Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 218

Chapter 218 The Labyrinth Has No Treasure

“Mom, you need to rest more as you’re not in good health. I’ll look for Matthew and Veronica.”

When he saw Elizabeth’s sad expression, he comforted her by saying, “Anyway, Matthew is someone
who has experienced a lot of ups and downs. He is very skilled, intelligent, and courageous. I’m sure
he’ll be fine.”

“Oh, I’m hoping so.”

She sighed in disappointment, waved her hand, and motioned for Conrad to leave.

Conrad nodded and walked out of the living room.

He led a group of people around the courtyard of Kings Residence and kept searching until he reached
the bamboo forest in the back garden. Conrad cast a cold glance at the massive rock that Veronica had
created before giving everyone an instruction, “Examine the area carefully to see if there are any clues.
Take a few people to the bamboo forest to look around, Santiago.”

“Okay, Sir Conrad.”

The servant took the order and beckoned to several people before entering the bamboo forest in a

Even though Santiago stepped on the spot where Veronica and Matthew had fallen, he noticed nothing
out of the ordinary. The night was getting dark and the people who were looking for Veronica and
Matthew were still searching everywhere.

Thomas also contacted Caleb, who was the captain of the criminal investigation. As a police officer
attached to the criminal division, he was naturally more sensitive than ordinary people.

Furthermore, since he was Matthew’s brother, Thomas naturally thought of him as trustworthy.

Matthew and Veronica were marking as they searched for the correct path inside the secret room.

“Let’s take a break,” Veronica, who was tired from walking, said at that moment. We won’t be able to
find the exit for quite some time, so there’s no need to rush.”

“Let’s rest in this room.”

Matthew pointed to a room diagonally across from them. There was a wooden door, which was rotten.

He kicked the door open and led Veronica inside.

After they lit the night light on the wall with the candle they were holding, the entire room became
extraordinarily bright under the illumination of the two night lights.

“This appears to be a study room.” There are a plethora of books on the shelves. Could it be some kind
of ancient martial art? Tsk… If there were any treasure maps or something, wouldn’t I make a fortune?”

Veronica casually cracked a joke, walked over to the bookshelf, reached out and touched the well-
preserved bookshelf, “Could it be made of Phoebe zhennan? Otherwise, how could it be still intact after
so many years?”

When the two were looking for the exit, they came across a number of rooms.

There was a large secret room hall surrounded by mythical beast statues and bronze statues, as well
as bedrooms, pharmaceutical secret rooms, and so on.

When Veronica reached out to take a book to read, she noticed a purple sandalwood box beneath a
thick layer of dust from the corner of her eyes.

“What is this?” she muttered as she opened the box.

However, before her fingers touched the box, she withdrew her hand. “Matthew, come and take a look.
The dust falling on the box is of different shades, and there are even a few fingerprints with a thin layer
of dust on them. Doesn’t this imply that someone knows about and has visited this location?”

Matthew approached her, his gaze fixed on the purple sandalwood box. The box was carved with a
dragon pattern totem.

There were obvious fingerprints in the dust on the totem, but there was a thin layer of dust on the

“Based on the thickness and spacing of the fingers, they clearly belonged to a man.”

Then, Matthew extended his hand to open the purple sandalwood box. He was taken aback to discover
two pistols and a dozen bullets inside.

When Matthew and Veronica saw that, they had a repressed expression on their faces. They
exchanged sidelong glances before locking gazes on the box.

Matthew picked up the pistol and examined it. “This is a 9.1mm Magnum Eagle, commonly known as
the ‘Desert Eagle’.”

He took another bullet and scrutinized it carefully. “Judging from the age and the fingerprints on the
box, this person should have been around for no more than two years.”

“They must be from your family since they can enter your secret room.”

Veronica didn’t understand these things, so she couldn’t analyze them. However, judging from the
thickness of the dust on the fingerprints on the box, it was clear that the trespasser had arrived not long

“This still needs to be investigated.”

Matthew couldn’t say for sure that someone from the Kings Family had entered the secret room, but he
was sure that when the two of them fell from above, they must have touched the gear. That was why
they fell.

“Hey, I had an unexpected thought.” Veronica snatched Matthew’s pistol, held it in her hand, and tilted
her head before asking, “We discovered this secret room together. Look at the bronze statues right
now; they’re all ancient. Shouldn’t we split the money from their sale?”

They were alive after falling from above, which was enough to be regarded as a blessing.

Those who survived a disaster were bound to have good fortune in the future.

Veronica was desperate to get out of there quickly so she could sell the bronze statues for a good price
and become a wealthy woman.

“That will have to wait until you’re able to leave this place alive.” Matthew raised his brows, and a small
smile spread across his handsome face. He then raised his hand before pressing the muzzle of the gun
with his right index finger. “Be careful. With that gun in your hand, you could accidentally shoot me. You
won’t be able to leave if I die.”


For the first time, she was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to respond. She had no choice but
to admit that what he said was correct.

If something happened to him, it would be difficult for her to escape.

“Okay, I’ll return the gun to you. I’ll take a look at the books on the shelf then. Let’s find out which years
they are from. Perhaps I can find ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’, ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’, or
the painting collections of those ancient writers. I will make a fortune if I sell them at a high price.”

She fantasized about digging up gold and silver treasures, sitting on a golden mountain in the future,
and becoming a rich woman. With that thought, her face lit up with an unmistakable smile.

“If these good things can be sold for billions, we can still make a lot of money after taxes.”

“I have already thought about it. When I have enough money, I plan to take care of several men. Tsk,
life will be good, and this will be a worthwhile journey.”

Veronica reached out her hand and brushed the thick dust from the bookshelf before pulling out a book,
daydreaming about a better life in the future.

As soon as she finished speaking, Matthew drew her into his arms and wrapped his arms around her
waist, looking up at her solemnly and saying, “Why? Do I not satisfy you on my own?”

“You…” Veronica wanted to ask him whether he was out of his mind. Did she promise to be with him?
She changed her mind with a plan in her heart and answered, “The point isn’t whether or not I’m
satisfied. I am a naturally flirtatious woman who adores handsome men. My childhood ambition has
been to become wealthy and open a harem. We are not suitable at all. People of different aspirations
cannot get along, you know.”

Although this sentence was not entirely appropriate, it did convey what she intended.

When Matthew heard that, his face darkened and he stared at her for a long time, unsure of how to
respond. “Are you confident you’ll be able to handle it?” He reached out and punitively pinched her
waist, expressing his helplessness.

Right then, she pushed him away and took a step back. “Beautiful men are visually appealing. If I get
tired of them, I can just get rid of them with no consequences. After all, I am not a woman of lasting
affection, and I will not commit to a man.”