Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 198

Chapter 198 A Furious Matthew

So, Matthew had already fallen for her when they were at Dawnpol Village?

A flash flood happened at Dawnpol Village, and she was swept away by the waters. Regardless of the
danger, Matthew followed the currents and searched for her, but he only risked his life to save her
because he cared about her, and not because Elizabeth had a liking for her!

While she stared at the picture in a daze, Matthew kept away his gaze and saw that she was looking at
that picture on his phone from the corners of his eyes.

Just as he was about to say something, she suddenly raised her head and held the phone in front of
his nose, asking, “Since when did you fall for me?”

This abrupt question caught him by surprise, and he furrowed his brows slightly. His dark eyes scanned
over the picture and fixed on Veronica. After a moment of hesitation, he answered, “Maybe since that
fire at Regalia Condominium, or maybe even earlier.”

Instead of hiding the fact that he had feelings for her, he had admitted it honestly.

She recalled that day when she was brought back home by the assassins sent by the Larson Family,
and they set her house on fire. That night, it was Matthew who had risked his life and barged into the
scene to save her out of the fire.

That was the ninth day after she had a miscarriage, and less than two weeks since his engagement
with Tiffany.

With a grim face, she tossed his cell phone into his chest and shouted at him angrily, “Matthew Kings,
you’re a shameless jerk through and through! No wonder you were willing to take me in at Twilight
Condominium. Tell me: Did you do something to me while I was asleep?”

Matthew uttered, “I—”

“What do you have to say? No wonder you’re always giving me milk at night, and it always has a weird
taste. You drugged it, didn’t you? Isn’t Tiffany enough to satisfy you? Why did you lay your hands on
me while I was asleep? With so much energy, aren’t you worried that you’ll pass out in bed one day?
You’re such a jerk! F*ck off!”

Mercilessly, she lashed out at him, raised her hand, and slapped him across the face. Then, she
snorted, sprang up, and put on her shoes before leaving in a huff without turning back.

His face jerked to a side from the slap, and he brushed away the messy hair on his forehead as he
watched her walk away furiously with a tight knot between his brows.

This damned woman, he thought. Is she being so fearless because I love her? More importantly, did I
say anything wrong?

It was probably before that fire that he fell for her, but he only realized his own feelings for her after the
return from Dawnpol Village.

If it wasn’t because of that one time when he slept with Tiffany in a drunken stupor and she conceived
his child, in addition to the fact that Elizabeth really wanted to have great-grandchildren, he would have
annulled the engagement with Tiffany a long time ago.

Exactly because he was engaged with Tiffany, he didn’t cross the line with Veronica even though he
had feelings for her due to the formalities that was bounding him.

As for the milk with a weird taste, it was simply because it was added with some sleep-aid medication,
and it was a prescription by a doctor. But when she described it, it had turned into a date-rape drug!

Having never suffered such humiliation before, Matthew got up and kicked the side of the bed. “F*ck!”
He couldn’t help but curse and went down the mountain.

At the parking spot halfway up the mountain, Thomas and a few men had been waiting there all night.
Upon seeing Veronica coming down in a huff followed by his own boss, Thomas quickly went to greet

“Boss, goo—” Stopping in front of Matthew, Thomas didn’t finish his sentence and frowned. “Why is
there a red mark on your face, like you’ve been slap—”

“Do you wish to die?”

Before he could finish, Matthew glared at him sharply; his eyes were filled with a cold, murderous
intent, sending a chill down Thomas’ spine. Staggering backward a few steps, he smiled sheepishly
and said, “Boss, I’m going up with a few men to keep away the bed. Haha… haha…”

Then, he slipped up the mountain, as though he was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to live longer if
he was just a minute late.

Only when he heard the roar of the motorbike behind him did he stop running and stood on the platform
as he observed Matthew going down the mountain on the motorbike.

The smile on his face disappeared, and in its place was a look of worry.

For more than a decade, he had been working for Matthew and witnessed as he became what he was
today step by step. It was his initial apathetic personality and tenacity that made him what he was now.

That was how he got to his current position, where very few could rattle it.

There were so many times in the past when young women threw themselves at him, but he was
uninterested, and there were even some who climbed into his bed through underhanded tactics, but

they all ended in tragedy.

However, Veronica was the only exception.

And Thomas was worried that this exception would become his boss’ Achilles’ heel in the future and
bring about his downfall!

No matter how many times Thomas had reminded him, he was afraid to meddle further with his boss’

Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, Matthew caught up with Veronica in his motorbike and stopped
next to her. “Hop on,” he ordered in an aloof voice.

She didn’t even glance at him and continued walking down the mountain, and as she walked, he
followed next to her slowly. When she was quick, so did he, and when she slowed down, he reduced
his speed as well.

Annoyed, Veronica finally blew her top. Spinning around, she glared at him with a hand on her hip and
another pointing a finger at him. “Matthew Kings, are you looking for a fight?”

A helpless look crept over his handsome face. “Hop on and let’s go home.”

“Home? Hmph! Are you sure that’s not your play den? The first time I went there, I ran into you and a
few women having an orgy. You sure have a lot of energy. Aren’t you worried about contracting
diseases? Wait… diseases?”

A realization dawned upon her, and she slapped her forehead as blood drained from her petite face.
“It’s over. I’m going to the hospital now for a checkup with the gynae. If I’ve contracted HIV or
something, my life will be ruined in your hands.” The more she spoke, the more agitated she became,

and she pointed at Matthew furiously, stomping her feet. “Jerk! If I catch any diseases, I’ll definitely
drag you to hell with me!”

In the end, the man’s patience wore thin with how unbridled and arrogant she was. So, he grabbed her
finger which was pointing at him and pulled her right into his arms.

Caught unaware, she fell toward him, and he quickly circled his arm around her waist, hugging her
tightly and seating her on the motorbike with her face facing him.

After that, he pinned her down and leaned in.

“Matthew Kings, you—”

“Shut up!”

Veronica still had something to say, but she was stopped by Matthew’s stern warning. Like a startled
bird, she tucked in her neck and kept quiet.

“Listen carefully to everything I’m going to say today, because I’ll only say it once.” With one hand on
the motorbike and another holding her chin, he put on a solemn expression and enunciated clearly, “I
only touched Tiffany once by accident because I was drunk. Besides her, the only other woman I’ve
ever touched is you! Also, I’m not as inhumane as you imagined and wouldn’t lunge myself desperately
at any woman I see!”

Controlling his temper, he said every word with a force that carried a faint trace of coldness.

“You make it sound like it’s true. Who are you trying to kid? Back then when I disguised myself, I was
so ugly that no one could stand the sight of me, but you were still interested in sleeping with me. What
was that if not an act of desperation?” Veronica snapped back in anger. Frustrated, she added, “I’m
beginning to suspect if you actually think with your lower body. You’re purely a beast! So, you only slept

with Tiffany once? Are you a sniper who hits the bullseye with just one shot? It’s such a pity that you’re
not buying lottery tickets with that luck. Or did you build your wealth from all that bluffing?”