Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 194

Chapter 194

With a pen in his hand, Matthew signed a document on the desk and didn’t even glance at the
document Thomas brought him. Then, he tapped on the desk gently with his pen, gesturing to him to
place it aside.

“Inform the finance department to transfer 100 million to Roni.”

“Alright.” Thomas nodded, and something else came into his mind. “What about the balance payment
for Miss Murphy’s company?”

“A problem cropped up during the wedding, so there’s no need to pay out the balance according to the
agreement in the contract,” he answered with a straight face.

Even though it appeared as if he had made the decision according to the agreement, he was in fact
trying not to give Veronica any emotional burden.

What Xavier and Melissa did during the wedding caused irreversible consequences, and Matthew had
given Veronica face by not pursuing this matter further with Xavier. By accepting this huge favor from
him, it had in turn became a form of burden for Veronica, so she would feel a little relieved if he didn’t
pay her the remaining balance of the wedding banquet.

“Okay, I’ll inform the finance department tomorrow,” Thomas said and turned around to leave.

“Hang on.” Matthew called out to him and spoke thoughtfully. “Pass the order that if any journalist
shows up in front of Encounters again in the future, the newspaper agency they belong to will be shut
down immediately. Also, I don’t wish to see any topic regarding Roni on the Internet.”

After years of working for Matthew, Thomas had never seen him care so much about another person

“By the way, if I didn’t remember wrongly, a few of our men will be getting married this month, right?”
Matthew asked suddenly.

Thomas nodded. “Yes. Would you like to get them a wedding gift?”

“Inform everyone that the company will reimburse all expenses for anyone who uses the services from

“Sure. I’ll get someone to do it so that nobody will find out.” After receiving the order,

Thomas then left the study.

I knew it. Boss isn’t a stingy person, so he’ll definitely pay out Miss Murphy her 150 million balance.
Isn’t he just using another way to take care of her business now? Thomas thought.

Meanwhile, at Dragon’s Creek Villa, Tiffany returned to her home after the cancellation of her marriage
and trashed everything in her room, creating a complete mess and turning the place into a dumpsite.
She even cut the wedding dress she was wearing into shreds, but she still didn’t take it off.

Lying in bed lifelessly with her curled hair falling over her forehead in complete disarray, she scrolled
through Twitter and checked the trending topics.

#SocialiteTiffanyLarson HadAMiscarriage, #YoungMasterMatthew CanceledtheWedding, #Why Did
Tiffany CauseTheDeath OfHerSister’sUnbornChild, and #MatthewKings&TiffanyLarson

Casually, she clicked on one of the trending topics, and it was a video of her wedding when it was
exposed that she was forced into having a miscarriage. One headline had more than a million likes and
more than 200,000 comments. Reading the comments, she saw that the hottest discussions were
about how unfathomable the rich and influential families were.

‘In such a farce, Young Master Matthew had shown Tiffany enough respect by saying that the breakup
was peaceful.”

“The ridiculous things the Larsons did also made the Kings look cheap.’

‘Tiffany Larson is a mean thing. In the beginning of the video, it was said that she forced her sister into
an abortion.

Both of them look exactly the same. Are they fighting for the same guy?’

‘Who is this Veronica Murphy, exactly?’

“The video was exposed at the wedding. Maybe it’s their enemies seeking revenge!

‘Such a shame for the No. 1 Talented Girl of Bloomstead. It won’t be easy for her to get married in the

Just one look at Tiffany Larson’s b*tchy face and I can tell that she’s not a good woman,

There were much lesser criticisms of her in the comments section than Tiffany had thought, so her
uptight chest gradually relaxed, Still, some fierce comments from the netizens still stabbed her heart
like a dagger, hurting her so much that it was hard to breathe

After an entire afternoon of throwing her temper, she had exhausted all her energy and had nothing left
to get mad again. Then, she became abnormally calm.

Calmly, she clicked on the video and watched it play. Unintentionally, she caught sight of Veronica
standing in the crowd, and fires of fury ignited in her eyes all of a sudden.

“Veronica Murphy, do you think you can destroy me with this?” Narrowing her eyes, she hissed, “If I
can’t get something, then.. don’t even dream that you can have it in this life!”

Downstairs in the living room, Floch and his wife dismissed the servants and sat down with a strict but
quiet expression.

Picking up a cup, Floch took a sip of tea and lifted his eyes to glance at the second floor. With a sigh,
he said, “After today, I’m afraid she’ll hate Veronica even more.”

Seated on the couch, Rachel appeared as though she was brewing her tea leisurely, but she was in
fact very troubled.

“What happened at the wedding banquet was so sudden. Even though it was unexpected, someone’s
appearance today was very strange.” Picking up the teapot, she poured a cup of tea, picked up her
cup, and sniffed in the fragrance of the tea.


“Yvonne Spencer.”

“Who is this Yvonne Spencer?” Floch asked, unaware of Yvonne’s background.

“The last time after Veronica encountered a fire and was kidnapped on the second day of her
hospitalization, she ran into Yvonne while trying to escape and was brought abroad. Luckily, Matthew
arrived in time and saved her. After that, she tried many times to get close to Veronica, and after what
happened today, she came in brazenly and saved her. However, for some unknown reason, Veronica
ran away by herself later. Looks like she’s still suspicious of Yvonne’s identity. This girl is smarter than
we thought,” Rachel said with a heavy heart.

On the other hand, Floch felt a chill down his spine, and the cup in his hand slipped,

falling to the floor. “You said… Yvonne brought Veronica abroad? Where did she bring her? Could it be

Shaking her head, Rachel answered, “I’m not sure.”

“Investigate if you’re not sure!”

“Investigate? That’s casier said than done. A few months ago, Matthew tried to find out information
about this woman named Yvonne Spencer. In the end, he came up with nothing. So, what can we find

Lowering his head, Floch picked up the cup that fell on the carpet and rubbed his fingertips on the rim
of the cup. “Looks like a storm will hit Bloomstead soon,” he mumbled in a daze.

Silently, Rachel finished her tea and placed down her cup. “I’m going upstairs to check on Tiffany.”

It was already late at night, but Veronica couldn’t fall asleep as she tossed and turned in bed. After
playing some games, she opened Twitter to check the news on what happened today. Unexpectedly,
the news which was still trending today in the afternoon had evaporated and disappeared completely.
The entire social platform was as calm as a pool of stagnant water with no ripples at all.

Looks like Matthew has done something, she reckoned.

In the late night, Veronica, who was not tired at all, got out of bed and changed. Sitting in front of her
dressing table, she put on smokey-eyed thick makeup and an Afro wig. In an instant, she changed her
appearance to the point that not even her birth mother could recognize her.

When she came out of her room, she bumped into Matthew, who was coming out of the study. Frozen
in their tracks, they stared at each other motionlessly for a full second.

Subconsciously, Matthew thought that a thief had sneaked into the house, but judging from that figure,
who else could it be but Veronica?

“Where are you going so late at night?” he asked, concerned.

“Damn, you can sull recognize me after I’ve dressed up like this?” Lowering her gaze at herself in self-
doubt, she then paced to the bar on the side and checked out herself

in the mirror. “Did I’do something wrong? If even you can recognize me, other people would be able to
do the same when I’m out.”

Matthew threw back his head and took a sip of wine. Then, he walked over to the bar, placed down the
glass, and uttered again, “Answer my question.”