
up, picked up the paper bags, and said to Matthew, “You guys have a chat, then. I‘m leaving first.” As s
he spoke, she walked past Matthew. Before she left, she even took a sympathetic look at Skyler and ga
ve Matthew a worried look, signaling to him with her gaze.

Matthew followed Veronica‘s gaze to look at Skyler. Then, he saw her point at her head and mouth, ‘He
‘s not quite right in the head. You‘d better stay away from him.

Unable to contain his amusement, Matthew nodded slightly with a chuckle and watched as Veronica lef
t the apartment with the clothes.

Suddenly, his cell phone beeped with an incoming text message. He picked up the phone and glanced
at its screen, only to see that it was
a text message from Thomas. It read, ‘Young Master Matthew, Miss Larson is here.

At the sight of the text message, Matthew‘s eyes darkened slightly, but he merely texted ‘OK‘ in reply.

After Veronica had left, Skyler jumped from his seat and rushed toward Matthew in a flash. “Be honest,
Matt–how long have you been in love with that woman?” This is simply the hottest
news of the year! Skyler once thought that Matthew would never fall in love with any woman. Even thou
gh he knew that Matthew was going to marry Tiffany, he thought it was because Matthew lacked a wom
an. He thought Matthew was merely forced to get married because the position of Mrs. Kings couldn‘t b
e left vacant. Otherwise, he absolutely believed that Matthew would‘ve chosen to stay unmarried.

“Does she know that you‘re going to marry Miss Larson?” Caleb asked thoughtfully.

Sitting on the sofa, Matthew lowered his eyes in deep thought. “Yeah, she does.”

Skyler leaned on Matthew while wrapping his arm around the latter‘s shoulders in a

Chapter 156

brotherly fashion. “Answer me, Matt. Don‘t avoid answering my question.”

Matthew replied, “I‘m not sure.” His thoughts were in a whirl as he gazed at the half caten bowl of porrid
coffee table with fathomless eyes. He recalled the moments he shared
with Veronica, but not even he realized when he‘d started to care so much about her.

While the three men‘s conversation in the apartment was still going on, Veronica walked leisurely out
of the elevator with several bags of clothes in her hands. At first, she had disdained taking these clothes

She planned to put these clothes up for sale online and sell them at a discount. She figured
that doing so would allow her to get most of her money back and recover part of her losses. Humming a

It was already close to 10:00AM at this moment, and there were very few people in the lobby. Paying no
to the presence of others, Veronica lowered her head and toyed with her phone, but after she left, a pers
emerged from a corner.

The person was none other than Tiffany. After glancing back at Veronica‘s receding figure, she turned to

Tiffany frowned with a vicious look in her
eyes. Standing where she was, she pondered for a moment before making a phone call. “Help me chec
has shown up.” After giving the instructions, she ended the phone call.

The private elevator went up before slowly coming down. When the elevator door opened, Thomas was

The anger on Tiffany‘s fair and pretty face vanished all at once. She replied with a gentle smile, “Thank y
picking me up, Mr. Ritter.”

“You‘re welcome, Miss Larson.” Thomas sized Tiffany up with a meaningful look in ius eyes. Then, he as
see anyone when you arrived just now?” He had sent Matthew a text message when Tiffany arrived. Ma

Tiffany‘s beautiful eyes froze slightly. For an instant, there was a look of surprise in her eyes, but it disap