Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 183

Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 183

“What kind of talented young man can fulfill my standards?” Ruka had a haughty look as she asked in

Although Tiffany was secretly sarcastic, she still maintained a prim and proper facade. “Ruka,
you can‘t give up the entire sea for just a fish. What‘s more, I‘m going to marry Matthew, so why
are you still so hung up on him?”

Whether it was a hint or an obvious jab, Tiffany was definitely being satirical toward Ruka. The classma
tes standing by the side nodded as they thought Tiffany‘s words had made sense.

“That‘s right, Ruka. Since Matthew is going to marry Tiffany, you should just give up on him.”

“Ruka, you should believe that you can find an even better husband.”

“I think that you‘d have to search for such a man abroad. The most talented and youngest man with suc
h a prospect locally has to be Young Master Matthew.”

“Hey, although Young Master Matthew is also my idol, I have to admit that he and Tiffany are a match
made in heaven. I really am super envious of Tiffany now.”

“Yeah, that‘s right. Out
of all the classmates in our year, Tiffany was always the most outstanding one. Otherwise, why would Y
oung Master Matthew fancy her?”

As all their classmates were singing along to the same tune,
Ruka was so mad that her face darkened. However, since she didn‘t want to act out in public, she could

only wish Tiffany hypocritically. “I only like Matthew, but if I were to really marry someone, he would not
fit the standard I‘m looking for. However, now that I‘m here, I still wish you two a happy wedding.”

Even though Tiffany had seen through Ruka‘s arrogant facade, she chose not to expose Ruka.

was her wedding today, Tiffany didn‘t want to ruin the atmosphere.

At 9:00PM, eighteen Bentleys without license plates drove up to the villa‘s entrance in a
row. While there was a fireworks show at the entrance of the Larson Residence, which illuminated
the beautiful fixtures of the building, a red carpet had been rolled out from outside all the way to the

Matthew, who had already changed into a suit, walked out from the car. As he faced all the people who
took pictures and offered their congratulations, he did not bat an eye or return their gestures with a
smile. According to the local custom, when one married, they were required to obtain something old,
something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

However, since the person who came to pick up the bride was Matthew, nobody dared to mess around
with him as there were eight bodyguards in formal suits behind him.

“Matthew’s here.”

“Haha, Matthew looks dashing today.”

Seeing Matthew, Floch and Rachel approached and flattered the man.

With his usual aloof manner, Matthew ignored all the lavish decor that the villa was adorned with and a
sked icily, “Where‘s Tiffy?”

“She‘s waiting for you upstairs. You should quickly head over so that we don‘t miss the perfect time to g
et married,” Rachel reminded.

After climbing the stairs in a flash, he arrived at Tiffany‘s room. When they saw Matthew‘s handsome fa
ce, her classmates standing by the door all screamed and gasped.

“Oh my God, Young Master Matthew has such an imposing aura.”

“He didn‘t even care to dress up in an extravagant manner, yet he still looks so handsome.”

idol looks a hundred times better than those actors on TV. Urgh, Tiffany is extremely lucky. I‘m so envio
us right now.”

“Is this what they call the face that Michelangelo himself sculpted? I am so in love.”

“He really is out of our league.”

As the crowd said those words, they all had their phones out to take pictures and videos of Matthew.

On the other hand, Ruka was like a black swan in her strapless black dress making a high profile appe
arance; it was as if she wanted to declare to the world that she should be the one to shine. Now that sh
e was face–to–
face with Matthew, she only gave a cold smile. “Congratulations, Young Master Matthew.”

As the Kingses and the Dames were on good terms, he was obviously familiar with her, yet he had no f
eelings toward her. Gazing at her from head to toe, he replied bluntly, “Thanks,”

After saying that single word to her, he walked past her and went straight into the bedroom.

Tiffany sat in front of the dressing table in the bedroom as she quietly waited for Matthew to show up. It
wasn‘t until the stunning man with short hair and glossy, black suit appeared behind her that she finally
breathed a sigh of relief.

Tiffany could see his dashing face
displaying the usual indifference without so much as a smile from the reflection in the
mirror. Although she had a pang in her heart, she hid that emotion in an instant.

“You‘re finally here, Matthew.” She stood up.

As all the classmates standing outside had rushed into the bedroom, it made the huge space

suddenly seem a little cramped.


“Let‘s go,” the man said to Tiffany as he offered his arm.

At this moment, all of the classmates shouted in unison, “Kiss her Kiss her. Carry her. When the groom
picks up the bride, they also have to carry the bride downstairs.”

Although there was unwillingness written all over Matthew‘s face, he could only squat down and carry T
iffany in the end. At that moment, Tiffany felt a sense of happiness
that she had never felt before overwhelm her now that she was in his embrace. Her smile was as beaut
iful as a flower while she was complacent,

As everybody present had already known about his cold attitude, they did not really care about his react
up from the villa, they entered the car and thereafter the motorcade slowly headed to the hotel that was

The wedding was said to be the
biggest one in Bloomstead that everyone had their eyes on as Tiffany and Matthew‘s wedding photos we

Even though the wedding had cost an absolute fortune since it was exaggeratingly grand, there wasn‘t n


No matter how much money had been spent on the ceremony, the only reaction it had elicited from the g
merely wanted to get this all over with. However, as the Larsons did not make a huge fuss out of it, the o
anything either.

After the wedding ceremony at the Royal View Hotel was over, Tiffany was sent to the Presidential Suite

The ceremony was held at the first floor of the biggest reception hall in the hotel and the venue had bee
walked in, they would feel
like they had entered a fantasy castle where it emanated lavishness, romance and a glorious feeling. Ho
was invested in it.

While Tiffany rested in one of the suites, Matthew and his close friends, namely Skyler, Caleb and Migue

Standing by the window, Matthew had a glass of red wine in his hand as he was immersed in his own th

The few other people looked at each other with bewilderment. Then, Skylar said, “Matt, it‘s not that I
want to criticize you, but since you don‘t even like Tiffany, why did you force yourself to marry her? Isn’t
Veronica also an interesting character? Hahaha, but now that you are married to

Tiffany, I might consider making a move on Veronica, that sassy girl.”

“Are you trying to dig your own grave here?” Miguel, who
had rushed back from abroad, kicked Skylar to hint at him to stop searching for trouble.

Instead, it was Galeb, a quiet person, who commented, “Drew‘s right. Since you don‘t love her, you shou
married her. Although she did save your life and is now bearing your child, these are all
problems that can be talked out.”

“Old Mrs. Kings was diagnosed with
Alzheimer‘s not too long ago. Her condition is worsening with each passing day. Her only wish now is to

he spoke, all of them fell into silence. From an outsider‘s perspective, one would find Matthew to be a pe
extremely filial and kind.

He was especially filial to
Elizabeth, who doted on him ever since his mother passed away at an early age while
his dad had remarried another woman and practically ignored Matthew growing up. In the big and cold K

It was
due to this reason that Matthew couldn‘t bear to see Spinfluence Group, which was the result of his gran