Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 203

Chapter 203 The Truth Comes to Light

Tiffany, who had covered herself from head to toe with clothing, had left the hospital, not wishing to be

However, she had only arrived at the car park without getting the chance to get into her car when she
saw Thomas walking toward her.

“Mr. Ritter… What a surprise…”

Tiffany greeted him with guilt.

From Thomas’ original spot, it looked like he had been waiting for her for a long time.

“Miss Larson, the boss wants to see you.”

Thomas walked right up to her with a stern expression and mentioned it in a cold tone.

“M-Matthew wants to see me? What for?”

For some reason, she felt an uneasy sensation well up from within as she felt her heart skip a beat.
Trembling, she was afraid that something might happen.

Thomas only motioned toward her. “Miss Larson, please get into the car!”

He no longer possessed a respectful tone.

Clutching her bag tightly, Tiffany touched her mask and sunglasses before falling into deep thought.

I had dressed myself so discreetly, yet Thomas was still able to discern my identity from a glance…

It looked like he had been waiting for me. But, what could make Thomas personally find me instead of
Matthew calling me to meet up?

Even though she felt very apprehensive, Tiffany still chose to follow Thomas.

As the car drove away slowly, she felt more and more suspicious of the whole situation.

Taking out her phone, she called Matthew, but nobody picked up.

“Mr. Ritter, where are we going?”

Tiffany took off her sunglasses and tried to get a grasp of the situation.

Yet, Thomas did not answer her and only kept his silence.

“H-How did the investigation go yesterday? Matthew didn’t do anything to Veronica, right?”

Since she did not get the answer she wanted, Tiffany started to change the angle of attack.

After the incident yesterday, Tiffany had sent her people to search for Veronica, but a whole day of
searching yielded not even a trace of Matthew or Veronica. So, she could not determine if Matthew had
made a move on her.

Maybe nothing happened.

The car kept heading east until they reached the North Ring Road.

Tiffany finally noticed that something was off by this point. “Mr. Ritter, where exactly are we going?
Also, where’s Matthew?”

“You’ll know when you get there.” Matthew only answered some questions. If there were any topics
concerning Veronica, he would avoid them completely.

It was another ten minute drive when they arrived at another hospital.

This hospital was located in a more secluded and outskirt part of the city.

Sitting in the car, Tiffany looked at the hospital and clutched her bag involuntarily, terrified. “Why… W-
W-Why did we come to another hospital?”

She held her stomach subconsciously, as if she had guessed what was about to happen.

Thomas, upon parking the car, looked at Tiffany through the mirror. “Miss Larson, please get out of the

“I won’t. Not before you tell me what we’re doing here.”

Shaking her head profusely, she said, “I want to see Matthew. Where is he?”

At this point, Tiffany was so nervous that she was almost suffocating while she called Matthew.

Ring, ring, ring…

After a few rings, Matthew answered her call.

“Sob… Matthew, where are you? Thomas brought me to a place called Lifeline Hospital…”

“I’m waiting for you at that hospital’s fifth floor.” Matthew immediately hung up upon saying that.

It was already eleven in the morning by then.

Pale-faced, Tiffany tried calling him again to no avail.

Then, the back door of the car opened just as she was hesitating whether to get out or not, as she saw
a few bodyguards in suits standing outside.

It looked like they were going to forcefully carry her upstairs.

Tiffany then wanted to call Elizabeth for help, but Thomas had intercepted this and snatched her phone
away before shooting a look at the bodyguards.

Immediately, one bodyguard stepped forward and held her up on each side of her arms while another
one stuffed her mouth and carried her upstairs, despite her futile struggles.

Since this hospital was more remote and Tiffany had lived for so long in the center of Bloomstead, she
did not know what the main purpose of this hospital was.

Panicking at this point, Tiffany tried to shout out for help only to find that there was not even a staff
member on the ground floor, making her sink into despair and fear.

Entering the elevator, they proceeded to the floor where Matthew was on.

Like a pig being sent to the slaughterhouse, Tiffany was brought forth to Matthew on the fifth floor.

The man had just showered and had changed into a pinstripe suit after visiting a boxing gym. He was
leaning on the office desk with a cigarette in his hand, taking a drag.

Upon seeing Tiffany being brought inside, he raised his hand, motioning for them to let go of her.

The bodyguards nodded and stood at the side as Thomas closed the door.

The moment Tiffany saw Matthew, she ran toward him, gripping his sleeves tightly and crying. “Sob,
sob… Matthew, why did you bring me here? What is this place? Sob… I’m so scared…”

Looking down, Matthew frowned upon noticing that she had wrinkled his suit. “Answer me. Was it really
you that saved me from the accident that happened a few months ago?”

Even though he already had irrefutable evidence, Matthew still chose to give Tiffany a final chance.

Nevertheless, she had no way out by now, so she nodded without a single shred of hesitation. “Yes.
Yes, it was me. I saved you. At that time, my father sent me to work as a delivery driver under the
pretense of training me and experiencing how society worked. It’s true. I’m speaking the truth.”

Gazing at the woman in front of him, Matthew was doubting whether a single word from her was even
true or not.

In the end, he only picked up a folder beside him and threw it at Tiffany’s face.

The thick folder slapped her face squarely, making the bystanders feel the pain even though they only
heard the sound.

Naturally, Tiffany felt the pain too, but her focus was on the folder in front of her as she ignored the
sensation in her face.

Then, she squatted down and picked up the folder, asking tremblingly, “W-W-What is this…”

Matthew, who silently took a drag, did not answer her, as he only blew the cigarette smoke on her face.

Even though he did not utter a single word, he believed he had made it very clear.

With trembling hands, Tiffany opened the folder, revealing a few photos inside. The images themselves
were not very clear, but there was the date indicated on the bottom right corner.

They looked to be screenshots from a video.

“These are… Matthew, why… are you showing me these screenshots?”

She then laughed. This was a short laugh, though, as tears began pouring out of her eyes.

This was because she knew best what the date signified.

“What? You’ve forgotten this quickly?” With a frown, Matthew’s bloodlust seeped out of his gaze, and
this powerful gaze scared the wits out of Tiffany.

Stumbling backward, she shook her head. “I don’t know. I really don’t know what this is.”

Did she really not know?

Matthew then sneered and stopped talking.

Instead, it was Thomas, who was standing by the side, who stated, “Miss Larson, you really are
something. Deleting the footage where Miss Veronica saved the boss and even took the gift meant for
her. Did you think that you would be able to trick everybody in this way? You’re still careless, though.
Even though you remembered to delete the traffic surveillance footage, you forgot to delete the footage
where you were partying with your friends at the bar that very same night.”