Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Veronica’s Moment of Glory

Veronica realized that she had acted very impulsively, but it was fortunate because she was confident
that Ruka would bid for it too.

Veronica tilted her head and looked at Ruka with a smile on her face. As for Ruka, she leaned forward
and looked at Veronica with a smile on her face as well.

Matthew sat in between them and separated the two of them. He crossed his legs and sat straight in
his seat with his eyes looking to the front, but he could clearly sense the battle between the two

“I heard that Veronica’s not that well-off. How dare she place such a high bid. She must be doing that
because she has the Kings’ to back her up.”

“She saved Young Master Matthew and Old Mrs. Kings’ lives before, so twenty million is nothing. Even
if she used fifty million, the Kings would not bat an eyelid at all.”

“Hah! She’s giving me the chance to see how a nouveau riche behaves.”

“She’s just an ordinary woman who isn’t familiar with the outside world. She’s too dumb and clueless.
It’s just a simple sapphire necklace, and yet she has placed a bid for twenty million on that.”

There were some people who were annoyed with Veronica’s frenzied bidding, and they found her
actions wildly arrogant.

Meanwhile, Ruka slowly lifted her bidding card as she tilted her head to look at Veronica. “Twenty-one

“Wow! The eldest daughter of the Dame Family is indeed wealthy.”

“Although Tiffany is much prettier than Ruka, I still prefer the eldest daughter of the Dame Family. She’s
much more intellectual in her ways.”

“I wonder who would be lucky enough to marry her?”

“That person must be quite impressive too.”

Veronica remained silent amid the loud speculation.

The host continued to yell out, “The eldest daughter of the Dame Family has placed a bid for twenty-
one million. Is there anyone out there who wishes to place another bid? Twenty-one million once…
Twenty-one million twice…”

As the host continued to yell, Veronica snorted, but she didn’t place another bid.

Meanwhile, Yvonne, who was by her side, moved in front of Veronica and whispered, “You’re too
naughty. You’ve raised the bidding price so much all of a sudden. Weren’t you worried that she wouldn’t
place another bid?”

“She’ll definitely bid on it.” Veronica was full of confidence.

“Are there any other bidders out there?” The host scanned the crowd, but no one uttered a sound. He
held the hammer in his hand and lifted it high. “Twenty-one million thr…”

“Twenty-five million!”

Suddenly, there was a loud voice that rang out from the crowd.

Everyone turned to look in the direction of the voice, and they saw Xavier reveal a wicked smile. He
placed both hands on the armrest by the side of his chair and hollered, “Since Roni loves this necklace,
I’ll win this as a gift for her.”

After he had said that, he leaned forward and inched close to Veronica’s ear to whisper softly, “Does
that sound great?”

She felt him suddenly inch closer to her, and she could feel a shiver run down her spine at that point.

She no longer felt as relaxed and happy as she was when she first got to know Xavier. On the contrary,
she felt bone-chillingly terrified around him.

The other day at the warehouse, she held a gun at him and shot him with it, but right now, he was
about to spend twenty-five million to buy a necklace for her!

As for Matthew, he was expressionless to the side, but there was a cold glint that flashed across his

“This is interesting. Perhaps today is Veronica’s moment of glory?”

“I know right. Earlier on, Tiffany intended to win the necklace for her, and now Xavier’s also bidding on
the necklace as a gift for her!”

“I heard that not long ago, Veronica and Matthew teamed up and hurt Xavier and Melissa. Right now,
he’s bidding on a necklace for Veronica, though. What’s up with that?”

“Could it be false rumors?”

“Xavier never follows the rules in what he does, so who knows what he’s up to.”

The function today was attended by the rich and popular business people of Bloomstead. It was
supposed to be a simple charity event, but right now it seemed to have become slightly different.

Veronica shook her head repeatedly and ignored the odd looks cast by the crowd. She clenched her
fist and made a friendly gesture as she gently punched Xavier in the chest twice. “Stop fooling around,
Xavier. Though we’re siblings, we should still keep our finances separate. This gift is too expensive, so
I can’t accept it.”

