Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 171

Chapter 171

The wedding ceremony was happening in a few days, so it would be a complete joke to the Larsons if t
he engagement was called off now.

Tiffany could not accept it, and neither could the Larsons.

“I‘ve warned you earlier not to lay a finger on her again. Did you turn a deaf ear to my words?”

Matthew stood haughtily with his cold, hostile eyes filled with abhorrence as he

glared at Tiffany

“Okay, I‘ll not lay a finger on her anymore. I swear… I swear I‘ll stay away from Veronica. Matthew, I wa
s wrong. Can you please give me a chance…”

If Tiffany was not aware of Matthew‘s feelings toward Veronica before this, she would have deeply perc
eived how much he cared and loved Veronicaas of this moment.

Despite Rachel‘s constant urge for Tiffany to remain calm and steady, Tiffany could not feign a calm loo
k at all at this point of time.

The last time Matthew talked about canceling the marriage already scared her to wits. Therefore, no m
atter what, she could not allow that to happen again.

Tiffany was so determined to become the mistress of the Kings Family that she even swore to die as a

Beep... Beep...

Just then, Matthew‘s phone rang all of a sudden.

The coldness on Matthew‘s handsome face faded a little when he saw Elizabeth‘s caller ID lit on the sc
reen when he took out his phone.

He darted a glance at the pathetic woman, who was kneeling on the floor, and answered the call. “Hey,

“Hey, Matthew.
Are you free tonight? Bring Tiffany over for dinner. I‘ve not seen her for a few days. I‘m starting to miss
her already.”

Elizabeth‘s gentle voice emerged from the other end of the line. After saying that, she sighed in distress
, which imperceptibly gave a sorrowful impression.

Matthew knew Elizabeth was diagnosed with Alzheimer‘s disease, so
she was stressed and desired to have a grandchild even more.

Tightening his grip on the phone, Matthew furrowed his brows with a slightly resigned look. “Alright.”

“Great. I‘ll ask the servants to prepare dinner then. If it‘s not that Veronica had gone back to her hometo
wn, I‘d like her to come along too.”

Matthew could not tell whether Elizabeth was murmuring to herself or talking to him.

“Alright,” he hummed in response and hung up the call.

Thereafter, he kept away his phone slowly, bent down, and gently patted Tiffany‘s cheek. “If this happe
ns again, you will never be able to step foot in Bloomstead!”

With that, Matthew shoved away Tiffany‘s hand and walked away directly.

After opening the door, he was surprised to see Floch and Rachel standing at the door with a cup of tea
in each of their hands.


Floch peeked at the situation inside the bedroom and smiled awkwardly at Matthew, who cast a cold gl
ance at the two before heading downstairs directly to leave.

Floch and Rachel stood at the spot as they watched Matthew leaving hotfoot. Then, they rushed into th
e bedroom to see Tiffany sitting at the edge of the bed in a daze with her head lowered.

“Tiffy, Tiffy, what‘s the matter?” Brokenhearted, Rachel walked over to
Tiffany and held her hand while showing concern.

“Did he become aware of Veronica‘s matter?” Floch hit the bullseye.

Looking downcast, Tiffany glanced at her parents with dead eyes and said wearily, “I‘m tired and would
like to sleep for a while.”

After that, she pulled the blanket over herself and lay with her back facing the couple without saying an
ything further.

Meanwhile, Veronica and Yvonne met up with Monica Lewis, an ex–
director of a wedding planning company.

The three of them had some discussion, and Veronica told Monica about
her ideas. Toward the end, both of them reached an agreement for Monica to assume the role of a part

time wedding planner. All she needed to do was to provide proposal plans and did not have to work in t
he office on a daily basis.

It was a pleasant meetup, and Veronica was elated for having recruited such a talented teammate.

Later on, Veronica went online to order a birthday cake for Tony and requested for it to be delivered to
her hometown.

Then, she used her phone to search for companies that were seeking to transfer ownership and succes
sfully found a few wedding planning companies. After checking out the companies along with Yvonne,
they found a wedding planner company, which was currently
still running, in the shortest time and signed the transfer of ownership agreement. At the same time, the
y retained all the employees in the said company.

By the time everything was settled, it was already six in the evening.

Just as Veronica was about to treat Yvonne to dinner to thank her, Matthew called her.

The reason she spent a huge amount of money today to acquire a wedding planning company was exa
ctly to earn money from Matthew.

To Veronica, Matthew was her greatest source of income now and she couldn‘t afford to offend him.

So, she answered his call immediately and said in a fawning manner, “Hey, Bro! What‘s up?”

“Where are you now?”

“I–I‘m outside.”

“Grandma requested for
you to come to the Kings Residence for dinner. I‘ll come and pick you up now,” Matthew said in a dema
nding tone as he had no intention to discuss it with Veronica at all.

Veronica‘s eyes lit up as she nodded and agreed instantly. “Sure. I‘ll send you my location so you can c
ome and pick me up.”

After that, she hung up the call and said to Yvonne apologetically, “I‘m so sorry. Yvie.

An urgent matter came up last minute and Matthew requires my help. So, I can‘t bring you to dinner tod
ay anymore.”

Yvonne shrugged indifferently and said, “No worries. There‘s always next time.”

“Sure. No problem.”

“Alright, I‘ll go off first then.”

“Thanks, Yvie!”

Veronica waved at Yvonne and smiled cheekily
after seeing the latter get into her car and left. “Now, I get to save one meal‘s worth of cash.”

In fact, Veronica
was reluctant to spend again after forking out a huge sum of money to take over the wedding planning c

After settling everything, she made a call to Tony, whose birthday was today, to wish him a happy birthda

Veronica adopted a joyful tone when she talked with Tony over the phone, but in fact, she felt sorry for T

She wished to transfer more money to them, but at the same time, she was worried that they would be c


Suddenly, a sedan car stopped in front of her.

Seeing the familiar silver–gray sedan car, Veronica opened the car door and got into

Seated in the driver seat, Matthew darted a nonchalant glance at Veronica with
a complicated expression.

“Why did you tell me Grandma invited me over for dinner on such short notice?” she asked.

However, out of her expectation, Matthew blurted, “Are you very busy?”

Of course...” Of course, I‘m very busy. I‘ve been gathering resources the entire afternoon
to earn money from you!

Nevertheless, Veronica could not say that, so she murmured, “… not.”

“Since you‘re not busy, it doesn‘t matter when I tell you about the dinner,” Matthew said thoughtlessly an

The corner of Veronica‘s lips twitched as she thought Matthew was overly domineering

Suddenly, her phone started ringing again–it was a call from Daniella.

Daniella was still cooking in the kitchen when Veronica had a chat with Tony over the phone earlier, so th

After Veronica picked up the call, Daniella asked directly before she could say anything. “Hey, Roni! How


Veronica‘s mind went blank for a second before she suddenly recalled lying about Xavier having an app

Giggling, she answered, “Oh, h–he‘s fine. It‘s just a minor surgery. He‘s doing great.”

“Look at you. You left so hastily this morning and were not even willing to bring some chicken for him wh

Hearing Daniella‘s reprimand, Veronica frowned and moved the phone slightly away from her ear.