Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 200

Chapter 200 You’re Losing Your Eldest Bro Soon

Seeing that she was about to leave, Matthew grabbed her hand. “If you don’t believe me, I can bring
you for a checkup with a doctor.”

Veronica turned back and glared at him, her eyes filled with rage as she shouted angrily, “Do you think
I’ll believe you? Who are you? You’re the executive president of Spinfluence Group with a massive
influence. Forget a town like Bloomstead—your influence covers just about any place within the
country. Who wouldn’t listen to you? As a capitalist, have you done any less of these things?”

Her words got him dumbfounded. This was similar to the story of the boy who cried wolf; the marginal
utility effect had made it difficult for her to have any trust in him anymore.

After that, she struggled, but he didn’t release her, and it made her even more enraged. “Let go of me!”

In that moment, a sense of helplessness surged up in his chest because he could clearly feel her

Of course she was hopping mad as she had misunderstood him, thinking that he had despicably
drugged her and violated her while she was unconscious. To that, nothing he said could clear the

Jerking away his hand, she snorted and left.

When she was outside of the living room, she slammed the glass door with her might, and maybe
because she had used too much force, the tempered glass door broke with a loud crash as the glass
shattered to pieces on the floor.

Then, without even turning back, she got into the elevator and went downstairs.

Ruffling his hair in frustration, Matthew lowered his head, glanced at the sleeping pills in his hand, and
threw them straight into the bin!

Ring, ring…

Just as he was immersed in his anger, his cell phone started ringing in his pocket. Taking it out, he saw
Skylar’s name flashing on the screen, and he picked up the call, saying, “Speak.”

“Matt, it’s been a while since we worked out. Caleb suggested we go to the taekwondo gym today. Are
you free?”

Skylar and the others had also seen what happened at the wedding yesterday, but they only knew
about the first half of the video. As for the case of Tiffany being assaulted, only Matthew, Veronica, and
Xavier knew about it.

Matthew’s good friends, Caleb, Miguel, and Skylar were worried that he would be in low spirits because
of what happened yesterday, so they came up with the idea to ask him out for a workout in the
taekwondo gym to vent his frustrations.

“Okay, see you guys at the usual place at 10.00AM.” Matthew agreed straight away.

After leaving Twilight Condominium, Veronica found a motel at the last minute to stay. Learning from
her previous experience in house rental, she was worried about the uncertainty in the recent situation
and decided not to rush into renting a place.

So, she found a cheap place for now and lay on the bed as her mind was filled with Matthew’s damned
face, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

In the end, she went downstairs for breakfast, bought two bottles of wine, and started drinking alone in
the room.

As some said, it wasn’t the alcohol which was intoxicating, but the heart; she had only drank a little
when she fell asleep on the bed. Maybe it was the alcohol, or perhaps she was just tired.

Meanwhile, at 10.00AM, Matthew arrived at a private taekwondo gym in Bloomstead, and the moment
he went upstairs, he saw his friends in the lounge.

Skylar, in his flashy white suit, paced to him with a broad smile on his face. “Matt, you sure arrived on
time. Previously, you didn’t want to get married to Tiffany, so do you feel relieved now that your
marriage with her is canceled?”

“Actually, what happened yesterday isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” Caleb said. He was wearing a
sleeveless shirt with gym trousers and holding two dumbbells in his hands as he worked out his arm.

Nodding in agreement, Miguel said, “There are two sides to everything. As for that woman named
Veronica, I think she—”


“Ahem, ahem!”

Miguel had just started his sentence when Skylar and Caleb started coughing, hinting at him frantically
to shut his mouth.

Despite their efforts, Miguel was unaware of the things that happened between Matthew and Veronica
before, so he asked, “What do you guys mean? Did she escape? Or does she love Matthew as well, so
she ruined the wedding on purpose?”

As Miguel was abroad for a period of time, he had no idea what had happened here recently. In
addition, he had returned rather late, and there were many things which the others didn’t manage to tell
him on time. Therefore, he didn’t think so much before speaking and had accidentally stepped on a

Amongst the four of them, he was the oldest—a year older than Matthew—but he wasn’t as mature as
him. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was running a talent agency, and that made him naturally
easygoing in character.

“Today, we are not talking about women.” As Matthew left for the changing room, he uttered, “Miggy,
we haven’t exchanged skills for a long while. Let’s practice together.”

Even though Miguel was the eldest, Matthew preferred to call him by his nickname because there was
only a year difference between them.

“Sure, I’m thinking of the same thing as well.” The ignorant Miguel stood up and went to change in the
changing room.

This was their private gym with a dedicated changing room, and clothes were already prepared for

Seated in the lobby, Caleb shook his head while Skylar muttered, “Tsk, tsk. Caleb, do you think we
should book a coffin in advance for your eldest bro?”

“Let’s call emergency services first. Maybe he still has a chance of survival,” Caleb teased as he took
out a cigarette from its box and started to smoke leisurely on the couch.

A few minutes later, Matthew and Miguel stepped onto the taekwondo ring after changing into their
taekwondo outfits, head protector, and taekwondo gloves. The two spectators beneath the ring, Caleb

and Skylar, had a plate of watermelon and peanuts on the table in front of them as they watched in

Five minutes later, Miguel was beaten to the floor by Matthew in the ring, and he held his bleeding nose
as he exclaimed, “Matthew, are you throwing real punches?”

Without a word, Matthew paced over and threw a punch at him.

Fortunately, Miguel’s skills were very good, and he rolled over on the floor to dodge his punch. Then,
he did a carp kick-up and sprang to his feet. “Don’t blame me for being rough, then.”

He swung his left arm, punching at Matthew’s face, but Matthew dodged it effortlessly, and the both of
them started the fight again.

Ten minutes later, Miguel was lying on the floor, holding his head as he yelped, “Damn it, Matthew!
We’re just having fun. You don’t have to take it so seriously!”

“Stand up!”

Grabbing Miguel’s shirt, Matthew pulled him up and continued hitting him.

Twenty minutes later, Miguel protected his head in the ring and wanted to jump out, but Matthew didn’t
give him the chance and continued to hit him violently.

Already swollen and bruised from the beating, Miguel cried out helplessly, “Caleb, Drew, are you guys
blind? If you don’t save me, you’ll end up without an elder brother!”

Sitting outside the ring, Caleb and Skylar munched the peanuts in their palms and looked at each other,
engrossed in a conversation.

“Oh, my. The weather today is not bad,” Skylar said.

“Oh, yes. The autumn air is very fresh. Not bad,” Caleb answered.

“That’s true. It would be a shame not to hang out outside in such weather.”

“Yeah, let’s go out someday.”

Their conversation was just filled with empty chat, and they seemed like they were full of nonsense to
share, turning a deaf ear to Miguel’s cry for help in the ring.

No, how was it possible that they had deaf ears? It was simply because they were so caught up in their
conversation that they ‘didn’t hear’ him.