Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Yvonne’s Secret

“Didn’t you say you wanted to treat me to a meal? It just so happens that I’m hungry right now.”

Veronica sat down unreservedly at the spot where the trio were just now.

Turning around, Yvonne waved toward a waiter.

After ordering two set lunches and coffee, they waited for their meals to be served quietly.

“Why did you approach me?”

Veronica leaned on the chair and stared at Yvonne with a cold gaze.

Her gaze pressured Yvonne as she pursed her lips and did not know how to answer Veronica.

At that moment, the waiter served their coffee.

“Hello, here’s your coffee.”

The appearance of the waiter gave Yvonne a bit of a breather as she kept thinking of how she should
reply to Veronica.


She said stutteringly, “I was at the wedding too, but I didn’t greet you because I saw just how busy you
were. It was only after I saw the video that I…”

“Get to the point!”

Veronica slammed her desk and looked very menacing.

“The point? Oh, you mean those mercenaries?”

Tilting her head, Yvonne scratched her head before taking a sip of her coffee while looking at Veronica
with eyes full of guilt.

She then continued hesitantly, “I grew up abroad. As my identity is a bit sensitive, I cannot tell you my
origins. But, I can confirm that those people were about to kidnap me back to Castron, and the other
mercenaries are my people. What I can tell you is that both teams were hired by my father, but one of
them betrayed us.”

Her explanation only served to make Veronica more confused.

“It looks like your family is quite capable of arranging two teams of mercenaries for you. Now, I have
two questions for you. First up, why did you save me? Secondly, you don’t seem to be short on money,
but you still teamed up with Matthew to get close to me. Why?”

No wonder, after Yvonne and Matthew had a successful partnership, she immediately transferred five
million to her account.

This was twice the amount that was previously agreed upon.

Back then, Veronica only thought that Yvonne was a kind person. Now, she only thought that she was
harboring a lot of secrets.

“I saved you because you saved me once. This time it was me paying you back. Of course, I don’t lack
money, but I was raised in such a way that I don’t ask for money from my parents. I want to create
‘Yves Cosmetics’ without relying on them. Besides, I wanted…”

Up to this point, she sighed and covered her face with a helpless expression.

Her mannerisms did not make her seem like she was acting.

Frowning, Veronica asked, “And then?”


Yvonne slammed the table all of a sudden. “And then? And then, if my company doesn’t meet the
target they’ve set, I would be forced to marry the person they’ve chosen! It’s some guy that I don’t even
like! This is all so frustrating!”

Veronica’s question seemed to have hit a sore spot, as she suddenly lashed out like an angry cat.

Observing Yvonne, Veronica kept her gaze on her eyes as she wanted to see if there was anything out
of place.

In the end, she could not determine if Yvonne was too good at acting or that she was actually telling the

Veronica dared not come to a conclusion so quickly.

Upon seeing that Veronica was not speaking anymore, she grew even more annoyed. “Do you still not
believe me?”

Enraged, Yvonne took her phone out before opening WhatsApp and slammed it on the table. “Here,
take a look for yourself!”

Veronica glanced at the conversation only to see that all of them were voice messages.

Looking up at her, Veronica pointed at the screen as Yvonne understood her intentions. “Go ahead.”

After getting her permission, Veronica clicked on one of the voice messages.

“Yvie, your father wants you to stop trying to create some cosmetics company. It’s not like we’re in
need of money. You can just come back, marry Anthony and become the princess of Castron. I really

don’t know what you are thinking. With every passing day of your absence, Zac has been pressuring us
over you. Haven’t you considered how tough it is for me and your father?”

Veronica could only stare wide-eyed at the phone as she felt her whole world go silent.

What… did she just say?

She’ll marry Zac and become the princess of Castron?

That means that this Zac character is the prince of Castron.

Veronica had a rough idea about Castron through the news.

At the thought of this, she uttered in shock, “Is this Zac referring to the prince of Castron, Zac Francis?”

This is getting out of hand.

“Of course…”

Before Yvonne could finish her sentence, she felt strange gazes land on her as she looked at the
surroundings before silencing herself.

Leaning forward, Yvonne said, “Who do you think it is, besides him?”

Veronica, who raised her eyebrows, looked at her from head to toe with doubt.

It was rather unpleasant to not be believed.

Pissed, Yvonne took her phone and opened a video clip this time.

Clicking on it, it then played…

It was set in a restaurant’s private room as the walls were adorned with balloons and ribbons, and
under the bright lights was an especially eye-catching bouquet of flowers.

In the video, the subject of focus was Yvonne herself, whereas standing opposite her was the prince of
Castron, Zac.

He held the bouquet in his hands while proposing to her.

“Yvonne, my beautiful lady, do you accept my proposal? I wish to marry you and make you my wife for

A wave of cheering erupted just after Zac had finished speaking, and the crowd in the video shouted all
kinds of things.

“Marry him! Marry him!”

“Kiss! Kiss!”

“Wow, this is so romantic!”

“Kiss her, Zac!”

Veronica, upon finishing the video, was left in utter disbelief, as she could not come to terms with
Yvonne’s true identity.

A country bumpkin such as Veronica had come to know Matthew, became the god-granddaughter of
Elizabeth, and now knew the fiancee of the prince of Castron, all within half a year.

I should go buy the lottery with my luck.

“Why are you looking at me with that gaze?” Yvonne was not used to Veronica’s fierce gaze.

“So, you mean to say that the mercenaries who were originally hired by your father were then bribed by
Zac to kidnap you back to Castron in order to threaten you into marrying him?”


Yvonne sighed deflatedly. “You’ve seen what my house is like. There are people guarding it every day,
and I also bring my bodyguards when I go out. But, I got held back by something and arrived late. In a
hurry, I only wanted to sign the collaboration with President Larson when you suddenly showed up.”

She continued while taking the contract out and placing it on the desk, “I’ve been working so hard on
this contract. We had agreed to sign this in the city center this morning, but he said he was
preoccupied with something in this area, so he wanted to sign it another day. Because I was so
anxious, I forced them to find a nearby restaurant here while I came a long way to meet them. My
father had already stated that if I could develop the market and prove my worth within the year, he
would obstruct the forced marriage! Otherwise, why would I work myself to the bone?!”