Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Investigating the Truth

Fortunately, Caleb and Skyler found out about the incident surrounding Veronica and Matthew from
Thomas. Even though they had known about it just before they came, they still managed to dodge the

Otherwise, it would have been them needing the trip to the hospital.

Watching Miguel being badly beaten up made Skyler reach out to caress the man’s cheeks, which left
Miguel gasping involuntarily. “Matt seems to be really laying the beatdown on him.”

Caleb playfully said, “How about I call Matt to let you stand in for Miguel instead?”

“Ha, that’s unnecessary.” Skyler did not share his sentiments. Sighing, he continued, “Looks like Matt
really likes Veronica. Otherwise, how could he have taken that slap? In all the years that I’ve known
him, nobody has dared to do that before.”

“Just goes to show how deeply he cherishes her,” Caleb commented as his smile slowly faded. “Love is
a burden for Matt.”

At a private hospital.

Tiffany, who went out in the morning, cautiously came to a private hospital to visit Elizabeth. Because of
what happened yesterday at the wedding, a lot of reporters had their eyes on her right now, forcing her
to lay low.

It was until she entered the hospital and saw how the bodyguards were surrounding the perimeter to
ensure that there were no suspicious individuals or reporters that she breathed a sigh of relief.

Veronica knew that Matthew must have made a visiting call to the news agencies; otherwise, this kind
of news would have spread like wildfire now. Since Elizabeth was hospitalized, no reporter would give
up on such a scoop.

After asking around, she found out where Elizabeth’s ward was located, which was on the 22nd floor.

Then, Tiffany prepared herself outside the VIP ward with flowers and supplements in her hands before
proceeding to knock and enter the room.

“Old Mrs. Kings?”

Yesterday’s accident had happened so quickly that Elizabeth, who did not expect such a thing, could
not withstand the shock and fainted.

After resting overnight in the hospital, she found herself recovering quite nicely.

Nonetheless, her utmost concern when Tiffany appeared was… “How’s the child in your stomach?”

Tiffany was a bit stunned by her words. Even though she knew that Elizabeth only cared about her
unborn baby, her straightforward question still made her a bit sad.

“Old Mrs. Kings, I’m… I mean, the baby’s fine.”

The thought of the baby made her angry, helpless, and ashamed at the same time.

Due to the importance of the child, letting those people take the child away was not an option. Hence,
she chose to get humiliated by those people.

Six of them, in fact.

Tiffany felt true despair of being at the hands of those people for half an hour.

It’s all fine now. I’ll just treat it as being bitten by dogs. They don’t affect me.

She had thought that once she endured that horrifying experience and managed to save the baby, she
could continue to be with Matthew.

Of course, after that, Tiffany hired investigators to find out who those men were, but to no avail. Not
daring to make a move on Veronica, Tiffany feared that the videos might surface.

In the end, she came to a conclusion.

Come what may, I’ll face them all head on.

Placing the things down, she sat beside the bed in tears. “Old Mrs. Kings, I never thought that she
hates me so much. Sob…”

“I know how helpless you must have felt. Don’t worry, as long as the baby is around, I will continue to
side with you,” said Elizabeth, who was wearing a hospital gown and resting against the headboard.
Holding onto Tiffany’s hands, she tried to comfort her.

As the venue of the wedding was all arranged by Veronica, the timing of the video was all too strange,
so nobody was sure whether it was done by her.

Even though Elizabeth had Alzheimer’s, her symptoms were still considered relatively minor. She was
still able to cope with her daily life just fine.

“Old Mrs. Kings, will Matthew… Will he no longer want to marry me?” Clenching her teeth, Tiffany had
a face full of tears.

“Please give me, as well as him, a bit of time. Don’t worry. I will never let this baby be born without a

Although Elizabeth seemed to be comforting her, Tiffany understood another meaning from her words,
which was that even if Matthew did not marry her, the Kingses would still take the baby away.

Even if the baby was not Matthew’s nor did she ever have any consensual relationship with him, Tiffany
still felt a chill down her back upon hearing the old madam’s words.

“Thank you, Old Mrs. Kings… You’re too kind.” She did not mean a single word of what she said.

Then, she left the ward after a brief chat with Elizabeth.

Exiting the ward, she bumped into Conrad. “Hello, Mr. Conrad.”

As Tiffany had met Conrad before, they were by no means strangers.

Equipped with a short beard and a gentle smile, this man seemed, at the same time, mature yet
approachable. Paired with his natural charisma that radiated outward openly, one would fall for his
charm at a moment’s notice.

Conrad, who was in a suit and tie, looked like a business mogul with a hint of elegance about him. “Did
you cry?”

Tilting his head and looking at her yet-to-dry tear stains, he then took out his pocket square and
handed it to her. “Matthew really doesn’t know how to cherish a beauty such as yourself, Tiffany.”

His gentlemanly actions made Tiffany a bit shocked.

Even though they had met a few times, they were not closely acquainted.

So, his move today left Tiffany somewhat in a daze.

“T-Thank you, Mr. Conrad.”

She accepted his pocket square before using it to wipe her tears while choking, “I’m sorry you had to
see this side of me.”

“Nonsense. We’re all family.”

Reaching out, he patted her shoulder in an act of comfort. “Women shouldn’t cry. Matthew is a
responsible person, so I believe he will do the right thing.”

“Yup. I believe in Matthew too.” The teary-eyed Tiffany looked extremely pitiful. “I’ll be leaving now.”

“Go on.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Conrad.”

Tiffany then left.

Turning around, Conrad peered at the leaving Tiffany with an inexplicable smile on his face. He finally
went into the ward after that. “Mother, are you feeling any better?”

“This old body of mine won’t get in the way of me.” Sitting on the bed, Elizabeth took a long sigh.
“Conrad, Matthew, that brat, isn’t talking at all. I still think that whatever happened at yesterday’s
wedding wasn’t enough of a reason to cancel it. Help me investigate this and see what’s going on.”

“A wise decision, Mother, but should we capture Veronica and question her?” Conrad tried to probe her

Elizabeth paused for a second before frowning and replying, “Do it discreetly and don’t let Matthew find
out if possible.”

Even though she trusted Veronica, she knew that when a person was old, there were still times when
they might misjudge a character for who they really were.

After all, one could never be too careful.

Everyone was deemed a suspect before the truth was out.

Besides, every step of the wedding was closely related to Veronica, so Elizabeth had no choice but to
make a move on her!

“Understood. I’ll get on this now.” Following her instructions, Conrad left after a few more words with his