“Siblings? What’s going on?”

“I’m getting increasingly confused.”

“Previously, Xavier confessed his love to Veronica during Tiffany and Young Master Matthew’s
engagement party.”

“There is so much entertainment today.”

“Well, you do regard me as your older brother, so since it’s a gift from your brother, there is no reason
for you to reject it.” Xavier curved his lips into a slightly sinister smile.

“Oh, is that so?”

Suddenly, there was another voice that rang out lazily.

Everyone was instantly attracted by the cold and low voice. After they realized who was the owner of
that voice, everyone gasped. It was no one else but Matthew.

“Do you think that the Kings Family is insignificant? You’re in no position to buy a present for Roni with
me around.”

Matthew, who had remained silent all this while, resembled a resting beast, and just as the crowd
overlooked his presence, he suddenly opened his sharp eyes to peer at the crowd. The natural
dominant and stately aura that he exuded left the crowd in awe.

“My goodness, it is indeed Veronica’s moment of glory!”

“Young Master Matthew’s last sentence was so cool!”

“They’ve gone up against each other. Don’t tell me that they’re both in love with Veronica.”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. This is getting interesting.”

Everyone present was excitedly entertained by the scene in front of them. Even the host of the auction
remained silent as he tried to make himself invisible. The decision-maker of Spinfluence had voiced
out, so he didn’t have the courage to interrupt.

As for Matthew’s three other buddies, who were seated on the same row as Matthew on the far left,
they glanced at each other with different expressions on their faces.

“Since when has Veronica become everyone’s favorite person?” Skyler was significantly shocked.

Meanwhile, Miguel reached out to slap Skyler. “You’re so ignorant. She’s not everyone’s favorite! Can’t
you sense the tense situation?”

Caleb mentioned, “Your brain is quite useful, so you should ensure that you bring it with you next time.”

“Is that so?”

Skyler scratched his head. “Did I miss out on something?”

They sat there and watched the unfolding scene, but on the other hand, the battle ensued.

Xavier chuckled and faced Matthew squarely in the eyes without a spark of fear within him. “President
Kings, why do you say that? You’re Roni’s older brother, and I’m her brother too. You are allowed to
buy her a present as a kind gesture from you, while a gift from me is my kind gesture too. There is no
conflict at all.”

Although Xavier’s words sounded quite nice, it was obvious that he was blatantly challenging Matthew.

Meanwhile, Veronica felt an incoming headache as she saw the two of them challenging each other in
front of the crowd. She was significantly frustrated at that point.

“Well, I guess it would depend on whether or not you’ve got the capability to win this necklace, Mr.
Crawford.” Matthew spoke in a nonchalant voice, but there was a menacing tone to it.

Shortly after that, he lifted the bidding card in his hand and said, “Fifty million.”

Xavier merely lifted his brows, and there was an inexplicable smile on his face. “Sixty million.”

“What the heck! Young Master Matthew is definitely well-off!”

“Young Master Xavier isn’t doing too badly either!”

“They seem to be like love rivals in a match against each other.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Everyone in the crowd whispered amongst themselves and they were engrossed in speculation.

Matthew lifted his card once again. “One…”

“That’s enough!” Veronica suddenly lifted her hand and smoothed her hair as she heaved a sigh
frustratedly. She stood up abruptly.

As she hollered at them sternly, the entire room descended into silence and everyone looked at her

For a moment there, she seemed to be the brightest star in the room and it was as if there was a glow
to her.

She frowned and glared at him before turning to look at Xavier as she spoke up loudly, “I’m not
interested in this necklace anymore!”

As she spoke, she lifted the bidding card in her hand. “I am announcing right now that I’m placing a bid
on this necklace on behalf of Encounters Bridal Store. I’ll place a bid for one dollar on top of the highest