Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Being an Endorser

Counting the days since he left, it would be almost five years since they last saw each other.

Veronica was somewhat baffled at Hendrey’s sudden return.

At the same time, Matthew, too, was a little speechless.

Throughout his whole life, Veronica was the only woman who dared to be so unscrupulous and lie to
him without thinking twice.

Knock knock!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside the ward. Glancing at the ward door, Veronica saw
Yvonne and Ivana walking in.

“Roni, are you alright?” Yvonne walked over and inquired in concern. “I was scared to death when you
fainted earlier.”

Ivana placed the fruit basket and milk aside. Though seeing Matthew was expected, she still greeted
him respectfully, “You’re here too, Young Master Matthew.”

Matthew nodded slightly in response with a cold look in his eyes. He then walked to the sofa to take a
seat, making room for the two of them.

In the eyes of other people, Matthew had always been aloof and indifferent. He had always carried an
arrogant aura that prevented anyone from getting close to him as if he was some kind of unattainable
immortal being.

Ivana watched as Matthew took a seat on the sofa. Even if the latter was just sitting with his legs
crossed, he invisibly exuded the aura of a king, and his stance was so strong that it was suffocating.

Nevertheless, it was undeniable that Matthew had extremely good facial features.


Seeing Ivana staring at Matthew in a daze, Yvonne gently nudged her with her elbow, reminding her.

Ivana was two to three years older than Veronica and Yvonne, but she also had a young heart. Hence,
she could not help but steal a few more glances at handsome men.

She looked back at them but was not embarrassed because of the peek. Instead, she whispered,
“Young Master Matthew is way more handsome in person than in photos.”

“That’s a given.”

Yvonne nodded and gave Veronica another look as if to tell her that she was the only one
unappreciative of Matthew’s looks when everyone else would swoon over him.

“I’m fine.” Veronica was helpless to Ivana’s obsession with Matthew’s appearance, so she only
responded to Yvonne’s question.

Immediately, she thought of something and inquired, “If you guys came over in a hurry, where are the
high heels? Are they still there?”

“I took a look at the shoe after I got it. There are very obvious signs of tampering. I told Ivana too. She
already ordered someone to investigate the situation, so don’t worry. I believe there will be news soon.”

Yvonne was a smart person. When she received the heels that Veronica had tossed out on the runway,
she took a glimpse and realized that there was something wrong with them.

While Veronica was unconscious and was sent to the hospital, she did not follow up immediately.
Instead, she informed Ivana to investigate the situation.

“I’m sorry, Veronica. I didn’t expect something like this to happen today.”

Speaking of business, Ivana instantly forgot about her obsession with Matthew and sincerely
apologized to Veronica, “Competition in the business world is common, but that person had stepped
over the line and hurt you.”

As she said that, she took out a check from her bag and offered, “Here’s a check with 15 thousand
dollars. The boss of Julius Atelier wanted me to tell you that you’ve worked hard this time, so the
remaining amount is compensation for you.”

Although Veronica suddenly fell unconscious on the runway, she was the god-granddaughter of
Elizabeth, and since she had been in the limelight recently, the Julius Atelier jewelry show was well
received after the live broadcast.

After the live broadcast, sales exceeded 20,000 within merely half an hour.

“I-It’s fine, actually.”

Veronica waved her hand in dismissal.

Although she liked money, she knew her limits.

Before taking the job, she had discussed with Ivana to be charged 7,000 dollars for the appearance
fee. Naturally, she had to go along according to the previous verbal agreement.


Ivana was a little surprised as she glanced at Yvonne as if to say, You liar! Didn’t you say that she’d be
easy to bribe?!

Now that she did not accept this compensation, how could she propose her following plans?

Once Yvonne caught Ivana’s gaze, she immediately said to Veronica, “To be honest, Ivana came here
not only to pay you the appearance fee but also to…”

She hesitated before stopping and turning her head at Ivana. She wanted to let the latter continue with
the rest.

“What’s wrong?”

Her hesitant speech made Veronica feel anxious.

Ivana glared at Yvonne angrily and then smiled at Veronica, “Hehe. It’s nothing. It’s just… It’s just that
after Julius Atelier’s jewelry show ended today, the new products were immediately launched on the
official website, and the sales volume surpassed 20,000 pieces within half an hour. We… We’ve never
achieved such good results before. This is all thanks to your performance today, so my boss asked me
to come over to propose to you… to be our jewelry endorser.”

“What? Endorser?”

Veronica’s head was buzzing all of a sudden, and her eyes widened in astonishment. “Is this a joke?
Julius Atelier doesn’t want A-list celebrities to endorse their products but me, a model with no fame, to
take up the endorsement?! Are you serious?”

After speaking, Veronica shook her head and sighed, “I think your boss must have gone insane or
broke a nerve.”

Apart from that, Veronica could not find any reasonable cause to explain what happened today.

An endorsement?

That would mean she would be paid an endorsement fee.

At the thought of money, Veronica’s eyes lit up. “How much is your boss offering me for the
endorsement fee?”


Ivana was a little taken aback by her sudden reaction, so it caught her off guard.

After thinking about it, Ivana answered, “For the endorsement fee… there will be a one-year contract
and the endorsement fee will be 45 thousand dollars in total.”

At the mention of 45 thousand, Ivana felt a little awkward and embarrassed.

After all, 45 thousand dollars to sign Veronica as the endorser meant having a relationship with the
Kings Family indirectly.

Nevertheless, Veronica was just a country bumpkin who came to the city, and this amount was only
offered to her because she was Matthew’s godsister.

As for the 7000-dollar appearance fee Ivana promised Veronica earlier, it was just a last-minute deal
that Ivana had to take. As a result, she was reprimanded after telling her boss.

It was not until the official launch of the jewelry series, and more than 20,000 pieces of jewelry orders
were placed within half an hour, that her stingy boss decided to let Veronica be the endorser.

Her exact words were:

“Offer her a 45 thousand dollar contract for a year. After all, she is from the countryside and has no
idea how business works in the city, so this amount should be quite hefty for her. If she doesn’t agree,
you may request for her lowest quotation to be our endorser, but it cannot go over 150 thousand

“45 thousand?”

Veronica lowered her eyes and pondered.

She planned on venturing into e-sports later on, so she needed a lot of money. Although 45 thousand
was not much, it was still a large sum of money, so it was better than nothing.

Moreover, after quitting modeling for so many years, she managed to earn herself 7,000 dollars from
the catwalk and was now offered an endorsement fee of 45 thousand. Wasn’t that equivalent to a pie in
the sky?

It would be foolish of her to not take up such a great offer!

Of course, she wanted the money!

Matthew, who was sitting beside them, scrolled his phone without any intention of interfering with
Veronica’s affairs.