Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 234

Chapter 234 A Parasite

“Do you not like the position of being the future princess?”

Veronica was a bit in awe of Yvonne.

After all, not a lot of people could resist both money and power.

“What’s so good about being a princess? I prefer my current free and easy life. Besides, Zac isn’t
exactly a saint either.” The mention of Zac worsened Yvonne’s mood.

Waving her hands, she continued, “Let’s not talk about him anymore. Either way, since you’ve caused
my deal to be canceled, you’re treating me today.”

“Of course, of course.”

Veronica nodded.

Even though she was smiling brightly, she looked at Yvonne with a hint of suspicion.

Can she really be trusted?

After going through so much, Veronica was not one to simply place her trust in another now.

In the past, Xavier, whom she trusted so much, also disappointed her in the end.

Soon enough, their food was served, and the two chatted while eating.

Cutting the steak, Yvonne asked Veronica, “How’s business coming along? Do you need me to
introduce you to some potential customers?”

“It’s pretty bad. I’m taking it slow now.”

“There are a few people planning on getting married. I can introduce them to you.”

“Aren’t you kind?”

One always had an ulterior motive when offering up something for nothing.

Veronica did not think they were close enough for Yvonne to risk her own life to save hers, nor were
they close enough for Yvonne to introduce any potential customers her way.

Even now, when Veronica had ruined her and Floch’s collaboration, a normal person would be
outraged at this, as should Yvonne.

Nonetheless, not only did Yvonne not get angry, she also patiently explained it to Veronica.

Chewing on a piece of steak, Veronica was slowly pondering over this.

Am I just paranoid? Or is there something off with Yvonne?

Yet, she could only observe quietly for now as she did not have any concrete proof.

“Aren’t you talking nonsense? You’re the god-granddaughter of Old Mrs. Kings, so I have to take care
of you. Otherwise, Young Master Matthew might cancel the collaboration between my company and
his. If that happens, then I will be at the end of my wits.”

“That makes sense.”

The two then continued to chat while eating before bidding each other farewell.

A few days later, the slow business of Encounters was seeing a pick up again.

Within a month, the company was marching into an upward rise as they found themselves short on
staff in the planning department, so Veronica started to hire employees again.

Profit was certainly rising now, as even though it had direct correlation to the operation of the company,
it was not hard to see from the customers’ reactions that most of them only came because of
Veronica’s identity as the god-granddaughter of Elizabeth.

In other words, she was only able to achieve all this because of her identity.

Veronica did not feel very good about this. It instead gave her a sense of defeat.

Originally, she wanted to be the god-granddaughter of Elizabeth because of the backing of the Kings
Family, so she knew that nobody would dare to touch her or, by extension, her foster parents.

Veronica was already shameless in making use of the influence the Kingses wielded, and now she was
even making money thanks to them. This all made her feel restless, guilty and agitated.

It was as if the years she spent studying were wasted, making her seem like a useless ornament
waiting for people to feed her.

After receiving a statement from the financial department, Veronica found out that the company’s profit
was actually over four million this month!

For a person who had just started managing a company, this result was exceptional, but Veronica knew
that if not for her identity, they would not even reach half a million in profit.

“Oh my God, Miss Murphy, our business is booming!”

After looking at the turnover, Shirley was jumping with joy. “If we continue this trend, our yearly income
would be estimated to reach fifty million.”

Even Monica, the head of planning, nodded. “When I was in another bridal store, the best monthly
result we achieved was the current standard of the company.”

“Hahaha, Miss Murphy, you’re the best. Miss Murphy, do you think we should treat the employees,
seeing how they’ve worked themselves so hard for a month now?”

Shirley suggested.

Nodding, Veronica nodded in agreement. “Alright. I’ve already booked a hotel. So after dinner tonight,
we’ll go for karaoke.”

No matter what, the employees have worked so hard this month, so I should reward them for it.

“Yay! You’re the best, Miss Murphy. I’m going to tell them now.” Shirley then skipped out of the office.

Meanwhile, Monica, who was wearing maternity clothes and a thick jacket, looked up at Veronica and
asked, “Shouldn’t it be a joyful thing, seeing how good business is now? Why do I feel that you aren’t
too happy?”

Veronica then set the financial statement aside before crossing her arms and sighing. “I knew you
would see through me, given how smart you are.”

Shirley was a fresh graduate, but Monica was not.

After working in a company for many years, she could be described as knowing everything that
happened in Bloomstead.

Most of the customers were acquaintances of Monica’s, or they came to know of her after chatting with

So, how could such a quick witted person like her not notice Veronica’s unhappiness?

Due to the cold weather, Monica had a cup of hot water in her hands as she took a sip before uttering,
“Of course I could see it. If it were me, I would not be happy with our current performance. I would
instead feel even more inferior, like a parasite.”

Noticing that she might have said the wrong words, she continued, “I’m sorry. I might have been too…

“You’re right.”

Veronica looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. “A parasite, eh? You’re right. I am like a parasite.”

At night, the company had a get together where they had dinner before they went to sing.

Veronica celebrated for a while in a bar, but then felt a bit bored, so she walked out of the private room.

However, she bumped into someone as soon as she opened the door.

“What a coincidence. You’re here, too?”

The person in question was Ruka, the daughter of the Dame Family.

With flowing long hair, she was wearing a black and red dress wrapped in a white sweater. She looked
very stylish and imposing.

Through the ajar door, Ruka could see a lot of people sitting inside, as she smiled. “Are they your
employees? I heard that your company is doing quite well nowadays.”

“It’s doing alright.”

Veronica knew that Ruka had not approached her with pure intentions, so she did not want to continue
this conversation. “I have something to do, so I’ll excuse myself now.”

Brushed by Ruka, she was about to walk away.

Before she could leave, the woman behind her suddenly said, “Miss Murphy, luck really is on your side.
You’ve become just like Cinderella, as you’ve become the god-daughter of the Kings Family all of a
sudden. It sure is a far cry from your previous identity.”

Stopping in her footsteps, Veronica frowned as a hint of unhappiness appeared in her gaze. Looking
back at Ruka, she asked in a low tone, “Miss Dame, what are you getting at?”

Ruka gently scratched her limited edition Hermès bag as she smirked. “Since this is such a
coincidence, why don’t you come to my private room for a while? I was thinking of introducing you to
some celebrity friends of mine. You’re also a member of the upper society now, so you should start
expanding your circle of relationships. It’ll come in useful to you someday, just like your company. If you
weren’t the god-granddaughter of Old Mrs. Kings, why would all those people go to you for their
wedding planning?”

Her words hit the mark, hurting Veronica.