Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 193

Chapter 193

“Let go!”

Veronica took a step back, but her movement was restrained because Melissa was clutching the hem
of her trousers.

“Veronica, save me from here and I’ll give you 100,000. 100,00, alright? I-I can even write you a
check.” Melissa continued to plead.

Next to them, Xavier was still in a fight and said to Veronica in between punches, “Roni, please. Please
take Melissa away from here!”


As a smirk tinged the edges of Veronica’s lips, a look of ruthlessness crept over her petite face. Tilting
her head at a bodyguard next to her who was holding a gun in his hand, she narrowed her eyes, raised
her hand, and hooked her finger at him.

Following her gaze, the bodyguard realized that she wanted the handgun, but he was afraid to pass it
to her. In the end, he cast an imploring look at Matthew, who didn’t give him any instructions. :

When she didn’t receive any reaction from the bodyguard for a few seconds, Veronica snatched the
handgun from him directly, pulled the bolt quickly, and fired a shot, aiming it accurately for Melissa’s
right leg.

A deafening bang sounded in the air, sollowed by a shrilling cry of pain from Melissa.

The people who were fighting at the side stopped fighting and turned to watch this scene in disbelief.

Xavier’s eyes grew large, and he looked from Melissa to Veronica several times. At last, when he saw
Melissa holding her wound and crying in pain, he was sure that Veronica had indeed fired a shot at her.

“What are you doing, Veronica?!” Shoving aside the security guard in front of him, he lunged at

In that moment, Xavier, whose rationale was overwhelmed by his burning rage, carried his injured leg
and hobbled toward Veronica. “You said that I’m your brother, but this is how you treat me… Uh!”

He had yet to finish speaking when Veronica had already raised the gun and shot his injured leg when
he was about three meters away from her.

His body turned limp, and he kneeled down on one knee unwittingly. When his knee hit the ground
heavily, he gasped in pain, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

The sweat mixed with the blood on his face and flowed down, staining his white shirt red, and he
appeared as forlorn as a survivor who had just crawled out of battle.

“W-What are you… doing?” Gritting his teeth, he was close to breaking down from the pain, but his
disappointment in Veronica was greater.

Ignoring his gaze, Veronica stared at the gun which was still smoking slightly and tossed it to the
bodyguard behind her.

“Is money really omnipotent?” she muttered and took out her purse, from where she fished out a
500,000 check-and threw it at Melissa.

The thin check slipped and rolled around with the wind before landing on Melissa’s face, and a corner
of it was drenched by the tears on her face.

“500,000 is enough for your treatment.” Chuckling in a self-deprecating manner, Veronica closed her
purse with a loud snap. “Phew, so this is how amazing it feels to spend money!”

Her series of abnormal behavior shocked Xavier, and he was in stunned silence for a long time. At the
same time, Melissa was not the only one who was equally stunned, but also Thomas and Matthew,
who were standing nearby.

Matthew’s eyes were filled with shock, but very quickly, he seemed to have understood something, and
the slight depression in his eyes was replaced by distress.

She’s doing this…

“Melissa Crawford, I really hate the way you’re showing off in front of me with money,” Veronica said
sarcastically before she turned around and left.

The second she turned around, she clutched her purse tightly and concealed her trembling hands by
swaying them naturally as she walked. With her head lowered, she paced to Matthew, pursed her lips,
and recollected her emotions.

When she lifted her eyes at him, she shrugged and smiled bitterly, “Thank you for finding out the truth.
Let’s go and have a drink. Mr. Ritter, you’ve worked hard with your men. Let’s find a place, and I’ll foot
the bill.”

Veronica, who was usually stingy, was especially generous today. For a second, Thomas was
confused, but he quickly understood her intentions. Quietly, he glanced at Matthew

With a complicated look in his deep-set cyes, Matthew gazed at Veronica, who seemed like a
completely different person now. “Sure. You’re paying, then,” he said with a smirk. Then, he turned and
started walking out, not forgetting to say, “Thomas, make arrangements for the men tonight and place it
under my tab.”

“Got it, boss,” Thomas said and bowed lightly. After that, he waved to the twenty bodyguards. “All of
you have worked hard, and the boss said that we’re going to have a party tonight.”

“Woohoo, great!”

“Boss is so generous! Let’s get wasted tonight!”.

“Damn, it has been a tiring evening today.”

“That guy, Xavier, is quite a fighter.”

“Damn it, he knocked out one of my teeth.”

The bodyguards chatted amongst themselves while walking out of the warehouse.

Standing in the crowd, Veronica turned back to glance thoughtfully at Melissa, who was slumped on the
ground and had passed out from the pain, with Xavier lying next to her. Without saying anything, she
then walked away.

Staring at Veronica’s back, Thomas unwittingly felt that she was an interesting and loyal person.

Even though she had fired at Melissa and Xavier, it was exactly these shots that had saved Melissa’s
life, Otherwise, with Matthew’s style of handling matters, Thomas was afraid that there would be an
extra member in hell now. If even he could tell such a simple thing, of course Matthew had seen
through it as well.

After leaving the warehouse, Veronica got into the passenger seat of Matthew’s car; he was the driver.


The car started rolling slowly, and while looking ahead, Matthew glanced at her from the corners of his
eyes; she had a grim look on her face, and there was sorrow in her eyes.

“I’m not the one who suffered a grievance. Why should you thank me?” he muttered.

Veronica knew very well that what happened at the wedding today would cause an unimaginable loss
to the Kings Family after this. With the Kingses’ status in Bloomstead, what happened today was
enough to make Matthew take Melissa’s life as the price.

In order to cut off this thought of his, Veronica had no other choice but to shoot at the Crawford siblings,
and she knew that Matthew would definitely know what she meant by doing this.

Sure enough, this man didn’t disappoint her.

“You’re right. I’m responsible for the wedding today, so you don’t have to give me the balance payment.
Take it as your compensation.”

“Okay, that sounds fair. At least I recovered my losses indirectly.”

“I can forget the balance payment of 150 million, but you’ll have to give me the 100 million for saving
your life.”,


Finally, a smile broke out on Veronica’s glum face, but when she turned to look out the window, it was
gone from her face in an instant.

After that, they simply found a place to eat before returning to Twilight Condominium. Saying that she
was tired, she returned to her room, washed up, and lay in bed without leaving her room again.

Meanwhile, Thomas went upstairs to Matthew’s study and stopped in front of his desk as he passed a
document to him. “Some journalists still managed to sneak into the wedding today and uploaded the
video on the Internet. It caused a huge commotion online, and the stocks of Spinfluence Group
plummeted because of this canceled wedding, resulting in two billion evaporating into thin air.”