Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Veronica, You’re Too Deceiving“Ha! Veronica sure is an interesting woman.”“Caitlyn is
right.”“Extremely eloquent.”“Clever! Miss Murphy is intelligent enough.” “She’s launching an all-out
assault on Miss Dame!”…The audience was conversing quietly, but Ruka’s face was unusually sour.
She never expected Veronica to be so articulate in public!“Miss West is obsessed with the topic of
‘dancing’. Does this mean that your specialty in the college entrance examination was dancing, and
you were able to get into the university despite your lack of language skills by earning extra points for
your dancing?”Veronica’s red lips curled up slightly and she smiled before saying, “It all comes down to
the adage that ‘people are more valuable when they have self-awareness’. I am willing to admit
defeat.”“Miss West, on the other hand, has repeatedly flaunted her ability to dance. Isn’t it burying your
talent if we don’t give you a chance to show it off? This opportunity should be reserved for you and my
sister, Tiffany. She is a gifted young lady, and only her exceptional dancing abilities can compete with
Miss West.”She introduced Tiffany to the subject in a few words.Tiffany had just said something “nice”
about her, and she remembered it vividly.Having said that, Veronica added, “You will astound the world
if you defeat Tiffany later. If you win, I will send you my limited-edition jewelry of the lucky winner’s gift
to express my respect! What are your thoughts?”“Wow, Roni is a giver.”Yvonne, who had appeared out
of nowhere after eating and drinking, approached Veronica and gave her a thumbs up before saying,
“The lucky winner prize will be given to Miss West. Isn’t it unfair if she doesn’t dance?”Veronica glanced
at Yvonne beside her, thinking that they worked great as a team.After hearing Yvonne’s words,
Veronica had a plan in her head. As a result, she frowned and shook her head, stating, “That is not
acceptable. Miss West is, after all, a wealthy lady. I’m afraid she’ll despise this ‘lucky winner’
gift.”Caitlyn was said to look down on the lucky winner’s prize. The prize, however, represented
Veronica’s pride, which would mean that Caitlyn despised her.Veronica skillfully deflected the problems
by making a fool out of Ruka, Caitlyn and Tiffany, making the three of them the immediate focus of the
audience.“Miss Murphy is quite generous.”“It makes sense. If Caitlyn refuses to dance, not only will it
make Tiffany look bad, Miss Dame will also be embarrassed as well.”“Veronica’s ability to direct
misfortune to Caitlyn in a few words is undeniable.”“This woman is intelligent enough.”“She’s not a

simple lady. On the other hand, Caitlyn has big bosoms but no brain.”“Big bosoms but no brain, you
say? She’s just fat, which makes her assets appear bigger.”“Hahaha…”…To be frank, many people had
an interest in what was going on and were content to stand by and watch the drama unfold. This spiced
up their otherwise dull lives.Tiffany, who had been caught off guard, didn’t look good at the moment,
and she hadn’t expected to be the joke herself.She was however now the focus of everyone’s attention
because dancing and not dancing would both have different outcomes.People would laugh at her for
competing with Caitlyn, who was a talented dancer, and for seeming to bully Caitlyn’s dance moves if
she danced. However, if she did not dance, she would be judged. People might think she looked down
on Caitlyn, and the Dames’ reputation may suffer as a result of the winner’s prize!The dilemma was
making her feel utterly awkward.Ruka despised Veronica even more now.Veronica’s remarks earlier
were a slap to her face, but she couldn’t refuse to give a limited-edition piece of jewelry. Instead, she
had to take the initiative to give it; otherwise, it would only draw criticism, making the Dame Group look
foolish.Caitlyn was the scene’s main attraction at the time. She had been arrogant but now, she
appeared helpless as Veronica mocked her.She was 1.65 meters tall but weighed 130 pounds, making
her slightly on the plump side. With just a glance, it was clear that she was terrible at dancing.Dancers
were more self-disciplined in their diets and body sizes in order to be conducive to dancing.This was
the reason why Veronica had set her up so confidently.“I… I…”She felt nothing but shame as she felt
everyone’s scorching gaze on her.Truth was, she couldn’t dance at all!She initially intended to make
Veronica a laughingstock, but she ended up making a big joke out of herself.Caitlyn was filled with
rage, hatred, and anxiety. Her fists were clenched and her worried eyes were a little red.“Why are you
silent, Miss West?”Veronica was amused by Caitlyn’s nervous appearance, but had no intention of
giving her a chance to back down.Instead, she turned to Tiffany, who was standing nearby, and said,
“Tiffany, what’s the deal with Miss West not dancing? Is it possible she doesn’t know how to dance?
Or… is she looking down at you? Because I recall you two being good friends, so you should be very
clear if she can dance.”Veronica had witnessed Caitlyn and Tiffany’s close relationship firsthand at
Matthew and Tiffany’s wedding banquet.This was due to Caitlyn being Tiffany’s bridesmaid; at the
hotel’s entrance, Caitlyn was beside Tiffany the entire time before they went to the suite on the top

floor.“That sounds superficial.”Suddenly, a magnetic and pleasant voice rang across the room, and
Conrad, who had been silent throughout, said, “Perhaps, Miss West just doesn’t like the ‘lucky winner’
gift.”“Who exactly is this man?”“He appears to be familiar. Oh—isn’t he Conrad King, the Kings Family’s
seventh son? He just returned from a trip abroad.”“Sir Conrad? Tsk, he’s so unassuming.”“Is he
Conrad? D*mn, he’s really attractive! I like him even though I’m a man.”“He looks so young. He’s been
back for so long but no one knew. He really keeps a low profile, doesn’t he?”…Ruka was initially
irritated when Conrad’s identity was revealed, but she was now calm.The Dame Family is not the
opponent of the Kingses, and she was not someone without self-awareness.Conrad’s words made
Caitlyn afraid, and her face turned pale with fright.It was perfectly fine for her to offend the Larsons.
After all, regardless of how powerful the Larson Family was, they were not one of the four major
families in Bloomstead and they couldn’t be compared to the Dame Group.However, if she offended
Ruka, the West Family would be in trouble.Caitlyn attended tonight’s public welfare party as a
representative of her own company. If she directly offended the Dames, her future business partners,
her parents would undoubtedly strip her alive.She bit her lower lip worriedly, and anxious tears
streamed down her cheeks. “Veronica, how could you do that to me? When did I say I was good at
dancing?”As she cried her lungs out, it turned her into a joke that everyone laughed at.Veronica, on the
other hand, shrugged innocently and smiled helplessly. “Goodness, I’ve been wronged. You were the
best at shouting when you were talking about dancing just now. I thought you were not good at writing,
but you’d be great at dancing. I didn’t expect you to be the type to pick things up and join in on the fun.”